Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I like butts, what can I say?

There is no defence! 
I am what I am. 🤓 
#booty #butt #ass #arse #bum  <---- which word do you use where you live?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

TMI Tuesday: May 30, 2017 ~ Important Questions

1. If you are on Facebook, when was the last time you had to “unfriend” someone and why?
~ I no longer 'unfriend' people anymore, I just use the settings to ignore them now. Some people post way too much! Usually when I unfriend someone (or reset them to 'ignore') it's because they reacted badly to something I posted and I can't be bothered dealing with them anymore. If you don't get my humor (anymore) or are a huuuge dick then bye bye fuck off. 

I've never dressed in drag, ever. Not even in
High School when everyone else did, for a joke.
2. What are you addicted to?
~ probably sex? I don't think I am but I seem to crave it all the time - ALL the time!! Maybe I only crave it because I'm not getting it? Maybe if my wife said "Anytime Mister, whenever you want it..." I'd be like "Yippee!!" for a week but then a week later I'd be 'not now thanks, I'm a bit tired'???

3. What are the first 3 things you do every morning?
~ Get up (because once I'm awake I'm awake and I can't lie there and fall asleep again), have coffee, watch breakfast TV.

4. How lucky are you and why?
~ Given that I am in my early fifties and debt free, and I get to travel the country or the world at my leisure I guess I have it pretty lucky. I should point out I came from a family with not much money and I worked hard from an early age. I also bought property before the boom and married a woman just like me (came from a family with not much money and worked hard from an early age) who sold her business for millions.

5. What is one thing you’re embarrassed to admit you want to try?
~ I honestly can't think of anything I'd be embarrassed about. Now if you'd asked "What is one thing you’re scared to admit you want to try?" I would say "a 3way with my wife's sister" because there's no safe way to suggest that, is there?

Bonus: Are you proud of what you are doing?
~ Well, I spent 5 hours cleaning out my storage locker today, so I'm proud of that. Not that I actually got rid of anything, I just repacked it and made more room for some more stuff. It's the size of a two car garage so I guess I'm getting close to becoming a hoarder. Because some of that stuff dates back to the 80s. {oh dear!}

Double Bonus: you missed this on the weekend (Saturday Morning Sex Disaster) and yesterday I had another attempt at writing erotic fiction (Spring Fantasy)

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Spring Fantasy - erotic fiction

It had been a warm spring day - hopefully the sign of a long hot summer ahead. I like the summer, it's when my wife gets the most frisky. I don't know why, maybe it's the heat, but when summer arrives she dresses more skimpily around the house - usually loose, oversize tank tops, and short shorts. And if she's not in the shorts she's going commando in a long flowing sun dress. I know she's sans panties because she likes to lift her hem and expose herself to me when she thinks there's no one else around. No one around that can see, that is, because sometimes when she's especially flirty she'll flash when others are near but out of the sightline.

Given the size of my wife's full natural breasts I am constantly amazed at how she manages to show so much side-boob in those tank tops without causing a wardrobe malfunction. Today I got yet another massive hard on as I watched her potter around the garden - bending over here and there to pick things up, stretching across to reach that - and each time I wondered if this was the moment I'd see a breast fall out, or spot a nipple amongst that side-boob action.

I never did, not once, but I knew she was doing it all on purpose - teasing me with the promise of what might come later. As the sun set my mind began to drift and I fell into a half sleep. Daydreaming, I imagined my wife pottering in the garden alone. She was dressed the same but now it was the middle of the day, in the middle of summer, and the sun was beating down hard. 

As the sweat dripped down her neck, gathering in rivulets between her pendulous breasts, my wife decided she needed to towel off. But she had no towel, and knew that if she walked back into the house she'd never come back out. It was cool inside, and the temptation to linger would be too much. She looked achingly up at the sun, trying to guess what time it was and how long before she had done enough to earn a spell inside.

Her gaze wandered from the sky towards our neighbors house. We were on the corner so his was the only house that could look directly into our backyard. She scanned both his widows and his yard and seeing no-one there she decided it would be safe to remove her tank top and wipe away the sweat that now felt unbearably sticky on her hot skin. So she lifted her stretch-cotton tank-top high above her head in one swift movement and began drying herself with the warm fabric. 

She ran it over and around her neck, before pulling it down the front of her chest, wiping her decolletage first and then continuing under her heavy breasts. The texture of the cloth felt good against her skin so she rubbed it over her nipples, for no good reason other than she thought it might feel good. And she was correct. She did it roughly at first but then repeated the movement ever so lightly, watching as her nipples swelled and extended. She was surprised herself to see how quickly they hardened, even in the warm afternoon sun.

My wife quickly brushed away the sweat under both armpits before tossing the tank-top aside, and resuming her nipple play. This time she scraped them lightly with her fingernails, reveling in the shivers that ran around her neck and down her spine. Who says you can't tickle yourself? she wondered, as she playfully swirled her fingers around her nipples and over her breasts. The sensations overwhelmed her and suddenly she felt a yearning need for more. Gripping both breasts in both hands she squeezed herself hard and watched as her nipples seemed to pop out even further.

It was at this point that our neighbor Sam could take it no more and dropped his pants to free the stiff cock that had become so dreadfully uncomfortable trapped inside his tight jeans. He knew it was wrong to look but hadn't she just moments earlier stared directly at him, as he stood up in his bedroom window? She must have wanted him to watch - why else would she put on this show? And if she was going to put on a show he was damn well going to make the most of it.

What Sam didn't realize was that with the angle of the sun my wife had seen nothing in his bedroom window except the dazzling glare on the outside. She hadn't seen him there and had begun her breast massage purely for her own pleasure. She was oblivious to Sam, who was stroking his cock quickly in the belief she was performing for him. As my wife pulled her nipples hard, stretching them out and holding them an inch or two further than nature intended, Sam bit his lip and imagined it was he who was biting her pert breasts.

My wife relished the slow burning pain in her nipples a moment longer, before releasing herself and watching them snap back into their normal position. She ran her hands all over both breasts, rubbing them slowly to diffuse the pain sensation in her nipples, and spreading the warm glow all over her fulsome tits. Licking her lips she wet her finger tips and commenced circling her areaola, marvelling at how much her nipples continued to stiffen and extend further. She was completely unaware that Sam was upstairs next door and going off the deep end.

Sam groaned and squeezed his balls as he observed the sight below, all the while continuing to jack his cock vigorously. He'd always fancied my wife and this wasn't the first time he'd masturbated over her, but those situations were all fantasy - they'd all been imagined in his head. Now she was here for real - rolling around in our yard almost directly below him - writhing in pleasure as she fondled herself. 

