Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sinful Sunday #2

This is my second entry into the Sinful Sunday meme, due in large part to their rule that you must have taken the photo yourself. Which I did. You can read about the sex that ensued here. You can see the other photo from that night here.

Update: Well this is interesting...  this post was drafted at the same time as I did Sinful Sunday #1. Both posts were drafted via Instagram since I have a way to cross post my Instagram pics into Blogger drafts. Basically I load the images into Instagram, play around with the filters, hit 'publish' (and cross post to Blogger) and then quickly delete the Instagram post!!! ... because they don't allow exposed nipples. Or pussy.

So everything was fine, the Blogger posts looked good and were scheduled for their respective Sundays, and then... I checked them last Saturday (just prior to Sinful Sunday #1 posting) and the images were gone! I knew they'd been deleted from Instagram (because I'd done it) but even then they'd remained in my drafted and scheduled posts. But now, bizarrely, both images were gone. I couldn't figure out why (yes, I looked everywhere, and I refreshed, but they were gone) so I had to rush to create new images.

So last Sunday's image was created in iPhoto, who have crappy filters, so I just made it Black and White (and cropped it, of course) as I did for this post as well. And then last Wednesday (which is now, as I type this) I looked at today's post in drafts and ~whaaat?~ the original color image was back again... together with the B&W version I'd added when the color one disappeared!!

I really don't know WTF is going on. Did Blogger (owned by Google) censor my pics? (Surely not since I've published ruder pics than this) Or was it Instagram (owned by Facebook) since technically I didn't upload the pic to Blogger, I just linked to the Instagram URL. Maybe, even though I'd deleted the image from my Instagram page, it was still sitting in their Cloud, and one of their Algorithm Bots found it in their  search for pornographic images? Maybe the image was flagged, causing the URL to be deleted temporarily, but then it was restored when they discovered the image wasn't on Instagram anymore?

Is that confusing? Whatever. I don't care, the color version is back. I just wish I could have got back the color version (with fabulous filter) of last week's Sinful Sunday #1 post too, but it's gone. BTW, if you're interested (and is this the longest post ever for what was just meant to be a simple Post-A-Pic meme?) the B&W version of today's color image can be found here (for reasons that will be clear when you go there).

Feel free to tell me in the comments section below (if you haven't tuned out already) which image you prefer - B&W or color?

Sinful Sunday

Saturday, August 19, 2017

What IS my wife looking for...?

NB: this post was originally scheduled for last Wednesday...

As I mentioned on Tuesday, my wife and I had sex on Friday night. I think she was bored and horny so thought 'fuck it' and ... let me fuck her. I don't think she was horny for me though - we saw the trailer to the movie The Mountain Between Us ahead of The Big Sick and my wife let slip she was hot for Idris Elba (who is in The Mountain Between Us). 

I'll tell you about the Friday night sex tomorrow here, but in the meantime here's a list of Kindleporn titles my wife searched for on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. My wife preferred to read about sex on those three days rather than have actual sex with me (I tried but she rebuffed me every time). It's best to scroll down to the bottom of the page and then work your way back up if you want to read her search history in chronological order. 

You'll see towards the end (Monday) she searched out 'African American' titles (Idris Elba is black). Where it says 'Thank You' is where she bought an e-book. See if you can guess which titles she bought (the clues are in this post's tags at the bottom) and give your answers in the comments section below.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Sex last Wednesday

I tried to update yesterday's post because not only did we have sex last Friday but we also had it last Wednesday night as well. As per usual Sex last Friday was so long I ended up splitting off the Wednesday story into its own post... a.k.a. this one:
I should have used this image for Sex last Friday - find out why at the end of this post!
Wednesday night's encounter was unexpected, because we seem to have completely given up on the ‘scheduled sex’ arrangement we made about a year ago (to ensure the spark between us did not go out, as per a therapist's recommendation). My wife seems to have added the caveat ‘if I feel like it’ to the agreement, which kinda defeats the purpose. Meaning that like 'Date Nights' it has fallen by the wayside. Meaning that we don't normally have sex every Wednesday and a Weekend night.

Anyway on Wednesday night she did feel like it, mostly due (I suspect) to her Kindleporn binge the weekend before (which kinda dragged right through until Wednesday night, albeit to a lesser degree - because she had work to do each day). It went down like this...

