Friday, May 26, 2017

On her knees

I made the following comment on Chloe's blogpost On My Knees
My wife gave me a blowjob on the bed last weekend and when I was ready to cum I made her get down on the floor, on her knees, so I could unload in her mouth. My orgasm was super intense and she responded by swallowing (not something she does often) albeit possibly because she had no choice since it was such a load. Putting her on her knees was something I'd done a few months back, with similar results and yet she hasn't quite made the connection. Or maybe she has, and doesn't want to submit? Ha!
In making the above comment I realized I still haven't gotten around to describing the drought breaking sex I had last week, even though I had promised I would. So I shall rectify that matter now, but first let's take a quick look at Chloe's butt - because I like butts. Not all butts can look as fine as Chloe's but don't let that stop you from sending me a pic ladies - I love them in all shapes and sizes!

source: Cheeky Framing

The preamble can be found in The Talky Bit BEFORE Sex which finishes at the point where we stop talking and she straddles my face...

As she dropped down on top of me I could immediately tell she was 'ripe' for action. There's something about a horny cunt you can spot clearly - the pussy lips are engorged, fragrant, and ready to pounce like that face-hugger creature in the Alien movies. Just as you can spot a man who hasn't been laid in a while by his throbbing purple penis, so too can you tell when a woman is overdue for a body shaking climax.

My wife straddled me upright, grinding her pussy into my face as my tongue swirled all over and my hands gripped her ass. Her moves were quick, urgent, and frantic - her pent-up physical lust finally finding release. After getting what she wanted she pulled back and turned around onto all fours, settling into the '69' position. With her hand and mouth finding my cock she slunk down, again straddling my face.

She swallowed the head of my cock greedily, swabbing it with her lips and lubricating it with her tongue. Satisfied she arched up, jacking my wet cock with her hand as she pressed back harder into my face. My tongue swirled around her sopping cunt as I used both hands to grab her butt cheeks and push her off slightly. I wanted to smell her, and I did, inhaling deeply. She was freshly showered and smelt great, her sexual scent already flooding my senses with her delicious aroma.

My tongue swirled over her labia and circled her clit and it wasn't long before she could take no more. She'd been pumping my cock furiously with her hand, alternating between that and deep throating it, but now she was semi upright - arching back and rocking her hips over my face. "Oh, god..." she cried out through gritted teeth, "oh god, YESSSSS!" She came hard as she continued to press firmly against me, and I could taste her juices as she climaxed.

When she was done she jumped off me and for a moment I thought she was assuming the position, ready for a good hard pounding doggy style. But despite her claims days earlier of wanting penetrative sex and promising exactly that tonight, it was not to be. She climbed between my legs and continued jacking my turgid cock, fingering my balls, and bobbing down to suck me into her wet mouth. It felt great, and when she dropped down even further to tongue my balls I took over hand duties, jerking my cock as I'd been doing since I was a kid.

Having a hot naked woman licking your balls as you jack off makes it a whole different experience from the teenage wanking sessions though, let me you!

Since I'd also showered my wife took it upon herself to move lower still and she started rimming me, circling and prodding my asshole with her stiff tongue. That was the confirmation I needed in order to give myself permission to 'let go', since she only does that when she wants me to get off. Clearly there was not going to be any penetrative sex tonight so there was no point in me holding back my climax.

I gripped the side of the mattress and arched my back, telling her I was close to cumming. At that news she stopped rimming me and resumed deep throating my cock. With her hands either side of my hips she jack-hammered up and down, clearly intent on having me come in her mouth. She pulled up for air, grabbing a lungful as her hand immediately took over, never skipping a beat. She jacked me frantically, imploring me to cum, to explode before her.

I could tell she was serious and I was ready to oblige her request.

But on my terms.

I really was literally about to erupt and yet simultaneously a new thought hit me. I wanted to cum, but I wanted to cum in her mouth with her on her knees before me. She had denied me what I wanted (sexual release) for oh so long, and yet had only fucked me now because she herself was horny beyond belief. This was the woman who had gotten a Brazilian  FIVE days earlier (see if you'd read The Talky Bit BEFORE Sex you would have known that; yes all that pussy I was eating in today's post was bare) and yet she failed to share it with me until now. Even though I've told her previously how much that pisses me off.

Having given her what she wanted I decided it was time for her to give me what I wanted: sexual submission. Or at least the pretense of it, since I'm fully aware that what happened next hardly tips the scales when it comes to BDSM or D/s relationships.

I told her to get off me, get on the the floor, and get on her knees because I was ready to cum now.

She looked at me all confused - as if to say she knew I was ready to cum now, she could tell, so WTF was this about? Why stop, why didn't I just cum? I said nothing and just tossed a pillow on the floor (because baby steps, because I'm kind, and because she's over 50 and I don't want her bitching later that I made her knees sore) and she got the idea. She settled down between my legs, which were now hanging off the bed. On her knees, on the floor, as I'd requested.

She picked up my cock and started pumping it hard, wrapping her lips around the head and taking me into her mouth. Her free hand fondled my balls, which I could feel were boiling and ready to ejaculate. Like I said, I was almost about to ejaculate before I made her get into this position so it probably only took a minute or so before I felt it again. Christ almighty it was a huge orgasm. I fell back on the bed as I exploded into her mouth, so hard.  The feeling was so intense I had to grab her head to stop her from deep throating me, which was what she was trying to do.

I held her head firmly as I came, and I came hard, pumping into her mouth. She continued to squeeze my balls as I flooded her mouth with my hot cum, which she gulped down - not something she normally does. When I finally released her she popped her head up with an enormous grin on her face, pleased she had made me cum so hard. In hindsight this would have been the perfect time to pat her on the head and tell her "Good girl, you made Daddy* feel real good" to reinforce/plant the submissive concept into her brain... but honestly I just lay there groaning.

And then we went to sleep.


* I did use the 'Daddy' word on her once (during sex) a few years back but she was not into it. She was so not into it she actually said 'Don't do that, don't use that word' which was amazing because she hardly ever communicates that directly with me on sexual matters. It also surprised me because at the time she was reading a lot of erotica with either D/s or Incest themes, both of which used the 'daddy' word a lot (hence me foolishly thinking I'd try it).

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