Dressed in nothing but her cut off denim shorts my near naked wife was a sight to behold. She was now lying down on her back, on the dry grass with legs akimbo, and running her hands seductively all over her bountiful boobs. She was blessed with a great rack and they seemed even larger than normal, thought Sam. It was like he'd been blessed with magnifying vision - the longer he stared the bigger they got. He knew she wasn't a 40DD but there she was, writhing before him with her massive melon sized tits, and nipples like pencil erasers.

Sam's cock was throbbing now, the precum dribbling from his knob, and he knew he was fit to burst. He desperately wanted to cum but he also didn't want the show to end. Oh dear god, why couldn't she wave him over, invite him down to paint her tits with his cum, to spray her down and hose her with his man juice? Glancing down at his purple twitching dick Sam had an even better idea: why wasn't she in his bedroom now so he could plant his cock in her lady garden and pump her full of his hot sticky mess?

Sam startled as my wife gripped his cock, squeezing hard. 'Mmmmmm," she purred "it looks like someone's ready for me?" WTF? My wife was in his room, and she had a tight hold on his prick. She tugged it through his pants... pants? How did he have his pants back on? A moment ago his pants were around his ankles and he was about to fire a thick jet of hot cum all over his bedroom window but now...?

I blinked, my eyes opening and adjusting into focus. 

My wife was standing above me as I lay sprawled on the outdoor sofa on the patio. She had her hand on my crotch, feeling the length of my dick, and was pleased with what she found. She dropped to her knees and pulled at my zip. "Doze off did you?" she asked rhetorically, "having naughty dreams were you?" Still dazed I could only mumble something incoherent in return, like a small child. "Mmmmmm," she continued, as she fished out my cock "I hope you were dreaming about me..."

And that was all she said, as she dropped her head down and slipped me into her mouth.... 


This post has also been submitted to Masturbation Monday

click here for more about 'Masturbation Monday'

Today's post is my second attempt at erotic fiction, inspired by the paragraph below (in this blog post by May More). As you can see I haven't even got to the real sex yet - which I hope to do in time for next week's Masturbation Monday meme. Assuming I can stop running off on tangents of course....

It was the night before last and we had been relaxing in the garden after a lovely sunny day. We both looked at each other and knew it was time for sex. We went indoors and he sat on the couch. I immediately got down on my knees in front of him and undid his flies. His cock was almost ready. I took my top off and caressed his cock with my breasts, then slipping it into my mouth. I began to tease the knob by flicking my tongue across the tip. He was now rock hard and came round behind me and spread my legs slightly. Pushing me face down on the sofa he thrust into me. Fucked me hard spanking the side of my arse at the same time. It was great!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

MM: This porno got me off (TPGMO) ~ #04 : 'Kathy Flashing'

May is Masturbation Month (MM), which gives me a great opportunity to recycle some of my old posts! 
Like this one, from August 28, 2016

The full title is actually 'Kathy Flashing and Sex at Brickyard' by Kathy Gray and you can find the complete story here on Kathy says her stories are real, but one can never tell with Literotica - personally I just treat them all as fantasy and simply enjoy them for what they are. Who cares if it really happened or not?

I haven't read anything on Literotica for quite some time, since I mostly used to read them when I was trying to see what my wife was reading. Now that she has changed her iPad password I can't see her browser history, so even though I know she's reading dirty stories (how else to explain all those hours spent on her iPad, at all hours of the day and night?) I don't know which stories she's reading. By tracking what she was reading I was better able to track her sexual mood, and 'deliver' on what she was wanting.

My wife's preferred genres are Taboo (code for Incest), NonConsent/Reluctance (code for coercion or rape), and Interracial (BBC, and usually taking the women by force). She also ventures into Fetish where she finds her 'milk' stories ie women with big lactating breasts, often forced into milking machines where they are pumped for their breast milk but experience immense sexual pleasure while doing so. Basically my wife gets off on big busty women (preferably blond) being forced by black men to perform sexually, often via depraved acts in which they have no control but by the end they love it and become willing sex slaves.

Genres my wife does not read are Anal, BDSM (which is a wholly separate genre to Fetish), Loving Wives, Lesbian Sex, or Toys & Masturbation. Can you guess which genres I like? Yup, the ones she doesn't - Ha!

Occasionally some of the stories she reads include anal scenes, but that is just as part of the 'forced-against-her-will-to-do-nasty-things' storylines. Any incest stories that involve a mother and son are quickly abandoned, since she only reads the 'young-girl-defiled-by-father/uncle/grandpa' stories. Her other faves are young girl/housewife/working woman forced to have sex with teacher/boss/black man (or men). 

But enough about her, this post is about what got me off. I started reading a few Exhibitionist & Voyeur (watching, or being watched) stories and I popped on this one (excerpt below). Honestly, I could have popped on any of them since I haven't had sex for almost 3 weeks and I was ready to blow! Just as my wife has a preference for women being 'taken' and 'forced' or 'surrendering to their depraved lusts' I have a preference for women revelling in their sexual desires and getting off. I want the women to enjoy what they're doing, and be unabashed about it. So I gravitate to stories where it is the women getting off, and getting off a lot!

I'll let you armchair psychologists make of that what you will!!

this is just a small excerpt from a 4 page story

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday Morning Sex Disaster

Yes, this happened this morning - only hours ago! I'm banging it out quickly, while my wife is in the shower (relax, she takes ages on the weekend, and then she has to get dressed after - which is never quick). My daughter is in the dining room, on her laptop preparing for an exam on Monday (but really on Social Media, I'm sure). It went down like this:

I woke up early, something that  always happens when I'm sexually frustrated for an extended period of time. Although my wife had enthusiastically said we really must get back on track with our 'scheduled sex' arrangement (see here) last Wednesday came and went without any sexual contact whatsoever. In fact she kinda sabotaged it by criticizing me about something before we went to bed, which I think was deliberate.

So by last night (Friday) I was still quite horny and thought it would be a good opportunity to avail myself of our scheduled sex agreement. Technically it's now Wednesdays and Saturdays but given we skipped Wednesday surely it was okay to move Saturday up to Friday, especially since we were going out on Saturday night which meant Friday night at home would allow for a nice romantic evening at home? (We'd been out on Thursday night you see)

So we watched a funny movie and one of her favorite shows and then when it finished she said it was late and time for bed. Okay, I responded, waiting for her to get up and go upstairs. She didn't. So we watched something else, and again she said it was time for bed when that show finished. Okay, I responded, waiting for her to get up and go upstairs. But she didn't and so we watched something else (a cheesy documentary on 'Sex in '69!' - based on the premise that 1969 was the year American societal views on sex changed forever!!) (sure, a lot of things did happen but the doco was more about 'we've got some footage' than scholarly).

