Monday, June 26, 2017

Sex last Thursday AND Friday

The thing about blogging about your sex life is that if you don't write it up every day then you can easily get out of sync. And if you don't feel like writing it up when you get the chance then you really get out of sync - it can really mess up the timelines. And so it was on Sunday when I posted Friday, Oh God it's Friday which was a post that should have been published last Friday - actually it should have been posted the Friday before that even, to be honest.

So despite some saying I am prolific when it comes to posting, I think I'm tardy where it matters. If I'm gonna bleat about the sexual droughts then I should at least blog straightaway when I do have sex.  Which is a long winded way of saying we had sex last Thursday and Friday. The sex was scheduled for Wednesday night but rescheduled to Thursday, and then on Friday I surprised her with something unscheduled. It went down like this:

Despite our longstanding arrangement to have have sex on Wednesday and Saturday nights (in order to maintain sexual intimacy, as suggested by a therapist) we don't really keep to it. Ditto for 'date nights'. So on Wednesday night my wife sent out her "I'm not feeling it" vibes, and lo! there was no sex. She had to be up early for a yoga class apparently. 

10am does not count as 'early' in my dictionary but she explained she wanted to sleep in since she'd had some early breakfast meetings all through the week. Fair enough, it really didn't matter to me. 

The next morning as she's heading off to her yoga class she asks me what I have planned for the day. I say I have nothing on so she says "cool, I've got no appointments either so maybe when I get back, y'know, after I've had a shower, y'know..."

"What?" I say, making her say it explicitly.

"Maybe we could have, y'know, a little alone time? Upstairs..."

"Sounds good to me!" I said, with a big smile. 

As soon as she was out the door I jumped in the bathroom and commenced with the Grade A grooming schedule, followed by a long hot shower. I considered not showering so we could do it together but decided against it since I wanted to be 'ready' for when she got home. I needn't have bothered. When she got home at 11.20am she went onto her computer.

We didn't have sex until 3pm, which was the time I asked pointed questions like "What time is our daughter home from school today?" 

Let's just say I was a bit grumpy by the time we marched up to the bedroom and I had to try and clear my headspace. As you may have seen in recent posts, I'm allowing negative thoughts to get into my head while we're fucking and that has made orgasms (for me) difficult. So mentally I took a deep breathe and said "Ommmmm" as we stripped and climbed into bed.

The sex started as per the usual pattern of late: some kisses, some quick caresses, and then hands and mouths on each others genitals, and some mutual masturbation as we go. My wife was bobbing up and down on my cock (I'd already made her cum first) and I was very close to cumming (it had been so long!) when she stopped, swung around, and mounted me in the reverse cowgirl position. 

Actually it's not the reverse cowgirl position but some alien hybrid. Instead of mounting my cock and straddling my hips she places her legs between mine, forcing my legs up and around her ass as she backs onto my cock. This leaves me in a prone position (on my back, legs stretched wide behind her) so she can play with her clit or finger my butthole (which I tell her not to, because I don't like it) if she so chooses. It's a weird position but she likes it because it allows for deeper penetration. And she can kinda lie down (on all fours) and just hump me backwards as she fingers her clit.

It's a lot like the doggy position I suppose, if she was crouched down, and instead of kneeling behind her I was on my back with legs akimbo. It's such a weird position you'll understand why I just refer to it as the reverse cowgirl. It feels good for me (when she's not sticking a finger in my butt) but I'm never gonna cum that way, so once she's got hers I push her forward, back up, and then take her in the traditional doggy position. 

I grab her hips, her pussy is wet and tight, it feels good, and I cum. But the climax wasn't that satisfying. Sure it felt really good (it had been so long!) but once again I start second guessing myself. If she says we're gonna have sex when she gets back from yoga why does she then wait almost four hours before we do? I decide I have no new answers so I clear my head and roll over to nap.

On Friday I start writing Friday, Oh God it's Friday because I figure I should tell that story before this one (Thursday's sex) but as you know it was too demoralizing so it gets nowhere. And I can't write up this one either, because Thursday's sex seemed so empty. Sure, I came, and so did my wife, but... the downside of scheduled sex is realizing it's still scheduled sex. It's meant to lead to spontaneous unscheduled sex but we seem to still be trapped into fulfilling a schedule.

On Friday night I decide to change all that.

When we get into bed (which for a start is new - I normally don't go to sleep at the same she does) I immediately start kissing and nibbling her neck.

"What are you doing?" she asks, giggling.

I explain nothing but start jacking my erect cock as I wrap my arm around her and keep kissing her neck. And then I kiss her breast - her nipple is stiffening - as I pump my dick harder. She pushes me off her (I'm on her side, really) and onto my back. She watches me jerking my cock for a while, making cooing noises, and then decides she wants a taste. So she gets between my legs and starts blowing me, licking and sucking before deep throating me. 

When she comes up for air I take over hand duties, which she takes as her cue to straddle my face. She pivots from her position between my legs, swings her legs around, and plants her pussy down on me. She groans as my tongue slices down her wet slit and starts tonguing her clit. I have one hand on my dick, pumping at a fast pace, and move the other up to my face to clamp over her pussy so my beard doesn't scratch her. 

It's at that point she bears down and starts grinding hard, my hand a barrier to scratching her sensitive pussy. She also resumes swallowing my cock so I reach around with my free hand and snake it down her butt crack and to her pussy. So I'm now tonguing her clit as my fingers feather across her slit and it's a completely odd assault but it seems to be working since she moaning and bouncing all over my face whilst simultaneously trying to devour my dick like it's her last meal before Fat Camp.

Her clit is swollen and I feel her cum, which sets me off and I explode into her mouth.


Tip: go to the blog search box above and enter "novelty, Pervertically Virtuous" to see what PV says about (some) women needing constant novelty (i.e. not the same ol' same ol') in order to be aroused. I've long thought my wife is like that, which is why tried to shift gears last Friday.


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