Monday, June 5, 2017

Spring Fantasy Part 2 (erotic fiction)

This is Part 2 of a fictional story I started here.

I blinked - my eyes opening and adjusting into focus. 

My wife was standing above me as I lay sprawled on the sofa. She had her hand on my crotch, feeling the length of my dick, and seemed pleased with what she found. She dropped to her knees and pulled at my zip. "Doze off did you?" she asked rhetorically, "having naughty dreams were you?" Still dazed I could only mumble something incoherent in return, like a small child. "Mmmmmm," she continued, as she fished out my cock "I hope you were dreaming about me..."

And that was all she said, as she dropped her head down and slipped me into her mouth.

She moved slowly, sucking me into her mouth gently - and then only taking in the head.  Her tongue poked at the tip, flicking it, teasing me, making me harder, making my cock swell in her mouth. Her warm, wet mouth. She had the suction just right and it felt fantastic as she swallowed me in deeper. In my still dazed mind it felt just like a pussy.

My cock was now fully erect and already aching. It was the ache that snapped me out of it. I was awake now and wanted to face fuck her so badly I was tempted to just grab her head in my hands and thrust. And keep thrusting until I filled her with the hot cum that I could already feel boiling in my balls. How had this escalated so quickly? It had literally been two minutes since she took me in her mouth and already I wanted to fuck her like an animal in heat.

I urgently wanted to stand up, grip her head so she couldn't move, and slam my stiff prick in and out of her mouth until she choked on my jism. The vision of her on her knees, her head pinned to my crotch while I slammed in and out of her face overwhelmed me and I could feel I was about to cum. About to erupt. My wife sensed it too and sat up, releasing me from her oral grip.

"Jesus!" I cursed, opening my eyes to see what had caused this interruption to my imminent orgasm. All I saw was my wife, still on her knees between my legs, with an enormous grin on her face.

"No, no, no!" she giggled, "you don't get to cum yet - not in my mouth at least. I want to feel this..." she had my cock in her hand now "inside me. I want you in me, riding me hard. I want to feel you explode in my cunt..." she was leaning forward now, rolling my throbbing cock between her breasts "I want you to fill my pussy with that hot sticky mess. I want you to pump me so full it dribbles down my thighs and..." Her words trailed off as she started jacking my dick in a slow steady rhythm.

"Jesus!" I cursed again, as the sensation of her hand threatened to finish me then and there. My cock was so hard I had to get up now and fuck her - or else I'd shoot my load right here, right now. I desperately wanted to cum, but not in her freakin' hand ferchrissakes! I tried to get up but she slapped me across the face and pushed me back. WTF?!

"Not so fast big boy" she taunted, as she wrapped her full heavy breasts around my shaft "I want you good and ready first. I want you to fire that jizz like a rocket once I let you into my hot little pussy..." she was now how holding her tits in her hands and rubbing her stiff nipples over my balls "don't my boobies feel good? Mmmmmm it feels soooo good for me - my nips are sooo hard, can you feel them?" yeah, I could feel them alright "oh god, my nipples feel so good pressed against your balls like this - you feel so warm, that's your cum in there isn't it? You must be ready to explode, I can feel it..."

I could feel it too and she was right, I was ready to blow.

I was ready to fuck.

I put my hands on her shoulders to push her off me but she fought back. "No, no, no!" she scolded, as she tried to push me back into the sofa. As if she was still in charge. But she wasn't.  Not anymore. This time I didn't surrender so easily, my need was too great. She struggled with me so I slapped her across the face, which sent her backwards and onto her haunches. She lifted her hand to feel the sting on her reddened cheek, giving me a surprised look. As if to say "wow, you've never hurt me before"

And I hadn't. Sure, I've slapped her ass a few times but I never given her as much as a proper spanking - we just weren't into that. Or were we? She'd had no problem slapping me a few moments earlier and now I'd returned the favor. The look on my wife's face had morphed from surprise to amazement. As if she'd just experienced something new, something she liked. A new pleasure.

Giving me a fiery look she lifted her chin defiantly, challenging me to do it again. So I did, this time across her other cheek. She gasped, clearly surprised again. She'd asked for it but hadn't expected me to do it. Don't test me! I said silently, as I glared at her.

She said nothing, but gave me a look I'd never seen before - not once in our entire marriage. It was lust - I recognized that - but this was dark lust. Not the 'acceptable' loved-up lust of most marriages, of our marriage... the lust that shouted "baby, I want you to fuck me, now - I can't wait a moment longer!' This was different, this was a dark lust that screamed 'make it hurt, I want to feel pain, hurt me baby'

She continued staring at me intensely as I contemplated my next move. I knew she wanted me to do it again. She was sitting upright on the floor now, her butt resting on her heels, with her heaving breasts sitting up proudly. Her nipples were rock hard and protruding and for a brief moment I wondered what it would feel like to deliver a broad slap across them. To smack her tits so hard they wobbled and blushed red. I bet it would sting - would she like that? Yeah, I bet she would...