At 12.30am my wife said it was late and time for bed, and this time she really did get up and go to bed. I said I'd be up in a moment, since there was 9 minutes of the show to run. I figured that would give her time to do whatever it is she does in the bathroom before she climbs into bed, and I would be up in time to join her for a little love making. So 10 minutes later (okay, eleven) I was in our bedroom  primed and ready, only to find my wife in 'I'm asleep' mode. I waited it out for a minute or three to see if she was really asleep but when the snoring started I knew the gig was up.

Frustrated I made the foolish decision to go back downstairs to my office and begin drafting a piece of erotic fiction for the Masturbation Mondays meme. (With luck you'll be able to read that on Monday). Of course in the process of writing it I just made myself hornier, but luckily it had been a long day and by 3am I was exhausted and couldn't have pleasured myself if I tried. I slunk back upstairs and went straight to sleep.

So as I said earlier, I woke up at 8am because that's what I do when I'm sexually frustrated. My wife was asleep and I knew she wasn't gonna appreciate me waking her up for some early morning nookie. Well, maybe she would because she said she likes it in the morning, but I know I'm not a morning person. I just can't function that early in the day, it's a crime against nature.

So I shuffled downstairs to my office and worked on finishing Monday's post. The story (all fiction) turned out completely different to how I imagined it when I started, but it was still hot enough to get me excited. Whether you think the same way we'll find out on Monday, since the eroticism may be all  in my head (as I constructed the story) rather than on the page.

Anyway, the point is that it was now 10.30am and I was quite horny and keen to have sex with my wife. I walked back upstairs from our basement office and bumped into my daughter on the ground floor, making herself breakfast. She wasn't normally up this early, but she was studying for her exam. I said good morning and continued up to the top floor, to the bedroom. My wife was still asleep but as I crossed the floor she opened one eye sleepily.

"What time is it?" she asked.

"10.30" I replied.

"What are you doing?"

"Having breakfast" I answered, as I lifted the covers and went straight for her pussy. The regrowth had started but she was still deliciously trim. Long story short (I'm rushing here remember) I ate her out and she had at least two or three orgasms. I started out gentle, licking her here and there, squeezing her breasts as I ate, and she loved it. She cooed and moaned and told me exactly what she liked. "Yes, just there" was a common refrain.

When she was completely done it was my turn. By now the covers were completely off and she lay stretched out on her back before me. I spread her legs and stood above her, jacking my cock. She had  her feet on my hips and was pushing herself up off the bed, masturbating with one hand while squeezing her tits with the other. It was very hot sight and it wasn't long before I could feel an orgasm building in my balls. I was pretty sure she was getting close herself.

I motioned for her to roll over and assume the position, which she did. With her head down and ass up she presented both her holes as she stroked her pussy from underneath. Again, it was very hot sight to behold and my cock throbbed as I pumped it.  I was stroking my cock hard and fast, ready to cum and deciding which hole I was going to splatter with my cum when suddenly I heard the door handle turning.

I only had a split second to drop to the floor before our daughter opened the door and peered in. It all happened so fast and I have no idea how much she saw. Hopefully she saw nothing, since my wife had also had the foresight to drop down on the bed and make a hap hazard grab at the covers. But even the sight of her mother obviously naked on a bed with her father crouched on the floor behind with his head popping above the bed must have been quite traumatic for her. She was 15 so there would have ben no doubt what we were doing.

"What do you want?" I asked loudly, mortified.

"Nothing, sorry-- " she said, equally mortified. She shut the door quickly and scurried off downstairs.

"Didn't you lock the door" asked my wife, accusingly.

"Why would I lock the door?" I responded. "She never comes in here, ever. Why would she come in now? She never comes in. She never talks to us so why would I think she would suddenly come in now to talk? I talked to her downstairs and she didn't have anything to say. She has all her devices so why would she come up here?" [Our master bedroom is in it's own private wing, with it's own private stairs, BTW]

I was babbling - that's how mortified I was.

But I was still horny. And my wife was still naked. I pulled her back up into the doggy position and resumed jacking off behind her (since she seems to abstain from penetrative sex now). I was standing on the floor and she was on the bed, fingering her clit. She pressed herself back into my cock, and I wasn't sure of she wanted my to cum over her or stick it in. I decided on the latter and reached down to the nightstand to grab the lube my wife keeps in the drawer.

I squirted some on my cock and she slathered some on her pussy. Lining my stiff prick up with her wet slit I pressed forward, slowly easing myself inside her. It was a tight fit, and I mean really tight - almost painful. Actually it felt good and I started hitting her with slow steady strokes. As she loosened up I stepped up onto the plinth around our bed and changed the angle of penetration. I was now coming in high with a downward thrust, my hands gripping her hips as I pumped in and out.

She moaned and told me it was perfect.
[to be continued]

Friday, May 26, 2017

On her knees

I made the following comment on Chloe's blogpost On My Knees
My wife gave me a blowjob on the bed last weekend and when I was ready to cum I made her get down on the floor, on her knees, so I could unload in her mouth. My orgasm was super intense and she responded by swallowing (not something she does often) albeit possibly because she had no choice since it was such a load. Putting her on her knees was something I'd done a few months back, with similar results and yet she hasn't quite made the connection. Or maybe she has, and doesn't want to submit? Ha!
In making the above comment I realized I still haven't gotten around to describing the drought breaking sex I had last week, even though I had promised I would. So I shall rectify that matter now, but first let's take a quick look at Chloe's butt - because I like butts. Not all butts can look as fine as Chloe's but don't let that stop you from sending me a pic ladies - I love them in all shapes and sizes!

source: Cheeky Framing

The preamble can be found in The Talky Bit BEFORE Sex which finishes at the point where we stop talking and she straddles my face...

As she dropped down on top of me I could immediately tell she was 'ripe' for action. There's something about a horny cunt you can spot clearly - the pussy lips are engorged, fragrant, and ready to pounce like that face-hugger creature in the Alien movies. Just as you can spot a man who hasn't been laid in a while by his throbbing purple penis, so too can you tell when a woman is overdue for a body shaking climax.

My wife straddled me upright, grinding her pussy into my face as my tongue swirled all over and my hands gripped her ass. Her moves were quick, urgent, and frantic - her pent-up physical lust finally finding release. After getting what she wanted she pulled back and turned around onto all fours, settling into the '69' position. With her hand and mouth finding my cock she slunk down, again straddling my face.

