Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shame - The Movie

The subject for this week's TMI Tuesday was shame, which was interesting because coincidentally my wife and I watched the 2011 movie Shame last Saturday night. It stars Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan, both of whom are British actors, but the film is set in New York.

This is the opening sequence of Shame.
Compare this with the closing scene (at end of post) 

Brandon Sullivan (Fassbender) is a sex addict who thinks about sex all the time. He surfs for porn on his work computer, masturbates often (even at work), and eyes up women in whatever situation he's in - in the hopes of having quick anonymous sex with them. The arrival back into his life (and his apartment) of his sister Sissy (Mulligan), from who he was estranged due to emotional family baggage, changes Brandon's life - especially in what he can do in what used to be the privacy and sanctity of his apartment. 

Sissy, unlike Brandon, sees sex and emotional attachment as one in the same. Brandon's life begins to spiral out of control following Sissy's arrival. He gains a better understanding, albeit an unpleasant one, of his life following an incident involving Sissy.

About 35 minutes into the movie my wife decided nothing was happening (she was right) and having seen Fassbender's cock in all it's full frontal glory (let's just say he's bigger than me) in the early scenes she decided she would go to bed. After our disastrous sex on Friday night (no, I still haven't told you that story yet, it was too awful) I had no desire to join her. 

So I stayed and continued watching the movie since I'm the type of guy who generally will always watch a movie to the end.

Lo and behold the movie did pick up the pace (just after my wife left!!) and the story became more apparent. The movie starts as a slow burn but of course Brandon Sullivan is a flaming wreck by the time it ends. It's an intriguing thought provoking movie and I can recommend it (if you prefer independent cinema to blockbuster movies). The film is sexually explicit and this clip is a good example of what the movie is like (as much as YouTube will allow):

Just how sex addicted is Brandon? Well after failing to 'score' in the above scene (although I'd argue his real desire was to get beaten/punished for his sins) Brandon goes to a gay sex-on-site club where he knows a blowjob is guaranteed. Which British director Steve McQueen (12 years a Slave) doesn't shy from showing:

As promised, here is the closing scene from the movie which {SPOILER!} features the same woman as in the opening scene. But this time she is not wearing her wedding ring and in my opinion she is dressed to seduce. Some critics have suggested that in the opening sequence she rejects his advances, but I would argue she didn't reject him she just didn't know how to respond. In this clip she has clearly made up her mind on how she wants to respond:


  1. looks interesting - will take a peek at it first before watching with my man as he is a dreadful film critic and often ruins a movie by telling me why its soo bad ;-)

  2. I'm guessing he's not going to like it then. Some it might call it long and ponderous (my wife!) but I enjoyed the details hidden within.


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