Friday, July 21, 2017

About that sex last weekend... Part 2 (Final)

Wonder Woman as Biker Chick by Dan Mora ©
Continued from Part 1...

Last Friday night we watched '50 Shades of Grey' on the hotel TV - but for a movie based on a book about a d/s relationship it was 98% vanilla ie not very erotic at all.  Despite my wife and I not having any sexual contact since June 23 (Sex last Thursday AND Friday) we were not left feeling aroused, and no sex ensued. Instead we 'talked'.

And then we rolled over and went to sleep.

And then about 5 minutes later my wife rolled around the other way, facing me, and continued trying to go to sleep. Except she was kinda restless, and then she reached out and kinda touched me on my arm. This went on for a bit until I was sure that, yes, she was trying to initiate sex. But I was wary. She's done this before, but when I've responded she's shot me down, and said things like "It's late, I need to sleep". 

But this time it's not super late, and we're on vacation and don't have to get up super early because the Breakfast Buffet is open until 10.30am, so...

I lean forward and kiss her.

She kisses me back.

And then it's on. My hands are all over her, stroking her body, squeezing her breasts gently... and then she throws off the covers, which is my cue to go down on her, which I do. I eat her out and she cums, which is my cue to get up from between her legs and lie back - it's my turn now. She gets up and kneels beside me on the massive hotel bed and takes my dick in her hand, and starts wanking it slowly. I moan so she picks up the pace and starts jerking me off hard and fast.

My groans turn her on so she swivels around and plants her cunt on my face. I start licking her pussy and eating her out again. I assume that since we're in a 69 position she's going to blow me, but I'm wrong. She lays her head on my outer thigh, facing away, and continues the handjob as she pushed back into me. She's grinding her cunt into my wet mouth and wanking me - my prick bouncing in and out of her hair.

For me it's an odd feeling - neither good nor bad, just odd.

I want to cum - it's been so long - but it aint gonna happen this way. Does she want me to ejaculate into her hair? Is that what she wants? It goes against everything I think she's into... but if that's what she wants...? But it's not what she wants - thank god, because like I said: I don't think I can cum that way. I realise that her hand movements are almost robotic - she had started her handjob but my oral efforts had taken over. Her hand was wanking my throbbing cock but her mind was focussed on my tongue and mouth.

I was licking, nibbling, fingering, and feathering her pussy with my tongue and fingers. My hand was somehow reaching around her butt and prodding her wet hole, while my tongue ran circles around her clit. Normally she prefers a flattened tongue pressing hard there, but due to the tangle we'd found ourselves in all I could manage was a darting tongue flicking her here and there. It was not in my usual repertoire because years earlier she had told me she didn't like it that way - but she sure as hell was loving it now.

Maybe it was because this was her second orgasm building?

Whatever I was doing was working because she groaned, arched her back, and pushed herself down hard onto my face. My nose was in her wet hole, my tongue was on her clit, and she sat upright as I (I don't know where this came from, but it seemed to work because she started moaning some more) grabbed her inner thighs with my hands and spread her pussy lips with my fingers. She was fingering her clit now, as my tongue darted around, and then she started bouncing up and down as she came - her fingers squeezing out the orgasm for all it was worth.

"Gahhhh!" she groaned, slumping forward and falling onto the bed. She was clearly done. And now in the prone position. I rolled out from under her and pulled her up by the hips, into the doggy position. She was groggy but compliant, and as I lined up my fat cock she reached between her legs and grabbed it before feeding it into her hungry cunt. My hands clamped around her hips and I pushed forward, squeezing it into her tight little pussy. Literally.

Her pussy was really tight, and it started to hurt. I moved slowly back and forth but it was rough going. She was so tight it was painful. How could that be? Hadn't she just cum twice? She was very wet moments earlier but now she was clamped around my dick like a vice. A dry rusty vice. I asked her if she was okay and she said "I'm good, why? What's wrong?"  I told her she was very dry and tight, and asked her if she wanted any lube. Not that we had any, but I figured we could find a substitute if needed.

She said she was fine and that it felt good and I should just slide it all the way in slowly.

So I did.

It was like anal.

She was so so tight and so so dry it actually started to feel good for me too. I don't know what happened but by the time I was in balls deep she was wet and loosening up just a fraction. I pulled out slowly, pushed myself back in just as slowly and then {Voila!} 'normal transmission' was resumed. I began pumping in and out of her at a steady pace as she got wetter and started to grunt with every thrust. It was clear she wanted to be fucked so I started to pound her a little harder, a little faster.

She started fingering her own clit and when she started slapping it I knew she was going to cum. This always sets me off, and so I told I was about to cum. "Yessss!" she hissed, "cum in my dirty hole!"

Which absolutely finished me off. "I'm cumming" I said, "Now!"  And I did.

Saturday night's sex followed a similar pattern to Friday. We watched a movie (non sexual) and then went to bed. But we chatted a bit more about '50 Shades' and it's themes, and my wife agreed again that she didn't see me as someone who could do that stuff to her, but then dropped a bomb: "who do you think could do that to me?"

It was quite a clanger but I had no opportunity to reply (other than saying "WTF?" inside my head) because she kept right on talking and then got onto another subject. And then we had sex.

It was similar to the previous nights (see above) but instead of moving her into the doggy position I fucked her on her back with her legs in the 'V' position. I lifted her up by her ankles and held her legs apart as I fucked. We've done it that way before, but not often. The novelty factor really got her excited and she started cumming again as I fucked her. I think what excited her most was when I lifted her butt right up off the mattress and held her there as I continued to pound her.

You know, like a strong brutish alpha-male Bad Boy would...


  1. Very hot interlude. Sounds like she was suggesting(which probably took a great deal of courage) that You 'be' that someone else. Role play and you sort of gave her what she wanted by 'being' the brutish aplha-male bad boy she needed.

    1. I wouldn’t disagree. What confounds me is that for a woman who is so Alpha herself, and more than happy to tell anyone what she wants and expects, why can’t she tell me this herself? She never says “oh that was hot, I really enjoyed that” or “I like how you fucked me last time, we should try that again”. It’s all so hit or miss with her. Ladies, do NOT be afraid to tell your man how you want it, if you want something a little ‘wild’ or ‘kinky’. He’s not a mind reader.


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