Tuesday, May 16, 2017

TMI Tuesday: May 16, 2017 ~ “Would You Rather…?”

1. If you and your significant other played “sexual truth or dare” with other couples, would you rather watch your s.o. have sex with someone or would you prefer having sex with someone in front of your s.o.?
~ I'd rather watch my wife fuck someone else. She's quite hot so there's less chance of something going wrong. If it was me the odds are high that everyone involved would feel cheated.

2. Would you rather watch your favorite porn with your sibling or read your favorite sexy erotica out loud to your parent(s)?
~ Since both my parents are dead I'll take the coward's option and choose them. Hopefully there won't be anyone else in the cemetery as I recite Amy's Anal Adventures!

3. To get sexually aroused, would you rather watch girl on girl porn or guy on guy porn?
~ Definitely girl on girl porn! Or solo girl porn! Guy on guy porn holds no interest for me, but if you read yesterday's post you'll see I'm not 100% vanilla. But I suspect this question was for TMI's female participants? Because it's a no brainer for het males!

4. Would you rather have sex with your boss, in an office conference room or masturbate at home knowing that your neighbor is watching?

~ Given that I work from home I guess I will be masturbating while the neighbor is watching. But only if she's into it - I'd hate to be the subject of a police complaint. (Wasn't this an episode of SVU?)

If I was in an office environment I'd definitely love to screw the boss on the boardroom table (assuming it's a she). When my wife ran an company with a hundred staff I was always trying to convince her to do it in the office but she always resisted - even on weekends when there were no other staff around. :(

5. Based on your current mood, would you rather try out new and kinky sex ideas or have romantic sex?
~ Regular readers will know I'll take whatever I can get. Currently neither is working, possibly because Menopause, you say?

Bonus: Would you rather have three kids and no money or no kids with three million dollars?
~ Right now my 15 y.o. is in the middle of a Yes I'm Complete Fucking Bitch, So What? Deal With It! phase so I'll take the money and run thanks. 
Actually she's not that bad so I'll stick with things the way they are. (I did want two kids but after the first my wife said "not doin' that again!")

Double Bonus: this (Jan 2016) turned out to be a hot sexual encounter that was almost thwarted by our screaming daughter.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. kindleporn, I need to look into that

    1. www.literotica.com is free - but you have to sort the wheat from the chaff

  2. I think my parents got lucky with me as a teenager. I was always such a goody goody.

    1. Yes I was pretty good too - catholic schooling - puts the fear of god in you!

    2. Interesting - because when I was a teen Catholic girls be like... "sin on Saturday, repent on Sunday"

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