At about 11pm I went upstairs to take a shower, passing my wife on the way who was still at the kitchen bench reading Kindleporn on her iPad - as she had been since 7pm, after dinner. Normally she switches to Facebook but she didn't this time, presumably because she thought I was passing by - but I didn't. I stopped, bent down and kissed the back of her neck. As she shivered happily I quickly scanned the page she was reading. And pointed to the paragraph where dirty sex was happening. 

And the paragraphs that followed.

" --" I said, reading the words aloud. "Mmmmmm... "

I did it because like Bart Simpson my wife will deny any accusation, even when the proof is indisputable. She always maintains it's not porn, just romantic fiction with the occasional sex scene. I've worked in publishing so I know the difference between Romantic fiction and Eroitca, trust me. This was porn. Not 'Penthouse Letters' porn, but it was still porn - just to a lesser degree. You can tell which is which by the number of times the words 'cock', 'cunt', and 'fuck' are used on a page or in a chapter. Besides I've seen her search history on Amazon/Kindle so I know exactly what she's reading (and you can see it too in Saturday's post)

Anyway, I continued on up to the bedroom and when I got to the top of the stairs I had a thought. I called down to my wife and told her I was having a shower and did she want me to shave extra smooth? That was an in-joke about her complaint last Friday night (as I was eating her out) that my beard was scratchy. I have a very short beard, one step up from stubble really, and I'm quite happy to shave it smooth if it's gonna be a problem when I'm between your legs. It's not like I have one of those 'Brooklyn Lumberjack' beards!

She responded with "No, that's fine, leave it as it is" so I reiterated the point I was really trying to make: I said when I finished my shower she would need to come upstairs and 'help me with something' (another in-joke). I was expecting a reaction but I got nothing except "Okay". What? I knew she knew what I meant, so... as you can imagine it was a quick but thorough shower!

Once finished I again called down from the top of the stairs, and she again responded with "Okay!"

I lay on the bed in a t-shirt and boxers (one mustn't be too presumptuous) and checked the clock. How long she takes to come upstairs always let's me know how horny she is. It took less than a minute (thirty seconds?) and as she swept through the door she was already removing her robe! Lest there be no doubt she then went immediately to the spare cushions and placed them on the bed, into a little pile.

"I thought we'd do this..." she said, without finishing her sentence. Her intentions were clear as she lay down on the bed, her back propped up by her little stack of pillows.  He body was angled towards me, with her legs slightly spread. She lifted her camisole up a bit and immediately moved her hand to her pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties so there was no impediment - this was happening and happening very quickly! I got up and removed my boxers and lay down on the bed in front of her, my cock already hard and standing proud.

I started jacking my cock but she was well ahead of me, frigging her self with one hand as she massaged her breasts with the other. It was clear she was already revved up by the stories she'd been reading and she'd gone from 0 - 60 in as many seconds. I was genuinely amazed - it was a like a switch had gone off. She was moaning and writhing slightly and starting to flush. Her nipples were rock hard and irresistible so I swiveled around, leaned in, and started kissing and nibbling them. 

She moaned loudly - and pushed me away! Whaaat?

"Put your cock in," she said breathlessly "I want your cock inside me"

Wow, this was so fast - those really must have been some hot stories. I know she had only planned on having a mutual masturbation session, because she wanted quick relief for her burning loins - but that plan was out the window now. Because what she wanted now was a quick hard fuck instead. I climbed between her legs and she grabbed my cock, gave it three quick pumps to check it's rigidity, and then fed it into her wet pussy. 

As soon as I slid inside her she began frigging her clit hard and fast - like she only had minutes left to live and was desperate to climax before she died. Again, I was amazed at how fast all this was happening.

"Oh yeah, slide that cock in... fuck me..." she panted, as she tilted her head down to watch my dick sliding in and out of her. "Oh yeah I love watching that cock in my pussy, fuck me, mmmmmm..." she repeated as she lifted my t-shirt and stared down, like it was her own private little peep show. I continued thrusting hard, banging her for all I was worth, as she continued holding up my t-shirt with one hand and staring at my cock sliding back and forth - as she tried deperately to rub out her clit.

I stopped to take off my t-shirt so I could give her a proper pounding but my wife didn't stop. When I sat back momentarily on my heels my dick slipped out and was immediately replaced by both of her hands. She gripped her vulva like it might fall off and started clenching her legs around my hips - lifting her ass off the mattress as she writhed in pleasure. She was either climaxing or about to climax and it seemed rude to try and push my way back in so I sat up on my knees and started jacking my cock.