She swallowed the head of my cock greedily, swabbing it with her lips and lubricating it with her tongue. Satisfied she arched up, jacking my wet cock with her hand as she pressed back harder into my face. My tongue swirled around her sopping cunt as I used both hands to grab her butt cheeks and push her off slightly. I wanted to smell her, and I did, inhaling deeply. She was freshly showered and smelt great, her sexual scent already flooding my senses with her delicious aroma.

My tongue swirled over her labia and circled her clit and it wasn't long before she could take no more. She'd been pumping my cock furiously with her hand, alternating between that and deep throating it, but now she was semi upright - arching back and rocking her hips over my face. "Oh, god..." she cried out through gritted teeth, "oh god, YESSSSS!" She came hard as she continued to press firmly against me, and I could taste her juices as she climaxed.

When she was done she jumped off me and for a moment I thought she was assuming the position, ready for a good hard pounding doggy style. But despite her claims days earlier of wanting penetrative sex and promising exactly that tonight, it was not to be. She climbed between my legs and continued jacking my turgid cock, fingering my balls, and bobbing down to suck me into her wet mouth. It felt great, and when she dropped down even further to tongue my balls I took over hand duties, jerking my cock as I'd been doing since I was a kid.

Having a hot naked woman licking your balls as you jack off makes it a whole different experience from the teenage wanking sessions though, let me you!

Since I'd also showered my wife took it upon herself to move lower still and she started rimming me, circling and prodding my asshole with her stiff tongue. That was the confirmation I needed in order to give myself permission to 'let go', since she only does that when she wants me to get off. Clearly there was not going to be any penetrative sex tonight so there was no point in me holding back my climax.

I gripped the side of the mattress and arched my back, telling her I was close to cumming. At that news she stopped rimming me and resumed deep throating my cock. With her hands either side of my hips she jack-hammered up and down, clearly intent on having me come in her mouth. She pulled up for air, grabbing a lungful as her hand immediately took over, never skipping a beat. She jacked me frantically, imploring me to cum, to explode before her.

I could tell she was serious and I was ready to oblige her request.

But on my terms.

I really was literally about to erupt and yet simultaneously a new thought hit me. I wanted to cum, but I wanted to cum in her mouth with her on her knees before me. She had denied me what I wanted (sexual release) for oh so long, and yet had only fucked me now because she herself was horny beyond belief. This was the woman who had gotten a Brazilian  FIVE days earlier (see if you'd read The Talky Bit BEFORE Sex you would have known that; yes all that pussy I was eating in today's post was bare) and yet she failed to share it with me until now. Even though I've told her previously how much that pisses me off.

Having given her what she wanted I decided it was time for her to give me what I wanted: sexual submission. Or at least the pretense of it, since I'm fully aware that what happened next hardly tips the scales when it comes to BDSM or D/s relationships.

I told her to get off me, get on the the floor, and get on her knees because I was ready to cum now.

She looked at me all confused - as if to say she knew I was ready to cum now, she could tell, so WTF was this about? Why stop, why didn't I just cum? I said nothing and just tossed a pillow on the floor (because baby steps, because I'm kind, and because she's over 50 and I don't want her bitching later that I made her knees sore) and she got the idea. She settled down between my legs, which were now hanging off the bed. On her knees, on the floor, as I'd requested.

She picked up my cock and started pumping it hard, wrapping her lips around the head and taking me into her mouth. Her free hand fondled my balls, which I could feel were boiling and ready to ejaculate. Like I said, I was almost about to ejaculate before I made her get into this position so it probably only took a minute or so before I felt it again. Christ almighty it was a huge orgasm. I fell back on the bed as I exploded into her mouth, so hard.  The feeling was so intense I had to grab her head to stop her from deep throating me, which was what she was trying to do.

I held her head firmly as I came, and I came hard, pumping into her mouth. She continued to squeeze my balls as I flooded her mouth with my hot cum, which she gulped down - not something she normally does. When I finally released her she popped her head up with an enormous grin on her face, pleased she had made me cum so hard. In hindsight this would have been the perfect time to pat her on the head and tell her "Good girl, you made Daddy* feel real good" to reinforce/plant the submissive concept into her brain... but honestly I just lay there groaning.

And then we went to sleep.


* I did use the 'Daddy' word on her once (during sex) a few years back but she was not into it. She was so not into it she actually said 'Don't do that, don't use that word' which was amazing because she hardly ever communicates that directly with me on sexual matters. It also surprised me because at the time she was reading a lot of erotica with either D/s or Incest themes, both of which used the 'daddy' word a lot (hence me foolishly thinking I'd try it).

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sensual Blogger Award

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. 

My comment to her is at the very bottom so keep scrolling 
(FYI: some links in this post are dead, others are good)

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

Sensual Blogger Award

by Pervertically Virtuous
Here's my 2nd blogging award nomination - for the Sensual Blogging Award, and I've been nominated for it by 3 different sexy, sensual bloggers: Nero from Her Secret Library, Nate from Speaking Out on Nate, and KDaddy from Kdaddy23's Blog.

This is an interesting award to receive - and from multiple people too - because I don't see myself as a particularly sensual person (or blogger). I'm highly sexual person (or blogger), yes, but I don't know about sensual.

Sensuality can be defined as an acute awareness of what the senses perceive, a preoccupation or devotion to that which is smelled, touched, heard, tasted, and seen. But I rely more on cognition to navigate the world rather than senses - I use the senses to provide only the information that I can then process intellectually. Also, sensuality for me is intricately linked to romantic, and I'm just not a very romantic person.

I'm not saying I'm not sensual at all - I am, but I'm just not particularly sensual. I like to think of myself as more raw, carnal, lecherous...

I also find it interesting that all three nominations came from men.

Why do you think that is?

Anyway, I'll accept the award so that I can pass it on to bloggers more worthy of it than me.

