Thursday, April 20, 2017

Me and my Nipple Fetish

It's not really a fetish per se because I don't masturbate to pictures of nipples, but I do enjoy a good pair of nipples. Looking at a bunch of nipple pics will arouse me but if I were to start masturbating I would likely watch some porn (or read some) and I wouldn't be watching nipple play. Probably because I'm lousy at 'search' and when I enter 'nipple play' or 'nipples' on RedTube or Porn Hub I get some really dull videos.

But enough about me, all I wanted to do was share this image with you:

Those nipples look absolutely edible and I would likely go nuts if I was with a woman (sexually) with a pair like these. My wife has big nipples when she's aroused, but not as big as these (well, maybe the one on the right - which is smaller than the one on the left).

I love to kiss, lick, suck, and nibble on them but often my wife tells me to stop because she is feeling too sensitive or ticklish. Which is a damned shame. There have been a few times, however, when I've been able to have a good bit of fun with her boobs/nipples. That was back when my wife was reading Literotica (she seems to have stopped now - or is better at hiding it) and would seek out the 'milk' genre.  That was when this happened:
I thought she was going to mount me cowgirl style but instead she pushed her tits into my face. Taking her cue I opened wide and started tonguing her boobs. She groaned again, so I grabbed one in each hand and started suckling them. She moaned again, this was her tit fetish (via Literotica) come to life. My teeth and tongue worked over both nipples good, as I squeezed her boobs hard.
Her moans and cooing continued, to the point I was wondering if she was cumming. Women orgasming via breast/nipple play is something I've only read about so I don't know how common it really is (ditto for cumming during anal) but my wife was certainly enjoying herself. I started jacking my cock with one hand while I used the other to feed her tits into my mouth. I was holding one like a milk bottle and sucking on her boob like I was drinking her breast milk (another of her favorite fetish stories on Literotica) and wanking with my right hand.
This really set her off and she egged me on: "yeah baby, suck that titty, mmmm.... 
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