Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TMI Tuesday: June 6, 2017 ~ My Ex Girlfriend

If you are reading this I have missed the opportunity to complete this week's TMI Tuesday meme! So here's a lovely picture instead:

© Suze Randall
I don't know the model's name but she looks very much like an old girlfriend of mine. I was madly in love with her (my girlfriend, not the model) and she with me. We made mad passionate love all the time. Her body was great, and coincidentally it looked very much like the model's (see nude pic at bottom of the page).

Which is a great segue to a question for you, dear reader! How do you feel about the images I post on this blog? Because it's a sex blog I tend to post x-rated images, but because I'm a guy I tend to post images of naked women. This may or may not resonate with my female readership. I've also noticed that most of the other sex bloggers I follow don't post NSFW images, but post SFW pics instead.

So let me know... do you kinda flinch when you click on one of my posts and then see a hardcore porn image? Would you prefer something more softcore? I know this is a sex blog but am I guilty of presuming we're all comfortable with explicit images?

Double Bonus: Last week I tried my hand at erotic fiction for the Masturbation Monday meme [Spring Fantasy] and yesterday I posted Spring Fantasy - Part 2 Feel free to comment on either.

Triple Bonus: For an update on my wife's erotic reading see the end of OPP - How Women Use Porn

and this is her naked! © Suze Randall

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. They are two great shots. I love women's bodies in general - not open leg shots but their form, breasts mainly. I like the old pics too. The one you posted on may day which is from the 1950's is now my screen saver. So carry on with the photos,i say!
    Here's a pic of my ideal women - http://ifsexmatters.co.uk/swinging-fun/
    I love red heads. I have a whole folder of them on my computer

    1. I will check that out when I get back to proper wifi!

    2. She's very pretty (gorgeous!), I would definitely not kick her out of bed. Coincidently I posted a redhead in the post prior to this post and I have another redhead in today's (Monday's) post.


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