The Rules:
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated AWARDED you with a link back to their blog blogpost where they nominated you (so they get a pingback). Thank you Nate, Nero, and KDaddy!
  2. Copy and paste this fine award on your blog. Check.
  3. Answer 7 "sensual" questions posed by the blogger who awarded you this fine award. Given that I was awarded this by 3 different people, 21 questions would be too many to answer. So, I'm gonna pick and choose 7 out of those 21 questions. See below.
  4. Create or borrow 7 "sensual" questions for the bloggers you award this fine award to to answer. The bloggers I award this fine award can pick and choose 7 out of the remaining 14 questions posed by Nate, KDaddy, and Nero that I didn't answer.
  5. Select 7 "sensual" bloggers to award this fine award to, AND LET THEM KNOW YOU'VE AWARDED THEM (Two of the three people who nominated me didn't bother letting me know, I happened to find out because I read their posts.)
My Answers to the Questions.
  1. Everyone has a scent that takes them back to a fond moment, what is your scent and the moment? (Nate) Salvatore Ferragamo. It's not a moment, it's a person: my girlfriend. I wrote about it recently in Love, Interrupted.
  2. One piece of sensuous advice that you would give to anyone? (Nate) Touch more. Not just your sexual partners. Friends, strangers, anyone. I come from a culture that touches/hugs a lot, and I find the US to be a very touch-deprived society. Touching is wonderful.
  3. What do you do to initiate something sensual/sexual? (Nero) It depends on the situation. Most often I start with touch. Sometimes with words. And sometimes with just a look.
  4. Is sensuality a male or female trait? (discuss!) (Nero) I think it's more of a female trait. But since my own brain is wired like a male, I don't have much of it.
  5. Name the one thing you've done that you've said you'd never do. (KDaddy) I don't usually say I would never do something. I know better than to say that. Cuz I've done a lot of things I never thought I'd do in my life. Like have a live-in slave. Or punch and kick someone for an hour. Or get married.
  6. You learn that your partner has a lover and they've brought their lover home to meet you – and it's your lover; what do you say or do? (KDaddy) Awesome! It's 3-some time! :)
  7. If you could go back and reinvent your sex life, would you? (KDaddy) Nope. I wouldn't change a thing. Except starting to blog about it sooner!
Bonus question - Write an erotica paragraph with a set of prompts. I'm gonna skip this bonus question for 2 reasons:
1. Because I lack imagination to write stuff that hasn't actually happened to me, and
2. Because I've been writing about my actual erotic adventures so much over the past couple of weeks for this blog, that I'm just spent.
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Nice responses PV. I also had trouble answering mine because like you I’m ‘sexual’ not ‘sensual’, so I also answered my questions in terms of sexuality not sensuality. I’d already figured you think/behave more like a guy, but that will change in time. Not that you will change, just society. You are on the vanguard [...]

thanks Nero.

I sure hope you’re right about the societal changes that are coming. I wish that thinking was more commonplace among women. But there are all sorts of evolutionary reasons preventing them from feeling/thinking that way in addition to the social norms. it’s going to take a while for things to change I think… 
Pervertically Virtuous

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Posing Nude – and Dripping Wet – for a Drawing Class

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. 

(FYI: all links in this post are working)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: "A couple of weeks ago, my roommate, the Cynic, told me that a guy who works in his office also runs a nude drawing class and is looking for models. They pay $50 for two and a half hours, he said. Would I be interested? My first thought was 'nah, not wo"

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

Posing Nude – and Dripping Wet – for a Drawing Class

by Pervertically Virtuous
A couple of weeks ago, my roommate, the Cynic, told me that a guy who works in his office also runs a nude drawing class and is looking for models. They pay $50 for two and a half hours, he said. Would I be interested?
[image added 2016 - original did not survive recovery]
My first thought was 'nah, not worth it'. If I wanted some extra cash, I could just do a pro-domme session for $200/hr, not $20/hr. But then I realized it might be an exciting experience. Exposing myself naked in front of people who would be staring at my body for a few hours trying to draw it, that sounded arousing. Were there any hot men in the class? Also, could I maybe get some of the drawings at the end? That alone would make it worth it. The Cynic didn't have an answer regarding the hot men, but said I would definitely get some drawings. OK, that sealed it.

I emailed the guy and made arrangements to show up in front of his studio the following week. I learned that you don't have to keep the same position for the whole 150 minutes as I had initially thought, but that instead there were going to be a bunch of 1, 2, 5, and 10 minute poses, followed by a couple of 15 and 20 minute ones. That sounded like even more fun.

The only challenge with that was that I'd have to come up with the poses. That was, I admit, a bit nerve-wrecking. How am I gonna come up with like 50 different poses?! What if I get all flustered and can't come up with one? Will I choose good ones? What are good ones?! I practiced a couple of poses to calm myself. Come on Z, how hard could it be?

That afternoon I showered, put on very light make-up, and walked over. Outside the studio I was greeted by two men: the guy I was expecting – the apparent owner of the art studio, and a guy I wasn't expecting - the guy who was actually running the class, who I happened to know because he had given me a ride to NYC several months earlier (courtesy of Craigslist Rideshare). Rideshare was very cute and I remember flirting heavily during that trip to NYC; unfortunately, there had been someone else in the car and we never took it beyond seducing glances, mildly suggestive hints, and a vague agreement to hang out sometime when back in Unitown. I hadn't seen him since, and was pleasantly surprised to see him then: There would be at least one hot man staring at my naked body. Off to a good start.

We walked up to the studio and in the few spare minutes before the rest of the class arrived, the two of them showed me some previous drawings to get a sense of the different pose possibilities. The shorter poses should be dynamic, the longer ones more relaxed. Straight lines (of shoulders, hips, etc) were bad, twisting was good. Sounded reasonable. Did I want some water? Yes. Did I want a robe? No. (What would I do with a robe while posing nude?!)

Two women and three more men showed up for the class. None of them attractive; one of them, a married father of two, turned out to be my old boss for a volunteering job I'd done a few years back. I had no idea he drew; he had no idea I modeled nude (well, I don't). A bit awkward, but not too bad.

It was time to start. I took off all my clothes and twisted my body in the first dynamic 1-min position that came to mind. The positions somehow came to me without too much sweating. It felt natural to just move my body through space. Sometimes I had to do a little bit of thinking, especially when deciding to switch from standing, to sitting, to laying down and back. Once or twice, I even felt the initial symptoms of panic at not knowing what to do next building up. But most of the time, it was easy, seamless, relaxed.

As I'd suspected, it was quite enjoyable. I like being naked and feel very comfortable in my body. I like being watched. I like pushing my body in new and challenging positions – rock climbing, surfing, snowboarding are all about that. I enjoyed the challenge of maintaining the succession of dynamic poses over 1, 2, and 5 minutes. I enjoyed being naked. I enjoyed having all these eyes staring at me intently, carefully dissecting every inch of my body.

I started to get aroused. I started placing myself into more and more sexual, open, revealing positions. Images of really raunchy, porn-like poses started running through my mind: bent over with my ass up in the air and my hands holding my ass cheeks spread wide; kneeling down with three fingers in my pussy and grabbing my tits with the other hand.

When it was time for the longer poses, I got into the most sexual position I thought I could get away with: I sat down leaning against the wall with my legs slightly open and my hands on my thighs, dangerously close to my crotch. It was totally a fuck-me pose. It brought my arousal to a whole new level.

