Tuesday, July 25, 2017

TMI Tuesday: July 25, 2017 ~ This One or That One

Choose what you most desire, or would like to have or try?

1. Pilates or HIIT? Why?
~ I had to google HIIT to learn WTF that was (High-intensity interval training) and the answer is simple: neither. I've done Pilates and it drove me nuts - it made no change whatsoever and at one stage I was going twice a week. As for HIIT... it just sounds bad*.

2. Spouse or significant other-lover?
~ I'm confused. Are you asking if I want to have a bit on the side, or my wife? Not a fair question to ask someone who ain't getting much right now! But I do wonder, lately, whether 'a bit on the side' would be good for my mental health.

3. Go clubbing or entertain friends at home?
~ Gah!  I prefer to entertain friends at home but somehow we still (but less so) end up going to a club later anyway. Just last weekend* we were at a very hip club in the city and my wife was complaining about the DJ/music and wanting to go home. I happily took her home but told her the DJ was an old friend of mine and the music he was playing was what the kids are into these days!

~ Since I'm a Lorde fan I'll take the Maybach! But seriously, who needs a luxury SUV? I'll take a cheaper SUV that I can really get dirty, and use the Maybach as my town car.

5. Soccer or Golf?
~ I played soccer as a kid (I was quite good) and had a traumatic experience playing golf so... probably I'll try to master golf now that I'm older and wiser. Besides, soccer is probably too high impact for me at my age. 

I think we all know who prefers Gold plated/painted everything?
Image © GQ Magazine
6. Basketball or Baseball?
~ I'd rather watch Basketball. Baseball can run way too long and be boring.

7. Monster or Red Bull? Why?
~ Ugh, they're both awful. And sweet. I can only handle Red Bull with Vodka in it.

8. Office with a view or work at home?
~ I've had both. Working from home is nice because you can wear what you want and sleep in if you want (assuming you're the boss). If you're not the boss and still have to clock in then I'd rather have an office with a view.

9. Early bird or night owl?
~ Night owl. Too many years in the hospitality business, followed by being my own boss and working from home - thereby meaning I can sleep in if I want to!

10. Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
~ As I alluded to in Q2 above, I could probably try a girlfriend right now. 

11. Ice Cream or gelato?
~ I enjoy gelato but I love Ice Cream. Probably because of it's creamy fattening deliciousness.

12. Silver or gold?
~ I don't wear any jewelry, but if you're asking about investments I'd stick with gold since silver is too volatile. As is gold, I suppose. As a color choice (fashion/furnishings) I'd go with silver.

Bonus: Money or fame? Why?
~ Ha! Fame is fleeting and not always profitable, trust me. So I think it's better to have money. You can do whatever you want with money behind closed doors, but fame makes you a prisoner of your public image. You can decide to give away all your money if you don't want to be rich anymore, but you can't stop being famous if the media don't agree.

Double Bonus[es]
About that sex last weekend... and About that sex last weekend... Part 2 (Final)

Triple Bonus
~ This is truly TMI - I have no idea why I shared it! What's My Wife Reading Now?

* On Monday (after a very slow Sunday after a very late night on Saturday) I realized I really do need to do something to retain my flexibility and fitness. I was moving like an old man!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. "Fame is fleeting and not always profitable, trust me"
    Hmm now you got me wondering!

    1. Just google "Where are they now?" to see how many once 'famous' people are now on the bones of their ass. They spent too much energy on staying in the limelight, instead of planning ahead.


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