Fuck that.

My cock was hard. It was throbbing. My cock was so hard it was going purple and dripping pre-cum. My cock didn't want to spank anyone, my cock wanted to get inside a warm wet hole and just fucking explode! 'I've got a bucketload of jism so just get inside that pussy now!' screamed my cock.

Obey the Cock.

Always Obey the Cock.

I stood up and stepped behind my wife. Quickly lifting her to her knees I manhandled her into the doggy position on the sofa before us. Without complaint she lay her head down and spread her knees and legs wider, pushing her ass up and out. She stretched her arms to each side like a crucifix, submitting herself to me completely. This was new. Submission. Did I like it? I wasn't sure what I felt but I did feel she needed to be rewarded.

So I slapped her ass. Hard. Maybe I slapped it a little too hard because it stung my hand and her butt reddened immediately - but she made no complaint. She said nothing, other than a small grunt. She liked it? I knew that I liked the sound it made when I swatted her gorgeous rump so I slapped her again, this time on the other cheek. She grunted once more, this time more guttural, and slightly louder.

"Did you like that?" I asked rhetorically, as I slapped her again before she could even answer. I delivered two more swift blows. "Yes" she said quietly, almost whispering. She wasn't whispering because she was cowed - it was as though she was carefully processing what was happening in her head, deciding if she did like it, and almost talking to herself when realizing that yes, she did.

I paddled both her cheeks with each of my hands one more time, before gripping her hips and thrusting myself forward. I suppose I should have been more gentle and used my hand to guide myself in but it didn't matter. She was so wet I slid into her like a knife through butter. In one fell swoop I was buried deep inside her sopping cunt - balls deep. My wife's head shot up, she arched her back, and clutched the sofa cushions with both hands, digging into the fabric.

"Oh.Yesssss!!" she hissed, huskily.

That was all the encouragement I needed and I started thrusting in and out immediately. Hard and fast. No slow build-up, I moved directly into jack-hammer mode. Pistoning in and out of her tight wet pussy I stared down at her beautiful butt and watched my cock, slippery and slick with her juices, slide back and forth. It was a sight to behold and she made it hotter by reaching back and pulling her cheeks even wider, so I could see her beautiful brown starfish.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned, "that feels so good, fuck me"

I wasn't sure if submissives were meant to talk so I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her down further into the cushions. Pinning her with that hand I gripped her hip even tighter with the other and continued thrusting, now from a slightly elevated angle. "Shut up," I growled "I'm gonna cum now."

"Yesssss" she said throatily, completely ignoring my command. "Come in me, come in me, come inside me, oh yes, do it, do it, ohhh, I'm coming too" She had moved her hand under herself and I could feel her fingering her clit as my balls smashed against her pussy. This whole submissive thing had gone out the window as she got closer to her own orgasm, and mine wasn't far away either.

I rose up off my knees, still with one hand on her neck and shoulder and the other on her ass. She was completely pinned beneath me, her body pressed firmly into the sofa, and unable to move. She was just a warm wet hole to me now, as my cock sliced in and out of her. My swollen balls slapped against her as I pounded her mercilessly.

She moaned incoherently beneath me, her voice muffled by the cushions. I could feel her wet walls tighten around my cock as I thrust deeper and deeper inside her. I could tell she was cumming,  and I was ready too.  Suddenly all thought was gone as my body took over, instinctively. I grabbed her hips with both hands and with one final thrust I exploded inside her. The seed erupted from my balls, as did my pleasure. It flooded through me just as my cum flooded into her. I continued pumping my cock into her, refusing to let the orgasm stop. My orgasm.

This had been one of the most intense and pleasurable experiences in a long time, but now I was suddenly spent. I was exhausted, and groaned as I flopped down on the sofa beside her. My wife lifted her head up slowly and gave me a sly grin. I could tell from the sparkle in her eye that it had been great for her too. Her hair was disheveled and she looked well and truly and gloriously fucked.

"That was... interesting" she said, giving me a self-satisfied wink.

Indeed it was, I thought to myself. We'd be exploring this further.       


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Today's post is my third attempt at erotic fiction, inspired by the paragraph below (in this blog post by May More). I have no idea if it's erotic or not - sure the story in my head made me horny but does it translate to the page? So feel free to give feedback, tips, criticism, or suggestions in the comments section below.

It was the night before last and we had been relaxing in the garden after a lovely sunny day. We both looked at each other and knew it was time for sex. We went indoors and he sat on the couch. I immediately got down on my knees in front of him and undid his flies. His cock was almost ready. I took my top off and caressed his cock with my breasts, then slipping it into my mouth. I began to tease the knob by flicking my tongue across the tip. He was now rock hard and came round behind me and spread my legs slightly. Pushing me face down on the sofa he thrust into me. Fucked me hard spanking the side of my arse at the same time. It was great!


  1. I love this as fiction (very hot, indeed!) but I also wish it were nonfiction - for your sake.


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