Monday, July 24, 2017

MM & TPGMO - Madison Ivy in Stereoscope

MM = Masturbation Monday and TPGMO = This Porno Got Me Off

She's supposed to be a Maid, but seriously,
WTF costume is this? Luckily it doesn't stay on long
The video is nothing unusual or particularly special (which is not to say Madison Ivy is not attractive) but the way I watched it was. Last Thursday night (technically Friday morning) I pulled this video up on my iPad and started watching it. Then I noticed a new Google Chrome icon appear on my laptop. Apparently I've synced my iPad and laptop together so now I was able to open the iPad page on my laptop as well. It took all of twenty seconds to have both screens running the same video at the same time, so I was able to watch Madison masturbating on my left - and also on my right.

I, of course, was sitting in the middle of both screens - so she was moaning either side in stereo! I tried imagining they were twins and I was having a threesome, but my imagination wasn't strong enough and reality intervened after a few minutes. The stereo moans were good though!

As I said, the video is very much a 'straight' porno - Madison lies on the bed and masturbates, and urges us to do the same - but I enjoyed since it had been a week since I'd last had any sexual release. Now that we're home from vacation we are back to old habits, ie ignoring our Wednesday 'date night' (aka 'scheduled sex') but given we're both kinda jet-lagged I'm really not going to worry about it. My wife's pattern seems to be once a month now so my timing for August should be no problem.

I'll just gauge her mood in the middle of each month and see if the hormones have kicked in. And then make my move.

Anyway, if you're at all interested in what dirty ol' Nero gets off on you can see the video here, via Pornhub. They don't allow me to embed it directly here (or is that Blogger?) but if you click the link you can watch it. For the rest of you here are a few photos, courtesy of Twistys. (Full disclosure: I haven't watched the last two minutes of this video!)

Straight women will probably only enjoy the shoes.

UPDATE: I have learnt how to embed! Here's the video. It's quite 'standard' but look at her body, her tan, her pussy, her asshole! So delicious!!


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