"Oh yeah, jerk that cock for me, I want your jizz" she grunted through gritted teeth "I want your jizz all up inside my pussy..."  The latter was said with her head tilted sideways and eyes closed so I don't think she was talking to me. Her thighs remained clamped around my waist, her ass was completely off the ground, and she was thrusting into me. Both her hands still had her vulva in a vicelike grip. If she wanted me to cum inside her she sure as hell wasn't making it easy.

I suspected she was talking to whoever was in her head, so I decided to push the envelope a little further...

"Do you want my cock in your pussy, or someone else's?" I teased, "maybe you'd like Idris Elba's cock there? Yeah, you'd love that - his big black cock sliding in and out... pounding you with his thick black cock..." This was a reference to an off hand comment my wife had made at the movies the previous Friday night when, out of nowhere she said "He's hot, really hot" (when Idris Elba popped up on the screen).

Either my wife was too far gone to register or too smart to respond, but she said nothing and just continued thrashing around - moaning and groaning. She was cumming, and so was I.

As I said the magic words "I'm gonna cum now" she released her grip on me and sunk back into the mattress. I planted my cock at her entrance and pushed forwards as she grabbed my butt and pulled me in. Her pussy was so wet and yet so tight that I came on my first inward stroke, as I slid inside. She felt me spurt and seemed to clamp round my cock even tighter with her pussy ... after a momentary pause I started pumping in and out, my seed continuing to spill out.

As I finished she finished, and her back arched up as I withdrew. She ran her hands over her body, giving her tits and pussy a final squeeze before slumping down. She was done, I was done. It had been a very quick and intensive fuck, but we were done.


Admit it! Who scrolled down to this part as soon as they read the caption for the photo at the top?
Answers in the comments section below - don't lie!

After re-reading Sex last Friday once it published online I remembered a little detail that I'd totally forgotten - one I think better explained why she was horny last Friday night. Before watching  The Big Sick we watched the trailer to The Mountain Between Us starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. In the trailer we see Elba and Winslet as the only two survivors of a small plane that crashed on a remote snow clad mountain top. I immediately thought of the movie 'Alive' in which a Brazilian football team also crashed on a remote snow clad mountain top in the Andes - and end up {SPOILER!} eating their dead team mates to survive!

So I leaned over to my wife and whispered in her ear "I wonder who he's going to eat first?" My wife heard me but was thinking of something else entirely: "He's hot, really hot" she replied dreamily, apropos of nothing. In her mind, I'm sure, she was picturing Idris Elba eating out Kate Winslet - and in her mind, I'm equally sure, she was picturing herself in Kate Winslet's place! And I'm pretty sure her inner monologue at the time was "I'd do him."

We are going to be in Amsterdam in October. I think I'm going to buy her a black dildo. Not too big of course - I'm not stupid!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sex last Friday

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams in 'Suits'
I can't tell which of these guys my wife fancies because every time I ask she fudges the question.
I suspect she likes both of them, at different times, for different reasons. She probably fantasizes about a 3way...

On Friday night our daughter told us she was going over to a friends house for a sleepover, which meant we had the opportunity to head out and watch a movie in a real cinema. You know, like what couples used to do before Netflix. So we watched The Big Sick, which was a rom com with a touch of tragedy thrown in. I recommend watching it if you get the chance - it’s funny and sweet. After the movie we grabbed some take out and headed home - and ate the take out. While watching Netflix.

But there was no 'Netflix and Chill' vibe.

My wife had her iPad out and was Facebooking (whenever I could see her screen) but I suspected she was reading her Kindleporn. We were watching the second half of Season 4 of Suits because while on our last vacation somehow we’d missed those and skipped to (and binge watched) Season 5. And since I’m a completist I wanted to see the episodes we’d skipped, even though Season 5 was spoilers ahoy for Season 4!

My wife has gotten a little bored with Suits now (she loves the guys in their suits but thinks
Meghan Markle's character is a complete putz - and therefore hates her) (I have to admit she does get girly girl tearful a lot and seems to care an awful lot about every little thing when you’d think she would have learnt to harden up a bit after all those years of being a lawyer or whatever she is) and after watching two eps I could tell she wasn’t into it. We only had 2 more eps left to finish the season but instead I thought I’d try a little spontaneity. 

