Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Woman From Albania...

Lose the glasses, cut a V down the front of the dress, add a few years, 
and {voila!} you have The Woman From Albania...
I met a woman from Albania last weekend.

I found her fascinating.

She was with one of the BNG guys at a BNG social event my wife had taken me to. It was really just an excuse to mix 'n mingle with fellow BNG members ie consume alcohol and talk bullshit. The exception was my wife who claimed to have sworn off alcohol after our trip to Mexico (for the BNG conference) and was now having a 'dry' month** to 'cleanse herself'. Apparently This Guy has told her that the liver regenerates itself in a month so any damage you've done to it through prolonged heavy drinking is undone by abstaining for four weeks. He's abstaining from alcohol so she is too - but that's not suspicious is it?

Anyway, the event is wrapping up and everyone is leaving and there's only eight others - all couples. Most of these couples are long term relationships, including some who (like my wife and I) are married. The BNG guy and his Albanian girlfriend are not long term; they've been together less than a year - maybe six months? If you're in your 20s that IS long term but she's early/mid 30s and he's late 40s. They're both looking for a long term partner so I guess things are going well since they've hit the six month mark and are still all lovey-dovey with each other.

So before I tell you what happened next let me explain why I found her fascinating:
  1. She was beautiful, he was average. She'd be an 8 or a 9. He was a 7.
  2. She had a great accent and a sparkle in her eyes all night long.
  3. She was wearing a tight black glamorous cocktail dress with a cut-away section that plunged down from her cleavage to just above her navel. It really was an eye opener - what was holding the two sides together, surely not that tiny cotton thread between her boobs? One couldn't help but look at her all night, trying to figure out if/why she wasn't falling out of her dress (or was that just me being a guy)? She looked great but I would have to agree with the other women who I'm guessing were thinking "you're way overdressed for this event, lady"
  4. She appeared to be the quintessential European Mail Order Bride - good looking, great smile, smartly dressed, and laughing at all his jokes. It wasn't a fake laugh either, she seemed to think he was really funny and absolutely doted on him all night. #NewLove

Let's just say she captured my attention. In a non pervy way, honest - I'm a bit of a people watcher and she was gold. As were the other women's reactions to her.

So right at the end of the night she grabs me by the arm and asks me what I think. About what, I asked? Well, apparently one of his shoe laces had come undone and she had stooped down to tie it but he had stopped her and told her not to. The guy joined in, hoping I would side with him. He said he could tie his own laces and she didn't have to do it, that women in this country don't do that sort of thing. She said "but why wouldn't I? I love him and in my country we do anything for our man."

I laughed and said what she was doing was lovely, and told him he should just enjoy it because it wouldn't be long before she wasn't doing that sort of stuff for him. I then brought a few of the other women (including my wife) into the conversation and they all laughed, telling the Albanian woman that she was crazy and 'we don't do that here' and 'it should be the other way around - the man always does for you, honey'. Everything was said in good humor but I could tell the Albanian woman was quite flummoxed by her apparent faux pas.

I assured her what she was doing (or trying to) was sweet and a really nice thing and she shouldn't change. I again told him to enjoy it while it lasted because it wouldn't be long before she was behaving like 'the rest of them' (gesturing to other women). The other women all laughed and said 'damn straight!' and 'don't let the team down, sister!'

We all went our separate ways but I felt a little sad. It was probably just nostalgia... I remembered the time, decades ago, when my wife was like that Albanian woman. She used to be so pleased to be with me, and happy to do anything for me - but those days are long gone. Now we are that cliche: the old married couple who hardly talk anymore because they each know what the other is going to say already - so why bother?

The funny thing, as I learnt from my wife on the cab ride home, is that the Albanian woman is a highly educated scientist (multiple PhD's) doing ground breaking work in a field with global implications. She does good works, has her own money, and is making a difference in the world. And still she gets (gently) mocked for wanting to do the simplest of things for her man. Because that's not how we treat men in the West anymore, so don't bring your old fashioned Eastern European ways here thankyou!

Thanks to watching too much porn on Met-Art I have this warped idea that Eastern European women are all
hot babes with shaved pussies, just waiting to meet you online, eager to become your loving wife
and treat you like a man deserves to be treated.  Not like those selfish bitches Princesses here at home...!

The other funny thing is that just this week I happened upon this blog: Boycott American Women! which I found via a link in the comments section of May's Alpha Male - Misunderstood & Misrepresented.  May's post is well worth reading, but Boycott Bitches (their original name) is just misogynist clickbait. They're clearly trolling for clicks by pandering to every American male who's ever felt slighted by a woman and thinks the solution lies in securing a compliant Asian or Eastern European bride. Some of the posts sound reasonable but others make no sense at all.


**the 'dry month' ends just in time to meet This Guy in Europe for that BNG conference that they're both going to. The one where he's registered as her 'partner' (to save on fees, that's all, honest!) and then she flies with him back to his city for a 3day 'visit'. For more on this trip see here and here.


  1. I agree about the "Boycott"site...
    Not so long ago my man and his friend had been our the whole day horse riding. They came home to a dinner I had made (unusual for me as my man is the cook). They were both shattered so I got up and ran my man a bath with oils, candles etc. His friend could not believe I had done this - indicating to me that his liberal, feminist wife would never stoop so low ... I see it as loving not stooping...

    1. Yeah, I saw you tried to comment on their site but they wouldn't let you. Disabling comments is another trait of clickbait sites. (As is some of their content!)
      Nice story about you and your man... and I bet if the roles were reversed everything would be fine - because there's nothing wrong with a man running scented bath for his poor beleaguered 'wife' right?

    2. Absolutely its all about caring not winning points. My man cooks for me nearly every day - I would be happy to bend down and tie his shoe lace in public - and he'd let me.


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