Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Listening Without Hearing

...or should that be Hearing Without Listening? Either way my wife is guilty of not fully comprehending the words that come out of my mouth.

As I mentioned a month and a half ago in The Talky Bit After Sex  I have expressly told my wife that I hate discovering she has got a brazilian a few days after she has done the deed:
I told her that the next time she got a Brazilian she had to share that with me straight away, and not make me wait a few days to 'enjoy' it. I reminded her that she had done this previously and I had told her then I didn't like it (regrowth!). She laughed and said she had got the message and would let me at it a.s.a.p. next time!

Clearly she didn't get the message because last night when she sat on my face I discovered... STUBBLE!!

The conversation went like this:

If you shave/wax your pussy, why keep it a secret?
Me: Nom nom nom
Her: mmmmmmmmmmm...
Me: (noticing the lack of pubic hair) Did you get a brazilian?
Her: Yes
Me: (noticing the regrowth) When?
Her: last Thursday
Me: and what day is it now?
Her: Tuesday
Me: so you waited five days before having sex with me?
Her: well I tried, but you wouldn't come to bed!
Me: how hard did you try? there was Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night - we could have done it any night if you'd let me know you were up for it!
Her: yeah, but... (her voices trails off because she has no real explanation)
Me: we went out to a party on Friday night and you got quite merry; and then we went out for dinner with another couple on Saturday night and you again got quite merry... so what was holding you back?
Her: Well, I... (her voices trails off because she has no real explanation)
Me: (realising now is not the time to stop for a discussion) Nom nom nom
Her: mmmmmmmmmmm...

Seriously - WTF?

As I explained in The Talky Bit After Sex  I get depressed when I don't get intimate with my wife - and it upsets me more when I discover she had planned to have sex with me but then chickened out. So this was yet another instance. She'd decided last Thursday that she wanted to get it on, but couldn't bring herself to follow through until last night, five days later.

As I said, this discovery and subsequent conversation happened in the middle of our love making. Since neither of us hadn't had any (to my knowledge) since April 8 it was quite a feast and many orgasms were had by all. And by 'all' I mean my wife, since I'm over 50 and only managed one. I'll give you the sexy details in Part 2 tomorrow!


  1. Ah yes my man loves my naked pussy - but he shaves it so i cant hide it ;-)

    1. Thanks for your link but you seem to have forgotten to post any pictures? ;)
      I'll just have to use my imagination... :P


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