Tuesday, April 11, 2017

TMI Tuesday – April 11, 2017 ~ Losing my Virginity

Today’s TMI Tuesday was called 'This or That?' but I've renamed mine for obvious reasons. I went off on a tangent while answering one of this week's questions - which were provided by the gorgeous and sexy SweeteNDirty.

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1 – Lights on or off?
~ I prefer them dimmed. As a male I respond to visual stimulus therefore I prefer to see what/who I'm doing. To the point that I have often adjusted the lights brighter and moved my wife around so I can get a great view. (Generally though, as you get older you find yourself dimming the lights just a little bit more!) 

2 – Slow teasing or getting right to business?
~ I've reflected on this recently. My wife both wants and doesn't want a lot of foreplay. I guess that's what happens after 20+ years together - I try to keep it fresh but invariably she can't help but think "I know what happens next". As you'll know from some of my posts (like yesterdays) my wife has no problem with me getting straight down to business ie between her legs and eating her out.

3 – Giver or receiver?
~ Both, but we all have our lazy days don't we? Sometimes I just want to lie back and let her do all the work. And there used to be a time when she did!

4 – Background noise or no?
~ Dear god NO! I can't stand it. It really puts me off my game if I can hear other crap going on outside the bedroom. Even with porn it drives me nuts when there's background noise. Seriously, if you're going to film yourself having sex and put it on the internet then turn off the fucking radio or TV please. Me not so horny when I can hear the Nightly News playing in the background. Or Jimmy.

5 – Top or bottom?
~ Top, bottom, sideways, and backwards. Seriously, we go where the wind takes us.

6 – Private or public?
~ My wife does prefer it in the bedroom now but when we were younger we used it do it anywhere. Inside, outside, this room or that. Now she's all like "I prefer it in the bedroom, in our big comfy bed." Which obviously kills my efforts to be spontaneous and add novelty to our sex life. (See Q2 above)

Bonus – Describe your best or worst sexual encounter. Double bonus if you describe both.
~ This is easy. My best and worst sexual encounter was when I lost my virginity. It was great because... I lost my virginity!! It was awful because it was over so fast! In my defence I was young and it was my first time and it wasn't planned, it just happened. We were making out on the sofa in the den of her parents house in the middle of the day and it progressed to heavy petting and escalated to sex without either of us discussing it. One minute my pants were down and her skirt was up around her waist as we fondled each others genitals and then the next minute I was on top of her, grinding my erection up and down her wet slit, pressing hard against her clit. The minute after that we just froze, gave each other the look ('are we gonna do this? yes, we are!') and then I was inside her, thrusting. God it felt wonderful. So.damn.wonderful. And then a minute later I came, in what must have been the quickest shortest orgasm of my life. Luckily we were at it like rabbits after that and my technique (and staying power) improved greatly. 

Double Bonus: We had sex on Saturday so I wrote all about it yesterday in It’s always fun to masturbate together?

Triple Bonus: And no-one read Possibly the most WTF moment in my marriage... Part Two which kinda surprised me.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Its great that after 20 years you try and keep it fresh - most women are not so lucky with their man..
    from Jill - ops i mean May x ;-)

    1. it's when you stop trying that bad things happen

  2. Hehe, I was quite shocked to see my ass on your blog. Thank you, lol. I loved your answers, and of course I had to read the link that said not to read.

    1. I loved your questions!
      (and your ass - bwahahaha!)

    2. BTW- you need a stand-alone photo section on your blog so we know where to go to... perve.

    3. I have a categories section on the sidebar (or bottom if on a phone or tablet). The one that says "Pics" should help you perve quite easily. ;)


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