Tuesday, May 2, 2017

TMI Tuesday: May 2, 2017 ~ May Day!

Miss May 1955, Marguerite Empey © Playboy.com

1. Today is Couple Appreciation Day. What do you most appreciate about being a couple (consider current or past relationships)
~ Is it? I did not know that. And you have not picked a good day to bring it up. Today my wife has finished her BNG conference in [European City] and is flying to [another European city] to visit This Guy, a guy she's only met a few times - and always at a BNG conference. Now she's effectively 'going back to his place'. I do not appreciate that. 
What I appreciate about being a Couple is... doing things together. We love travelling but I will never got to either of these European cities now (both of which I haven't been to, but planned to). That would be like continuing to sleep in the bed your wife cheated on you in.

2. It is also Global Love Day. How can you or how will you extend love today?
~ Again, not the best day to be asking this question. My thoughts are on whether she's in her hotel room, or "Gee it's late, you might as well just crash at my place instead of going all the way back across town to your hotel". Is my wife doing her bit for Global Love?

3. May 1 is loyalty day as well - originally it had to do with patriotism in the United States. That meaning aside, in what ways are you loyal?
~ Again, not the best day to be asking this question. I am loyal to my wife in that I don't discuss my concerns about her with other people, not even my own family. Everyone thinks my wife is fantastic and great fun. I could tell them some of what's going on but that would be destructive. And since I can't talk to anyone about it (my wife has insinuated herself into every relationship I've had with others) I am forced to vent via this blog. (Honest!)

4. So it seems today is also Phone In Sick day. When is the last time you phoned in sick? Where you really sick? How did you spend the “sick” day?
~ I've been self employed most of my working life so I've never really called in sick. I'd guess I may have cancelled a few appointments at various times using the "sorry, I'm sick" excuse. You can do that when you're self employed! And then do whatever the hell you want!!

5. May 1, 1840 the world’s first adhesive postage stamp was issued in the United Kingdom. Who would you like to see on a postage stamp?
~ As Chuck D once rapped: Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps! For him the statement is political, for me it's more an indication of my apathy.

Bonus: How was your first day of May?
~ Since May is also Masturbation Month I ... um ... you know ... and then I posted MM / Kink of the Week: ~ Masturbation. I will be reposting a few of my old posts on masturbation this week and next since I'm still a bit of a headcase wondering what my wife is up to in Europe. (More on that tomorrow)

Double Bonus: Did you miss last week's "Smack it!" she begged, "spank my ass!"?

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. I am with you on celebrating masturbation month! lol

    1. YAY!
      ...but isn't it meant to be a solitary pursuit?
      are we doing it wrong if we celebrate together? ;)


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