Saturday, July 15, 2017

I finally watched Fifty Shades of Grey last night 🤔

I finally watched #fiftyshadesofgrey last night. Sadly it was neither #bdsm or #erotic. She was right for the role but he was miscast - too vanilla looking. It was hard to imagine him as a 'Bad Boy' - they shoulda made the driver Christian Grey! Well, that's what my wife said afterwards but I'd already picked that as soon as he appeared - as in: I knew he was just my wife's type!

The film was watchable but could have been so so so much better if they hadn't been so chickenshit about showing any actual sex. I predict it will get remade in about 15 years time, with much more 'action'. This movie was clearly made for the mainstream female reader who doesn't mind something 'racey' when she reads it but objects to watching it. 

I was hoping the film would open a discussion with my wife about her 'darker desires' but all she could say was what a disappointment the movie was. I did get an admission from her that we could never 'try that stuff' because she wasn't able to 'submit' to me - that I couldn't tie her up and spank her because she was too Alpha and would just be angry with me if I didn't do it right, 'like in her dirty stories'.

She agreed and fudged on the question about whether she could do it with someone else ie someone more 'menacing', some one more bad boy/roguish. Brutish? My wife countered (as she has before) with "why can't I tie you up and spank you?" And so I repeated my earlier offer: "any time you want to try, you're welcome".

Then we rolled over and went to sleep. And then 5 minutes after that we had sex. 'Straight' sex, but she came a lot. A lot. Given it's been over a month since we last did it I guess she was ready for it too? Yes yes, I've no doubt the movie helped too! I'll tell you more when I'm back home, because this iPad blogging is killing me. :(

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  1. I hate fifty shades -its badly written book that does not put bondage in a good light - lack of communication between the couple,so inappropriate for bondage practice. Plus in the end -after 3 books - it all turns out vanilla -haaaa - WHAT -no thank you...

    1. Yeah, I heard that - a lot. Which is why it took so long to bother watching the movie. SO vanilla! Have you seen it? He shows her his 'playroom' which is chock full of BDSM gear (whips, restraints, toys, etc) but then all he does [/spolier!] is tickle her with a feather. Later he uses a flogger, but super gently!


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