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OPP: Why Move to Self-Hosting (and Why I Blog)?

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous (scroll to bottom for more info).

It was originally posted in 2013 and I suspect everything she said is now out of date. Blogging as we knew it then (and like the one you're reading now because old habits die hard) is dead in my opinion. My old blog had plenty of readers and plenty of people commenting, but this one is really just a tree falling in the woods. Nowadays people don't 'subscribe' to blogs anymore so it's easy to get lost amongst the vast blogosphere. Most people now only read a blog if one of their friends has linked to it on Facebook - or one of the other myriad of Social Media platforms. And if it's a sex blog it's even harder to get linked to due to NSFW filters.

Social Media has absolutely taken over as the #1 source for people's information these days, outstripping magazines and newspapers, and television. The only people succeeding online are the ones have the resources (people and money) to 'optimize' their blog i.e. pay to have it feature at the top of search engine results. As you can tell from my blog I aint got none of that - and it will only get worse if Trump/The FCC get rid of 'net neutrality' i.e. make it legal for the big internet companies to throttle the world wide web in favor of those paying the highest fees. (Disguised as 'premium service' of course)

(FYI: some links in this post are dead)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: "Last week I mentioned I moved the blog to self-hosting. A couple of fellow bloggers asked me about my motivations for the move. In a way, the move was sort of planned from the very beginning. When I first started blogging 3-4 months ago, I had never blog"

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

Why Move to Self-Hosting (and Why I Blog)?

by Pervertically Virtuous
Last week I mentioned I moved the blog to self-hosting. A couple of fellow bloggers asked me about my motivations for the move.
[photo added 2016, original lost in recovery
process. PV looked like this, but brunette]
In a way, the move was sort of planned from the very beginning. When I first started blogging 3-4 months ago, I had never blogged before, so I wasn't sure I was going to like doing it, wasn't sure people would like it, didn't know how much of my time it would require... I just had no idea how it would go. So I decided to start with to test the waters, and then, if after a few months I felt like it was going well and I was enjoying it, I would then move to self-hosting.
OK, so why?
There's a nice blog post (including an infographic) comparing the pros and cons of vs. (the self-hosted version).
So my reasons to do move to self-hosted:
- Greater control of the look and feel of my site (I'd like to eventually get a designer to make it really cool);
- Ownership of my content;
- No worries about being labeled mature or getting shut down for something doesn't like;
- More detailed statistics and tracking (through Google Analytics);
- Not having place ads on my site (yes, they do this for readers who are not logged in); and
- Adding my own affiliates and ads (there are some options for this on, but they are fairly limited).
This, particularly that last point, leads me to elaborate on why I blog to begin with.
Last month, Nlikes of My Dissolute Life had a thought-provoking post on the Top 10 Reasons Sex Bloggers Blog Sex. It was a good collection of motives, not all of which apply to everyone, of course.
So Why Do I Blog Sex?
1. (Originally #3) I genuinely think I have an interesting and fairly unusual sex life (both the actual sex I have and my opinions and views about it), and I believe the world benefits from knowing about it.
This is by far the most important reason for which I started blogging and for which I will continue to blog for probably a very long time.
Whether others would agree with me about #1 was my greatest concern before I started blogging. My whole life I've been told by friends, lovers, romantic partners, relatives (the few who know a bit about my life), and friends of friends who've heard stories, that I have a fascinating sex life and that I should write a book, or at least a blog, about it. But I didn't know whether I'd be able to pull it off and write it in a way people who don't know me would find it compelling. Based on the feedback I've been getting, both in terms of comments and emails and in terms of views, many people do indeed find my blog entertaining, useful, even inspiring. And that is immensely gratifying and validating.
2. (Originally #7) Writing about my sex gets me off.
I didn't realize this would be the case before I started blogging, but yep, writing up my sex stories definitely gets me wet, and that's a nice perk.
3. (Originally #9) I'm an exhibitionist who gets off on revealing in public what usually is private.
There is a bit of that, I'm sure. I'm both fascinated and bothered by the fact that sex is supposed to be private matters you don't share with people. But sex is such a big part of who I am and I love sharing that side of me with others. The fact that it's kinda forbidden, makes it all the more interesting.
4. (Not in NLikes' original list). Make some money off my blog.
Over the past 4 months, I spent a lot of my time on the blog, writing content, promoting it in various ways (see my guest post on Speaking Out on Nate, Using Networking to Increase Blog Traffic: 10 Lessons from a Novice Sex Blogger), and learning as much as I could about blogging. Those efforts certainly paid off in terms of views. My views increased from 350 in the 1st month, to 20,000 in the 2nd month, to 34,000 in the 3rd month, and will most likely hit 40,000 this 4th month (and that is despite over 2 weeks of that heartbreaking drop in search engine views and 2 weeks of very little new content). From what I understand, this is more views than many long-standing blogs get, and on par with what some pretty successful personal blogs get.
So, if people find the content I provide valuable, it would be nice if my time spent providing that content would also bring in some income. I'm soon graduating from my PhD program and I'm seriously considering not going into academia (which is what I always thought I would do). Instead I would like to try and make it as a freelance writer, combined with some teaching and some research. I would like blogging to be one part of that mix.
What do you think about adding ads and affiliate marketing to a personal blog like this one? Take the poll or leave a comment.
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In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of P.V.'s. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it.

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