Tuesday, July 11, 2017

TMI Tuesday: July 11, 2017 ~ Get it Done!

All that sustains me now is my rich fantasy life! And I like Jessica Alba (see link)
1. You have 3 days to live:
a. What will you stop doing?

~ I honestly can't think of anything I'd stop doing since I'm not doing anything bad.
b. What will you do before your time runs out?
~ I'll try to be more loving and kind to the people around me, but I won't burden them with "I only have three days to live so I want to tell you..." (This assumes I'm the only one with three days to live - if it's a global problem then I guess I'll be telling my daughter she can use all the internet she likes, and tell my wife to get into the bedroom!)

2. “True wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau
a. Are you truly experiencing life?
~ I have it pretty good (currently vacationing on a beach in Vietnam) but it is kinda empty because... when you have everything you could want in life you still start thinking about what you don't have. Which in my case is:
b. Are you truly experiencing a full sex life?
~ Hell no! We have sex once a month now, it seems. And I'm assuming it's monthly, even though we still haven't had any since last month, and we're in a hot beach resort with nothing to do but laze beside the pool and sneak off to fuck. But no, she'd rather read her kindleporn instead. Thereby confirming I'm a complete turn off for her.

3. During sex, what is something that usually distracts you?
~ It used to be if I was too hot, or there was noise, but now it's performance anxiety and second guessing myself. [link]

4. Because you are busy, busy, busy you now have been ordered to have scheduled down time of two hours.
a. What time of day do you take your down time?
~ I'm not busy busy busy but I'll play along: I'd take a two hour lunch break for a nice lunch and siesta power nap afterwards.
b. What do you do in your down time?
~ Eating and sleeping, but honestly I really wouldn't mind a long languorous fuck instead if the opportunity presented itself.
Update: oops, I misread that. Currently in my downtime I watch a lot of Netflix. I really love movies (tried and failed to get into the film biz) and they can be a great escape into other worlds/lives (either for entertainment or learning).

5. Thinking about your sex life:
a. What are the positives?
~ I have a rich fantasy life. Despite my wife's attempts to squash it.
b. What are the negatives?
~ I've decided my wife is going through menopause (even if she won't admit it) and therefore her libido is gone so my future lies in masturbation now.

Bonus: In question 5, how can you change the negatives to positives i.e. eliminate them?
~ It's not really a negative since menopause is a fact of life. I can't tell my wife to take HRT (hormone replacement therapy) because it's her body not mine. Like breast implants, a woman has to decide for herself. So I just hang on and hope for the best, because menopause is not forever. In the meantime I just have to ignore that she's gone back to reading dirty stories on Kindle even though she supposedly has no libido.

Double Bonus: Baggage Free Sex

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. once a month - ooh-eh! does that include sex play/mutual masturbation ?

    1. Yes :(
      And that was with me initiating. I haven't initiated while we're on vacation because our daughter is here, and I value my self esteem ie I can't handle rejection.


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