I pulled open her robe, lifted up her camisole (oh yeah, did I forget to mention she’s changed into her ‘comfy clothes’ when we got home?) and started a line of kisses to her pussy. She protested at first, argued that she was going to bed (to sleep) but relented as my mouth hit paydirt. As I mentioned in TMI Tuesday: August 15, 2017 ~ Sex on the Brain she was in an odd mood and I think she only acquiesced out of boredom. Her attitude sneered “Okay, if that’s what you want buddy, knock yourself out”

So she lay back on the big cushions on the couch and I ate her out.

And she enjoyed it. And then she started cumming, and then she enjoyed it a lot. It was Cunnilingus for Africa as I continued my oral assault on what became a very wet pussy. She came at least twice before I spread her legs and slid my cock inside her wet cunt. She really loved that. We have one of those big designer ‘L’ couches and I’d placed her in the center (inverted) corner and spread her legs wide while I ate her out. 

And then I got up and slid my cock inside.

Now her legs were stretched even wider as I pummeled her pussy, and her eyes were fixated on the sight of my dick sliding in and out of her slippery hole. She loves watching a cock slicing in and out of her, and I was giving it to her good. She was grabbing one tit with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other, and then gritting her teeth hard - a sure sign she was close to cumming again. I changed my stroke, grinding her clit on the up stroke, and she started moaning “oh yeah, oh yeah” and squeezing both her breasts tightly.

“Cum with me baby, cum with me” she begged but I was nowhere close to catching up with her. Besides, my legs and arms were getting tired. And besides, I had a better idea. I grabbed some of the cushions and piled them high in the middle of the couch, before taking my wife from the 'L' and moving her into the doggy position on top of the cushions in the center of the sofa. I had her stretched forward over the top of the couch, in the prone position, and then I mounted her from behind.

I stood up on the couch behind her and then leaned right over and covered her body with mine, my hands on the top of the sofa to take the weight. In my own mind I imagined it was like I had her over a leather bondage horse, and I think she was thinking the same. I was in the dominant position, she was pinned beneath me - unable to move. I pumped my dick in and out of her wet pussy via my hips and fucked her faster and faster. Doggy style. Like a real dog.

She was moaning really hard and really loving it. Her head was hanging limply over the top of the couch and bouncing like a rag doll as I pounded her from behind.

I switched positions: standing on the sofa, my legs straddling her ass, and I was pummeling her from on high. It made for a powerful deep penetration. Her moans increased until she she broke her silence, telling me "cum with me, cum with me, yeah, jizz in my hole! jizz in my hole!" I looked down as my fat cock sliced in and out of her slippery hole and realized I was ready to cum too - and hard.

And then a leg cramp hit me. In my upper thigh, right by my groin.

I stepped down off the couch and stood behind her. My wife was expecting me to re-enter her but I was trying to work out the kink cramp in my leg - simply by willing it to happen (which was ridiculous). I continued jacking my cock, knowing that the orgasm building in my balls should take my mind off the cramp, but the pain won out. My wife however was oblivious to what was going on behind her, begging me instead to "fill my pussy with your jizz - do it!"

She got the message when I slumped down into the 'L' of the couch and flopped back into the cushions. She got up, shuffled over to me, and then dropped to her knees - right between my legs. I lifted them up onto the sofa, stretching myself wide open and giving her easy access to my cock and balls. She grabbed my dick straight away and started jerking me off. With her other hand on my balls she then began a frenetic hand job - she wanted that jism alright! 

She started dribbling saliva over my dick and wetting her hands - I thought she was trying to lube me for a better handjob but once she had rubbed all around the head of my cock a few time she bobbed down and took me in her mouth. I realized then that she had just 'cleaned me up' to get rid of all that pussy cream covering my dick. She was sucking me good and fast and it felt great. As she ran her tongue from the head down to my balls she looked up at me and said "I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to feel that jizz in my throat"

Wow! I think that's the first time she's said that to me. Like that I mean. Like she actually wanted me to cum in her mouth. She's told me I can come in her mouth before but always like 'if you want to'. She said it now like she wanted it. She was looking up at me as she tongued my balls and I was looking down at her as I jacked my cock as she tongued my balls and it was all very hot. Too hot. It took all of thirty seconds before I was blurting out "I'm gonna cum now" and ... I did. 

But not before my wife had straightened up and gobbled down on my cock like it was her last meal. She slurped me hard and quick, which was just perfect because I was cumming just as quickly. My orgasm was super intense and I groaned loudly as I flooded her warm wet mouth with my seed. I think I roared so loudly the neighbors could hear - yes, we'd left the front door five feet away open so the dog could get out and never shut it the whole time we were fucking!