With my pussy on display so openly, I got really wet. I wanted to open my legs farther and wider. I wanted to move my hands closer and start touching myself. I closed my eyes and pretended I was dozing off so that my legs would just naturally fall farther apart. I lifted one of my hands to scratch my nose for a second, and when I put it back down on my thigh I placed it even closer to my pussy. Close enough that my thumb touched my labia, and I would occasionally gently caress my clit with it. I knew my pussy was sopping wet, and I was wondering if some of it would drip on the floor. When the 15 minutes were over and I stood up, I noticed a little puddle of vaginal juices on the carpet. I smiled to myself and hoped nobody noticed. Not that I would've minded if they did.

The next pose had me sitting on a chair facing away from the group. The dirty image compilation continued to run through my head: sitting on the chair with my legs spread wide; bending over leaned against the wall with my hand forcefully clutching my labia... 15 minutes later there was another puddle of my pussy fluids on the chair. I wiped it off as I got up. I wondered if this happened to other female nude models. I had heard of male nude models getting erections, but not of female models leaving pools of their love-liquor on the floor. They probably do, they just don't talk about it. Right? Right?

After we were done and I'd gotten some drawings, Rideshare and a few others went to the local bar for a drink. I decided to join, mostly because I was horny and intent on fucking the Painter. I had a feeling he was hoping for the same, and if he wasn't, I was sure he could be persuaded. On the ride there I told him how aroused I had been. He told me I was much more outward-oriented than other models he'd worked with, as if reaching out to the viewers, interacting with them. Other models apparently tended to be more reserved, more inside their bodies. One of the other artists summed it well when we got to the bar: "Some models just do the classic positions [whatever that meant], others do yoga poses, but you were more sexual, you added a sexual twist to the positions."

They called the pose with the spread legs 'brave'. I didn't think it was brave; it was inescapable. My body didn't really have a choice but portray who I am – an easily aroused, highly sexual being; a horny slut, if you so prefer.

We chatted for a while. I asked if they ever drew men, and was very unpleasantly surprised to hear that they didn't. Rideshare said he didn't really like drawing men; the owner of the studio went further - he didn't want any naked men in his studio. He said he wouldn't sit on chair where a naked man sat, that after 2 ½ hours of posing the whole studio would start smelling of balls. I couldn't believe my ears. Such brazen homophobia, or androphobia, discrimination. He called it 'territorial'. Call it what you want, it's still intolerant and sexist. I was considering posing nude for them again, but hearing that changed my mind. They won't be seeing my naked ass around there again.

That put a bit of a damper on my excitement, but I was determined not to let it ruin my night altogether. I had to get fucked. I got up and sat next to the Painter. I put my hand on his thigh and whispered in his ear that it was time to split. He got the message.

We walked back to my house and got down to business right away. I was so horny – I had been so horny for hours – that I couldn't wait. I couldn't kiss him because he had a cold, but he made up for it by enjoying my body immensely. He just kept marveling at me, saying how sexy I was, how he couldn't stop looking at me and my pussy during the drawing session, how he had wanted to fuck me right there in front of everyone, how he had wanted to do this since he gave me that ride a few months back... He had a very dreamy aura about himself, like he was high on pot at all times, although he wasn't... It was endearing. Cute.

He was cute in general. Not too tall, with an adorable boyish face. Only the occasional grey hair in his otherwise charcoal black curly hair revealed his age was closer to 40. His body was in acceptable shape: There was no 6-pack, but the outlines of a 4-pack were still discernible. His cock was not very long, maybe 5'', but with decent girth and oh so hard. It was definitely going to do.

I was still dripping wet and it took no time to bring me to several orgasms while he fucked me from behind. He liked to pull on my hair. It was interesting to see someone who looked so sweet trying to be dominant in bed. It was kinda hot and I went along with it. He came all over my back and left soon after. I had a feeling this was not the last time I'd see him...

Want to see the rest of the drawings I got? Check out and Like my Facebook page ;-)
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TMI Tuesday: May 23, 2017 ~ Digging Deep

1. The last time you had sex, was it urgent or essential? Consider masturbation or sex with a partner.
~ We had sex on Sunday night, it was non-penetrative (which is now the norm). All very slow and romantic. It was 'scheduled sex' inasmuch my wife agreed to have sex with me every Saturday night last Wednesday when we had a discussion about our lack of sexual intimacy. I am not surprised that we still couldn't manage to make it happen on Saturday night, but we got there in the end. A very intense orgasm for me (unsurprising given it was overdue!) and she said the same. Given her response during my oral assault I believe her.

2. What should you stop doing? Why?
~ I should stop eating so much and/or exercise more. Because I am overweight.

3. What makes you feel strongest? Sexiest?
~ To be honest (#TBH) I'm not one of those people who feel #Strong #Sexy #Blessed! I'm physically strong and I'm emotional strong - despite the impression you might get from reading some of my more despairing blog posts! I suppose I feel sexy when I know I look good, and when other women respond to me. Yes, I'm not so far gone that I don't recognize a vibe.
Something I've been doing this year, which I agree is sad, is using negative mantras. While some people employ positive affirmations ("I am going to have a great day today" or "I can do this, nothing will stop me, etc) I go in the other direction. Whenever I think my wife is giving me the signal that she is receptive to sex I tell myself "she loves me but she doesn't want me sexually" or "you are not what she craves, do not try to fuck her" or "she does not want you, don't be fooled by what she is doing'.

4. When do you feel vulnerable?
~ Every time we get ourselves into a sexual situation I am vulnerable. My wife sends out mixed signals all the time - unless she is sending out no signal at all, which is the norm. If I make a sexual advance towards my wife I know there is a 95% chance I will be rebuffed. Hence the mantras I refer to in Q3 - so I can stop myself from making that advance.

5. What is missing from your sex life?
~ Confidence. Due to the lack of communication on my wife's part I have no idea what she wants, when she wants it, or if she really enjoys it. She seems like she is enjoying, but as I have said before if she was really enjoying it she'd be wanting it more - amiright?
~ Novelty. My wife (used to) read a lot of erotica and enjoyed a variety of genres. But we never once tried any of it in the bedroom. I have made it known that I am willing to try anything but she says it's 'just fantasy stuff' and couldn't imagine doing it in real life. Recently my wife has said (to me) a few times that she doesn't use sex toys, when it has come up in conversation. She says it like it's some sort of decision she's made, like 'I don't eat gluten' or 'no carbs after 6pm'. It's weird considering she seems to cum hard with them - could that be why she's stopped? Does she not want to be reminded of what a deep intense orgasm feels like because I can't deliver the same?

Bonus: If you left your current lover, what would you miss the most?
~ A great question and difficult to answer since (despite all the whining on my blog) I couldn't contemplate leaving her.

Double Bonus: if you read my blog daily you might have seen this spooky coincidence on Sunday. [link]

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Man Who Had It All

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. 

