Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Talky Bit After Sex

I finished Thursday's The Drought is Broken! with the promise that I would tell you about what I said to my wife after the sex on Wednesday night. I wanted to tell you because in many of my recent posts I have been complaining to you (dear reader) about the lack of sex with my wife but then doing nothing to communicate this issue with my wife - while at the same telling you that communication is the key to a good relationship.

You may have thought I was a hypocrite so I'd like to address that now. Or you may be bored silly already with it all, in which case stop reading now and look at yesterday's Fetish Friday photo [here].

This is how we imagine ourselves isn't it - when we're a couple? All sexy in B&W...

So I know I'm supposed to share my thoughts and feelings with my wife (two different marriage therapists have even told us so) but my wife is not a touchy feely person. As I mentioned a while ago she takes things personally when I try to raise an issue - to the point that she will argue with me until I withdraw my 'complaint' and admit that she was right (because she takes whatever I say as criticism and therefore needs to prove me wrong).

Anyway, after the sex I wanted to let her know how much mental anguish she had put me through so I made a few 'light' comments. Before we nodded off into post-coitail bliss on Wednesday night I asked her if she had waxed her pussy on the previous Friday, and if that was the 'surprise' she had hinted at on Friday afternoon - one she promised I would see later? When she replied in the affirmative I asked why then hadn't I seen it, and why was I only finding out now, 5 days later?

She said it was because I was sick (I've had a cough since I got back from Mexico) and she didn't think I was well enough. I said that was ridiculous and that I'm never too sick to have sex, and she knows that because we've had that discussion before. As I've stated before, sex is what 'cures' me of whatever ails me - it helps me sweat out the toxins! Besides this cough was intermittent, it wasn't like I was coughing all the time. It was just the tail end of the flu.

I also told her how she can't just drop hints (as she did on Friday with the initial "I might have a surprise for you later", and then again on Monday when she came home at lunchtime and said "Let me check my emails and then maybe we can go upstairs...?") because it really messes with my head when she does. I told her that she had led me to expect something on Friday night and then when nothing happened then, or Saturday morning, or Saturday night, or Sunday... well, I had to wonder who she waxed her pussy for.

She laughed and said I was an idiot for thinking there could be anyone else, but I countered: when she come home at lunchtime on Monday and expressly says "we can go upstairs" (albeit with the caveat "after I check my emails") but nothing happens then I am left wondering WTF is going on. She apologised and said she meant to have sex with me but was overwhelmed by all the stuff she had to catch up on when she got home that lunchtime. 

I bit my tongue, but internally I thought 'bullshit, some of the stuff you did was crap that wasn't time sensitive - you could have done it later'. Sure, I could have (should have?) said that out loud if I was serious about 'open & honest communication' but I shut up because we'd just had some great sex and it didn't seem the time to be getting into it so deeply.

But I did get into it further the next day. 

She again came home for lunch, which was timely because I was horney and fancied a second turn at that trimmed pussy. The regrowth had started so I wanted to get at it before it returned to 'normal'. But that was not why she came home. She wanted me to take her into the city because she had a few meetings and then a dinner so it would be cheaper and more convenient for her if I just dropped her off - and we could stop somewhere for lunch (local) along the way. 

So, no sex for me, but I did get a lunch.

During the lunch I took advantage of our secluded corner table to repeat a few of the comments I had made the night before, just to reiterate how important they were to me. I told her that the next time she got a Brazilian she had to share that with me straight away, and not make me wait a few days to 'enjoy' it. I reminded her that she had done this previously and I had told her then I didn't like it (regrowth!). She laughed and said she had got the message and would let me at it a.s.a.p. next time! 

I also said she can't make statements that strongly imply we're going to have sex, but then not actually have sex with me. I told her if she had a reason not to then fine, but she had to tell me - even if the answer was 'I changed my mind'. She couldn't just leave me hanging, like she had on Monday. She again repeated her previous explanation about my cough, and I said 'fine, but then tell me that, don't just say we're gonna fuck later and then later not fuck'. I also said I would go to the doctor that afternoon about this cough, which I knew from previous bouts was nothing. (The doctor said it was nothing, it only lasts 6-8 weeks, but he gave me some antibiotics to speed up it's demise).

I said a few more things to her (sex related, I really opened up) but the thing I remember most as I type this on Friday night is that as I talked she reached out and took my hand in hers, squeezed it, and said "Aw, honey, I'm so sorry, that's terrible, I'll try to be more understanding" in a tone that indicated both her remorse and empathy for how I felt. So that's a win right? Not quite - when she said all this she had her head in a newspaper and was reading the fashion pages! She wasn't even looking at me when she said it!

I got the feeling I was being 'managed' - like one of her 100 employees, back when she employed 100 people (before she sold the business).

On Friday she came home at 3pm and asked if I could drop her back in town at 5pm for a function. (She said she would be back by 9pm but as I type this it's 10.30pm and she still aint home). I told her I would, but only as long as I got another crack at her bare pussy tonight. She laughed and said I'd have to wait until Saturday night because her pussy needed time to recover from Wednesday night. I said we didn't need to have penetrative sex, I could just eat her out and then cum on her tits. Or ass. She said our 'deal' was that we would have sex on Wednesday and Saturday nights (she was referring to our 'scheduled sex' arrangement) (I prefer 'use it or lose it') to which I replied "Well, you made me wait 3 weeks so I guess you owe me a few to catch up then"


Ooh, it's 10.35pm and my wife is home. I better go...


It's 11.55pm. I've just had non penetrative sex with my wife. She arrived home in a happy mood but needed me to open the front door for her since she hadn't brought a key. When I opened the door she gave me a kiss on the cheek, and a hug. On a complete whim I left the front door wide open and pulled down the zip at the back of her tight little black dress (all the way) exposing her to any neighbor wandering our street. She giggled and tried to get away but I held there and pulled the dress off her shoulders, exposing her back. "Look," I taunted, 'everyone can see you. C'mon everybody, come and see my hot wife!"

I kissed her neck before letting her go and she giggled and scurried upstairs to the bedroom.

I followed her up there, removed her shoes, her dress, and then pushed her back on the bed. I lifted up her legs and peeled off her panties, and then kissed her neck and breasts. I played with her boobs as she arched her back. She then asked if I was going to eat her out like I'd promised, so I did. It took me a while because I went slowly, teasing her before finally zeroing in on her clit.

After she came she asked me if I was going to cum on her tits now. I said I would if she wanted and she answered by spreading her legs and playing with her breasts. "Tits or pussy" she said "anywhere you like". So I started jacking off as she writhed around beneath me. She seemed to be enjoying playing the chanteuse vamp,  running her hands all over her body, playing with her breasts and pussy.

So where do you think I came? On her boobs? Her pussy? Or all over her asshole? If you've read this blog long enough you should know me by now - answers in the comments section below please! ; )

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