Sunday, April 9, 2017

Possibly the most WTF moment in my marriage... Part Two

Okay, I'll assume you've already read PartOne because it is relevant to the story....

So we get back into our hotel room after our first night of drinking a serious amount of liquor (after a more civilised night of drinking the previous night) and we just kind of flop onto the bed. My wife wants to go sleep (it's about 1.30am? 2am?) but I of course have other plans. We haven't had sex since that one night in Santa Monica on our way down here, and naturally I'm extremely keen to get another taste of her bare pussy before the regrowth kicks in on her brazilian (now 5 days old).

My wife strips off her clothes but simultaneously slips on an oversized T-shirt and climbs into bed. I pull back the covers and immediately attempt to go down on her. She struggles, closing her legs tight and attempting to shoo me away, claiming that it's late and we need to be up early for the conference in the morning. I assure I will be quick, and that I just want a taste of her beautiful smooth bare pussy. She tries to fob me off with 'tomorrow night, I promise!' but I've heard that offer a hundred times before and she never follows through.

I try a different tack, nibbling on her neck, delivering a few soft kisses, and she soon melts beneath me. I fondle her breasts gently (her nipples are stiff and poking through the fabric!) before working my way down to her thighs. I kiss her hips and then work myself around to the front. Soon I'm at her inner thighs, and next I'm licking and nibbling her labia. And then I'm eating her out properly. Her back arches and she's grabbing the sheets and grinding her pussy against my face.

I continue my onslaught, grasping her hips firmly as I burrow down deep between her legs. My tongue is working steadily on her wet folds and she's starting to moan, and then she's starting to twist and contort her body, shaking her head from side to side. Suddenly she grabs my head and pulls me in deeper, as she begins to cum. I can taste her, it's in my mouth, and it's fantastic.

I want more of that fabulous bald pussy but I lift my head momentarily, giving her time to breathe, time to relax, time to settle herself.

And then I duck my head down again and resume my tongue play.

"No no!" she cries out, "no more, please - it's late!"

I ignore her pleas and start circling my tongue slowly and gently around her outer lips, being careful to avoid any contact with the clit. I know she's sensitive after an orgasm so I take it easy. She struggles a bit but I have a firm grip on her legs and she's not going anywhere. Eventually she stops resisting and settles back into the cushions, her body slumped as my flattened tongue works up and down the outside of her pussy in broad strokes. She starts to moan, softly at first, but then gets louder.

"Mmmmmmm" she groans, as I continue working my tongue all over her labia. She starts to wriggle and squirm, so I test the waters by giving her clit a quick gentle lick. Her back arches immediately and she cries out "Oh god!" as she grips the sheets. My tongue presses hard against her swollen clit now, pushing in waves - just how she likes it. "Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" she grunts, "quick stick it in, fuck me now, I want your cock..."

Never one to refuse such an explicit request I rise up from between her spread legs and feed her my stiff prick. I'm already as hard as rock and I slide in easily. She's very wet and there's no resistance. I commence fucking her in long steady strokes, slowly at first but upping the pace as she starts to urge me on. Soon I'm pounding away, lifting myself up and above her just so, so that the root of my cock stimulates her clit as I fuck in and out. She's gripping my forearms and gritting her teeth as I pound her hard, her neck and cheeks flushed. She starts hissing through her teeth as the veins pop out her neck and I know she's very close to cumming again.

I want to cum myself but I'm committed to making her climax hard and I can see her orgasm is not far away. My balls are slapping her ass as I thrust deeply and quickly, never letting up the tempo. "Yes, yes..." she hisses, "don't stop, I'm cumming, don'tstopyes... that's it, don't stop... uuuuunnnngh!!" Her final grunt is long and guttural and I know she just had a massive orgasm. "Oh GOD!" she quietly exclaims, "that was amazing"

"Good," I laugh, "because it's my turn now." I turn her over into the doggy position.

Groggy, either from the orgasm or the alcohol (or both) she assumes the position: placing herself on all fours before me. I grab her hips and slide in completely in one stroke. She's very very wet I'm able to quickly get in deep. This time my balls are slapping her pussy as I once again pound her hard. It's isn't long before she drops her head down to the mattress, freeing up one hand so she can work her clit.

And work it she does, frigging herself furiously, as if she's digging for gold. It isn't long before she's slapping her pussy loudly with her hand, a sure sign that she's close to orgasm. All the while I've got a firm grip on her hips as my fat cock pistons inside and out behind her. Her fingers are in a frenzy now, alternating between slapping her cunt and fingering her wet folds, and I can tell she's in the zone.

"Yeah, yeah" she says, talking fast. "That's good, yeah, that's good, I'm gonna cum again, yeah, don't stop, I'm gonna cum again, mmmmm, that's good, don't stop, uh huh, mmmmm..."

To be honest I wondered if she was urging me on or urging herself on, but it didn't matter as she suddenly clutched her pussy and dropped forward, falling flat on the bed. She left me kneeling on the bed, still on my knees, with my dick sticking out as she writhed on the bed gripping herself tightly. She curled up and started squirming and shaking like a spastic person as she came for a third time.

I was still on my knees, with a hard on.

I crawled up behind her. She was in the fetal position now, curled up with her knees almost against her chest. Her ass was hanging out, offering the perfect invitation for anal. But I knew better than that (fool me once!) and instead aimed for the pussy. "What are you doing?!" she cried out, slapping me away. "I haven't cum yet" I said, shocked. "Bad luck" she admonished, "you've had your chance, I've cum three times, you'll have to wait until tomorrow".

I thought she was joking but she was serious. Her body language suddenly went dark, making it clear she was done and I could just go and fuck off. I was dumbfounded - this was not the reaction I expected from someone who had just had three orgasms. She rolled over, pulled the covers up, and went to sleep. I just stared at her in the dark, still flummoxed. My cock was still hard but fading as the realisation hit me.

My wife really did not care whether  I got mine or not. I thought I had done something nice for her but it clearly held no sway. She felt no need to reciprocate at all. I should have got mine asap because she had got hers and now she was going to sleep. And she did, almost immediately.

And that, dear reader, is possibly the most WTF moment in my marriage..


  1. Oh my - your balls must have been ready to burst, which I have heard is very uncomfortable - but to be fair on your wife (for a change) - she must have felt exhausted after 3 orgasms! What a stud you were being that night...

    1. Oh yeah, SO ready to explode. But I guess I should have just exploded sooner since my wife was done. (To be fair, we did have the conference starting that morning)
      As for being a stud - maybe she only came once or twice and I just imagined the rest?

  2. Oh wow. This had me very hot and bothered, imagining every detail. I was not expecting that ending. I am so sorry. I agree, that is a major WTF moment.


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