(FYI: all links in this post are good)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: "After the exhilarating dentist chair/nitrous oxide face-fucking episode, Karlo and I walked over to a club nearby. Partying almost exclusively in the Burner scene for the last 3 years, I've stopped going to other electronic music events, and it was nice t"

A goodbye blowjob, instead of a goodbye kiss.

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

The Man Who Had It All

by Pervertically Virtuous
After the exhilarating dentist chair/nitrous oxide face-fucking episode, Karlo and I walked over to a club nearby. Partying almost exclusively in the Burner scene for the last 3 years, I've stopped going to other electronic music events, and it was nice to do something different. It was dark, the music wasn't too pumping, and my friends weren't there yet, so Karlo and I hung out together, danced, and made out. We contemplated whether anyone would notice if we fucked right there on the dance floor. We did another bump of cocaine and swallowed more molly.

In hindsight, both were a bad idea, the molly in particular. Cocaine is great for dancing and socializing, but it doesn't make me very sexual; luckily its effects subside after an hour. Molly does make me sexual and sensual, but makes it really hard to cum; and unfortunately, its effect lasts for hours... In fact, the whole dance party before the sex was unnecessary – that night was about sex, not about partying, and we should've just gone straight home and fucked for hours. Without drugs. But oh well. The evening was still pretty amazing.

A bunch of my Burner friends showed up soon. This will be Karlo's first year at Burning Man, so he had a million questions about it to ask everyone. We chatted, danced, and around 3 AM politely declined all invites to the after party and snuck out. Once back at his place, we did more molly and then started the delightfully slow, long process of finally getting to the fucking part.

We made out in the kitchen. We made out on the living room sofa. We took each other's clothes off, sat across from each other on the sofa, and watched each other masturbate. We admired each other's bodies. Snapped a couple of photos. Made out some more. He was a great kisser.

More so, he was a great lover. He had said earlier that his motto with women was: 'I might never see you again after this, but while we're together, you're the center of my universe and I will treat you like a queen.' I'm the same way and I really like it when men share that philosophy, because it really makes for a spectacular experience.

By the time we finally took it to the bedroom, I was so ready to be entered, my pussy was aching for his big cock... When he slid his monster inside me, I was trembling. I'd been waiting for it for so long, I was loving the slow, sensual build-up for something that was going to be a long, hard, raunchy night.

He filled me up so nicely, like I haven't been filled up in a while... I was hungry for his manhood, I wanted it in me again and again so badly that the first time around I wouldn't let him come. I didn't know if he'd be able to get another erection, so each time he came close to orgasm I would push him off of me, tell him to slow down, to breathe, to hold off. He listened.

After 4 or 5 edgings, I realized I wasn't anywhere near coming. I had too much molly in my system to climax. I was incredibly horny, and wanted more and more, but just couldn't climax. So I let him come. He pulled the condom off and covered my face with his cum. He couldn't believe he managed to hold it off so many times, said he never did that. And I soon realized why: He didn't need to.

Because only a few short minutes later, his cock was back up and ready for more action. He fucked me for about 10-15 minutes and came again. And then again, and again. Four times in the 2-3 hours that I managed to keep him awake. Ah, that was the perfect kind of lover for me: I prefer many shorter fucks over the course of the evening than one very long fuck.

I gave up on trying to come myself that evening – I knew I'd get my orgasms in the morning when the drugs were out of my body – and just enjoyed his gorgeous body on mine, his enormous dick inside my pussy and mouth, and... his continual dirty talk.

Because, oh boy, could this man dirty talk! I couldn't believe the amount of filth that was spilled out of his mouth during those few hours - it was like a soundtrack that just went along with having sex with him. I'm usually not a big fan of dirty talk – mostly because it often sounds silly and repetitive, reminds me of bad, fake porn. And I'm not a big dirty talker myself – mostly because I'm just not that creative to come up with that many sexy, dirty things to say. But Karlo was really good at it. He described in detail everything that was happening, everything I was doing to him, everything he was doing to me, everything he wanted to and was going to do to me... It wasn't silly and repetitive, it was hot. He was so good at it, he inspired me to spout some filth myself. And it turned me on. I should record him next time, heh.

Around 6.30 AM, Karlo passed out. I wanted more, but he was spent, and there was not much to do but try to fall asleep. Sleeping with someone you don't know can be tricky, but he was easy and nice to even sleep with: he spooned, but not too tightly, without trying to suffocate me. Ah, this man was almost perfect.

We woke up around noon the next day. He had to meet his whole family for Mother's Day, and I was meeting my friends at the after-after party. But we took 3 long hours to get out of the house. We started with a fuck. I was barely conscious when he flipped me on my stomach and fucked me from behind. My pussy was sore and swollen from all the friction the night before, and his big cock felt even bigger – my pussy was so tight, he barely had room to slide it in. With the drugs completely out of my system by then, I could come and come and come. The fuck didn't last long enough to make it up for all the missed orgasms night before, but it was great to climax a few times after all that teasing.

He made us espresso and we enjoyed the sunny day out on his balcony watching the city go by. He told me how his family had emigrated from Russia when he was 5 with $500 and one suitcase each, how they had to start from scratch. How that taught him the value of money and hard work and helped him get to where he was now. He lamented the fact that so many people live inauthentic, scripted lives never daring to veer off the beaten path – like his brother and sister-in-law who worked their asses off at jobs they didn't like so they can send their kids to private schools, felt poor in comparison to their even richer friends, and never seemed satisfied with their lives. He, on the other hand, was living his life exactly the way he wanted.

And he really seemed like the man who had it all. He was painfully good-looking: his face was gorgeous, his teeth flawless, his height adequate, his body perfectly toned. He was the ultimate lover: an enormous cock that can get hard, fuck, and come multiple times a night; a good kisser; passionate and attentive; even nice to sleep with. He had a great apartment in the coolest neighborhood in NYC, a job he absolutely loved, a beautiful office walking distance from his apartment, lots of money to pay for the things he likes (cars, motorcycles, adventure sports, travel), and 2 months of vacation a year to enjoy those things.

The only disadvantage to his personality that I could find after spending one long night with him was that he was wound a bit too tightly, as if any minute he could explode into unseen rage if only the opportunity arose. He liked to use 'fucking' as an adjective in virtually every sentence. He liked to talk about himself and hear himself talk. He was acutely aware of all his blessings and not shy to flaunt them. I guess it's hard not to get a bit full of yourself when you have everything going for you. He was the perfect example of a testosterone - and dopamine - driven alpha male.

