Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday Morning Sex Disaster

Yes, this happened this morning - only hours ago! I'm banging it out quickly, while my wife is in the shower (relax, she takes ages on the weekend, and then she has to get dressed after - which is never quick). My daughter is in the dining room, on her laptop preparing for an exam on Monday (but really on Social Media, I'm sure). It went down like this:

I woke up early, something that  always happens when I'm sexually frustrated for an extended period of time. Although my wife had enthusiastically said we really must get back on track with our 'scheduled sex' arrangement (see here) last Wednesday came and went without any sexual contact whatsoever. In fact she kinda sabotaged it by criticizing me about something before we went to bed, which I think was deliberate.

So by last night (Friday) I was still quite horny and thought it would be a good opportunity to avail myself of our scheduled sex agreement. Technically it's now Wednesdays and Saturdays but given we skipped Wednesday surely it was okay to move Saturday up to Friday, especially since we were going out on Saturday night which meant Friday night at home would allow for a nice romantic evening at home? (We'd been out on Thursday night you see)

So we watched a funny movie and one of her favorite shows and then when it finished she said it was late and time for bed. Okay, I responded, waiting for her to get up and go upstairs. She didn't. So we watched something else, and again she said it was time for bed when that show finished. Okay, I responded, waiting for her to get up and go upstairs. But she didn't and so we watched something else (a cheesy documentary on 'Sex in '69!' - based on the premise that 1969 was the year American societal views on sex changed forever!!) (sure, a lot of things did happen but the doco was more about 'we've got some footage' than scholarly).

At 12.30am my wife said it was late and time for bed, and this time she really did get up and go to bed. I said I'd be up in a moment, since there was 9 minutes of the show to run. I figured that would give her time to do whatever it is she does in the bathroom before she climbs into bed, and I would be up in time to join her for a little love making. So 10 minutes later (okay, eleven) I was in our bedroom  primed and ready, only to find my wife in 'I'm asleep' mode. I waited it out for a minute or three to see if she was really asleep but when the snoring started I knew the gig was up.

Frustrated I made the foolish decision to go back downstairs to my office and begin drafting a piece of erotic fiction for the Masturbation Mondays meme. (With luck you'll be able to read that on Monday). Of course in the process of writing it I just made myself hornier, but luckily it had been a long day and by 3am I was exhausted and couldn't have pleasured myself if I tried. I slunk back upstairs and went straight to sleep.

So as I said earlier, I woke up at 8am because that's what I do when I'm sexually frustrated. My wife was asleep and I knew she wasn't gonna appreciate me waking her up for some early morning nookie. Well, maybe she would because she said she likes it in the morning, but I know I'm not a morning person. I just can't function that early in the day, it's a crime against nature.

So I shuffled downstairs to my office and worked on finishing Monday's post. The story (all fiction) turned out completely different to how I imagined it when I started, but it was still hot enough to get me excited. Whether you think the same way we'll find out on Monday, since the eroticism may be all  in my head (as I constructed the story) rather than on the page.

Anyway, the point is that it was now 10.30am and I was quite horny and keen to have sex with my wife. I walked back upstairs from our basement office and bumped into my daughter on the ground floor, making herself breakfast. She wasn't normally up this early, but she was studying for her exam. I said good morning and continued up to the top floor, to the bedroom. My wife was still asleep but as I crossed the floor she opened one eye sleepily.

"What time is it?" she asked.

"10.30" I replied.

"What are you doing?"

"Having breakfast" I answered, as I lifted the covers and went straight for her pussy. The regrowth had started but she was still deliciously trim. Long story short (I'm rushing here remember) I ate her out and she had at least two or three orgasms. I started out gentle, licking her here and there, squeezing her breasts as I ate, and she loved it. She cooed and moaned and told me exactly what she liked. "Yes, just there" was a common refrain.

When she was completely done it was my turn. By now the covers were completely off and she lay stretched out on her back before me. I spread her legs and stood above her, jacking my cock. She had  her feet on my hips and was pushing herself up off the bed, masturbating with one hand while squeezing her tits with the other. It was very hot sight and it wasn't long before I could feel an orgasm building in my balls. I was pretty sure she was getting close herself.

I motioned for her to roll over and assume the position, which she did. With her head down and ass up she presented both her holes as she stroked her pussy from underneath. Again, it was very hot sight to behold and my cock throbbed as I pumped it.  I was stroking my cock hard and fast, ready to cum and deciding which hole I was going to splatter with my cum when suddenly I heard the door handle turning.

I only had a split second to drop to the floor before our daughter opened the door and peered in. It all happened so fast and I have no idea how much she saw. Hopefully she saw nothing, since my wife had also had the foresight to drop down on the bed and make a hap hazard grab at the covers. But even the sight of her mother obviously naked on a bed with her father crouched on the floor behind with his head popping above the bed must have been quite traumatic for her. She was 15 so there would have ben no doubt what we were doing.

"What do you want?" I asked loudly, mortified.

"Nothing, sorry-- " she said, equally mortified. She shut the door quickly and scurried off downstairs.

"Didn't you lock the door" asked my wife, accusingly.

"Why would I lock the door?" I responded. "She never comes in here, ever. Why would she come in now? She never comes in. She never talks to us so why would I think she would suddenly come in now to talk? I talked to her downstairs and she didn't have anything to say. She has all her devices so why would she come up here?" [Our master bedroom is in it's own private wing, with it's own private stairs, BTW]

I was babbling - that's how mortified I was.

But I was still horny. And my wife was still naked. I pulled her back up into the doggy position and resumed jacking off behind her (since she seems to abstain from penetrative sex now). I was standing on the floor and she was on the bed, fingering her clit. She pressed herself back into my cock, and I wasn't sure of she wanted my to cum over her or stick it in. I decided on the latter and reached down to the nightstand to grab the lube my wife keeps in the drawer.

I squirted some on my cock and she slathered some on her pussy. Lining my stiff prick up with her wet slit I pressed forward, slowly easing myself inside her. It was a tight fit, and I mean really tight - almost painful. Actually it felt good and I started hitting her with slow steady strokes. As she loosened up I stepped up onto the plinth around our bed and changed the angle of penetration. I was now coming in high with a downward thrust, my hands gripping her hips as I pumped in and out.

She moaned and told me it was perfect.
[to be continued]


  1. That was so good - your writing is real,i love it - i must tweet this-
    As far as your daughter is concerned - she is old enough and I think lucky enough that her parents are still into each other enough to be having sex. Cant wait for the second half ...

    1. Heh heh - the second half becomes even more of a disaster! Maybe I should just leave it there, it makes me look better as it stands :-)

  2. I walked in on my parents once- they were under the covers and I didn't know what was going on, but my dad threw a shoe at me. I figured out years later what must have been the reason since that was not something he did- never before or since did he throw anything at anyone.

    1. I did yell at her "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" which I felt really bad about because it wasn't her fault, but I was completely mortified.


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