Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Sex Story

I promised on Wednesday that I would give you the sexy details yesterday, but of course true to form I couldn't do that without unloading all of the baggage that came with it. Which explains yesterday's post. Today I give you the sex - and just the sex. It went down like this...
As I mentioned in this post, soon after going down on her I realised my wife had got a brazilian - but it wasn't 'fresh'
because the regrowth had started. Luckily it was 'only' 5 days old, so the regrowth wasn't as pronounced as this.

I found the above sitting in my draft's folder and when I saw vbvbvbvbv I couldn't help but think of coffee (damn you, autocorrect!) cofveve.

If only I had of published this post sooner, the whole world might have been hash tagging vbvbvbvbv!

Maybe not.

FWIW I think Trump tweeting cofveve is funny - funny as in I'm laughing at him, not with him.

But it's no big deal, it's just a simple typo. He should have deleted it but he didn't, which is the only thing that makes it interesting. But the memes were fun (Trump has now finally deleted the original tweet).

FWIW I have no idea which Wednesday or Yesterday's Post I was referring to in the opening paragraph. This was scheduled for May 19 so 'yesterday' must have been The Talky Bit BEFORE Sex but on May 19 I published A Toothed Blowjob instead. This draft post must have ended up as this post.

Obviously I found a better picture.

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