And there, my dear readers, is the straw that will save me from drowning in his sea of almost perfection; the red flag that will prevent me from helplessly falling in love. He would make an amazing fuck buddy or friends-with-benefits, but we would never work long term: We're both highly dominant and we'd be butting heads every step of the way. It'd be a major disaster. I suspect he will end up with someone much more deferential and docile than me. Perhaps I should add 'cannot be too alpha male-ish' to my Relationship Checklist?

Also, although he claimed to be very respectful of women and of their choices to be whoever they wanted to be, I suspect there are some traditional gender attitudes and stereotypes ingrained in his mind (yes, Madonna/whore dichotomy, I'm looking at you!) that would preclude him from considering me as a long-term partner. Finally, we barely scratched the issue of non-monogamy in relationships, but I suspect he would not be OK with my level of openness.

So I just need to keep these things in mind when my mind stubbornly keeps wandering off into the direction of his gorgeousness...

Lounging naked in the sun, sipping on the live-giving bitter black liquid, discussing life, sex, science, relationships, we could've gone on for hours. But we both had to go. After stepping out of the shower he called me a car. He looked so sexy, naked on the phone, that I dropped down on my knees and wrapped my lips around his semi-erect cock. It had already been 2 hours since he'd come last, so he got hard again in no time. I didn't get a chance to come before he shot a load down my throat, but it was hot nonetheless.

A goodbye blowjob, instead of a goodbye kiss.

Out on the street, I could still taste his cum while waiting for the cab to arrive.

To be continued...

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Just a Simple Strap-On Ass Fucking

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her. 
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. 
(FYI: all links in this post are good)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: "The night after our fizzled scene with Shy Boy (see Charity Gay Sex) was going to be my last night with slave-boy before my weekend trip to NYC. With all the travel, slave-boy's work schedule, and my period woes (see Period Woes, Celebrity Sex Tapes, and "

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

Just a Simple Strap-On Ass Fucking

by Pervertically Virtuous
The night after our fizzled scene with Shy Boy (see Charity Gay Sex) was going to be my last night with slave-boy before my weekend trip to NYC. With all the travel, slave-boy's work schedule, and my period woes (see Period Woes, Celebrity Sex Tapes, and OTK), we hadn't played much over the last 2 weeks and I was missing him.
I also really wanted him. The image of him being dominant with Shy Boy the night before was still fresh in my mind. I rarely have a chance to see slave-boy as a man, as the aggressor, as the one taking initiative, and when I do, I am reminded of just how sexy and good-looking he is. I wanted him.
So when he came home from work around midnight, I granted him the privilege of sleeping next to me. I locked the collar to the chain next to the bed and got on top of him. Then, probably for the first time in months, I started kissing him. Slowly, tenderly, lovingly. I couldn't remember the last time I'd kissed him. I kiss his wounds, his body, his cock, but rarely his lips. He later said he almost didn't know what to do! But I was enjoying tasting him...
He didn't know whether it was going to be just a quick tease or whether I was going somewhere with it. And for a short while, neither did I. I wanted to fuck him, to have sex with him somehow, but I was still too bloody to have him inside me. And then it occurred to me that there were no obstacles to me being inside him. Yes, that was exactly what I wanted to do: After all that anal teasing the night before, I needed to fuck his ass. It was going to be a light session, no breathplay, no gags, no serious restraints, just a good ol' strapon ass fucking.
"I haven't fucked your ass in so long" I breathed into his ear.
He didn't need to hear anything else. He had assumed I wanted him doggy style so he offered up his collar so I could unlock it.
"No, just like this," I stopped him. "I want to look at you while I fuck you. Get your cuffs."
He reached over the side of the bed and, after some fumbling, came up with the bondage mitts instead. He grinned lopsidedly and asked if those were OK. Yes, of course they were. I strapped him into the black leather mitts and attached those to the ropes on each side of the bed, but left his legs free. I put on my harness and attached the smaller of the two available dildos (since it'd been a while): a very comfortable, flexible silicone, silver dildo. I propped his lower back up with a couple of pillows, poured copious amounts of lube on my glittery cock and his ass, and slid the dildo in slowly and carefully.
It soon became obvious that this care was unnecessary! That strapon is not very big and he was so eager to take it, that in less than a minute he greedily swallowed it all and was moaning and drooling like a total slut. I alternated between twisting his nipples, jerking his cock, and slapping his cock and balls when he seemed to be having too much fun, all the while telling him what a dirty slut he was. He just kept saying "thank You Miss.. thank You Miss..".
I first had him fuck himself, hump my cock while I sat immobile. I then lifted his legs up in the air toward his chest and kept the fucking myself. It was really hot: his animalistic roars of pleasure, his hard cock bobbing up and down on his stomach, and my strapon going in and out - sometimes slowly, sometimes hard and fast... I edged him to orgasm a couple of times, but didn't let him come. He knows better than to come before I do.
I thought how I wanted to fuck his ass with the larger dildo, the thick black monster cock. I was too deep in the moment and too lazy to actually do the switch, but that thought brought me to the edge. I put my right hand underneath my harness and started rubbing, while I used my left hand to push him onto my cock. "Take my cock, you little slut. You are such an insatiable little whore. Always hungry for cock, aren't you?" "Yes, Miss, I'm your slut," he would grunt.
He later said I stared down at him with that "you little slut" twisted grin on my face while fingering myself through the harness, a look he'll never forget, inextricably connected as it is with amazing things happening to him.
Eventually I came, throaty and deep-voiced as I usually do, almost with a violent groan. I kept fucking him hard, pulling on his nipples, and jerking his cock more consistently. He was writhing in pleasure, not knowing whether I was going to make him come or mercilessly tease him and deny him the ultimate pleasure. I knew he wouldn't last long, and very soon he uttered his plea:
"May I come, Miss?"
I thought about saying no, but he hadn't come in 2 weeks and wasn't going to for at least a few more days, and I decided to be merciful.
"Yes, you may. Come for me, my boy."
Cum started spurting out of his cock and covered his stomach in thick white blobs. I kept fucking and stroking him all through his orgasm.
He says there is nothing like an orgasm while being assfucked. That, of course, non-anal orgasms can be quite fulfilling on their own, but there is this whole new dimension of subjected-ness to being fucked like a slut and forcefully brought to orgasm. I wonder if this is different for men, since that is the only way they can get penetrated...?
As he lay there, spent, helpless, grateful, with my dildo still in his ass, I felt a tingle in my pussy announcing the potential for a second orgasm. Holding his slowly retreating cock, and only gently pushing no more than an inch of the dildo in and out of his ass, I quickly rubbed myself to another climax.
Only then did I remove the silicon cock, and fed him little handfuls of his copious load at a time. He remarked that he tasted a lot sweeter than Shy Boy the night before...
God, I love pegging men.
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