So I lay there suddenly drained - both literally and figuratively - as my wife ran grinning to the bathroom to dump the big load of jizz that was filling her mouth and making her look like a Chipmunk. I guess she didn't really want to "feel that jizz in my throat" after all? 

But to be honest I didn't care. She'd made me cum, I'd made her cum, and all was good in the world again.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wicked Wednesday #1

This is my first entry into the Wicked Wednesday meme. I had planned to submit last week's post for that but their prompt for this week was 'Black and White' - so I'm submitting this one instead! If you want to know the story behind this photo then check out last week's post.

This post has also been submitted to Wicked Wednesday.

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked 

click here for more about 'Wicked Wednesday'

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

TMI Tuesday: August 15, 2017 ~ Sex on the Brain

Warning: there's a NSFW image down the page!
1. Have you ever hooked-up with somebody based on their proximity to your smartphone location (Tinder, GRINDR, etc)?
~ No, but today I got followed on Instagram by a woman who does massage with 'a happy ending' and I was so impressed with her forthright manner I asked her where she works. It made me think "how far away would be 'too far' away for me to visit her?" since she hasn't answered yet.
What are the odds she'll be in a different country?

2. Do you enjoy having your balls played with (or playing with balls)?
~ My wife loves playing with them, and she says they're really big. I hope she's not saying that to avoid saying my dick is small. (FWIW it meets the national average and my wife says its just the right size) (it's the days she says it like you're a kid who lost the game but 'played really well' that makes me paranoid). Anyway, I enjoy it when she plays with my balls and sometimes as I'm cumming I tell her to squeeze them. When I can think of it, which is not always because ... I'm climaxing!

3. You have some free-time in the workday – blow job or intercourse? (BJ can be giving or receiving).
~ I have posed this question to my wife on many occasions over the past 10+ years and she always fudges. Based on her deeds, not words, I would have to say the answer is "How bored am I?" Which is not to say we haven't done both at various times in the last decade. I'm happy to take what I can get - BJ or sex is fine by me. (And I often volunteer to eat my wife out when we have some free time - she always declines my no-strings-attached offer)

4. How long after having sex with a new partner do you have to wait before falling asleep?
~ It depends on them, but it's always a tough one to gauge. Try and follow their cues, or say "wow, you wore me out, that was awesome... but... I need to sleep now" And then kiss them in a 'Good Night' manner.

5. Is a weird “sex face/orgasm face” a total deal-breaker?
~ I've never seen a 'cum face' yet that has deterred me from coming back for more - but I'm sure they're out there! (It's the pornstar squealing that drives me away). I love it when I can see the pleasure in a woman's face - it's why I favor porn clips of women masturbating solo. I watched this one yesterday and she's brilliant - and a great actress. Her facial expressions and movements are great.

Jump to the 17th minute and watch Mary's sex face. It's not the clip I saw yesterday (that had too many close-ups of her pussy for some of you I suspect) so you'll miss her toe curls, but there are plenty of eye-rolls to make up for it. [She doesn't squirt until later, if that stuff freaks you out]  

Bonus: What’s the dirtiest or sexiest text message you’ve ever received?
~ "I'm upstairs, in bed. My pussy is so wet - how about you come up and fuck me with that big hard cock of yours?"
Oh. You mean for real? Nah, my wife don't play that. Because "who knows where that message might end up?"

Double Bonus: Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blond and Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blonde ~ Part 2 and finally Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blonde ~ Part 3

Triple Bonus: We also had sex on Friday night which was kinda like Q3 above (she was bored) so I should have that written up by tomorrow.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, August 14, 2017

MM: This porno got me off (TPGMO) ~ #03 : Bree Olson, Schoolslut

May is Masturbation Month (MM), which gives me a great opportunity to recycle some of my old posts! 
Like this one, from August 14, 2016

Honestly, I'm not into the schoolgirl thing but I really do love dirty talk so when I entered the latter into PornHub search box I got this resultBree Olson, Schoolslut DirtyTalk. I started watching it, skipping past the first five minutes or so to avoid all the awkward "I'm-a-naughty-schoolgirl-in-my-school-uniform" stuff and leaping straight to where she's naked and begging to be fucked.

She does a bit of the pornstar squeal** that I hate so much (honestly, it's like finger nails down a blackboard) but luckily not too much so I managed to persevere and get off. She does look cute -- and better yet, she sounds like she wants what she's asking for. Yes, I know it's all faked for the camera, but she's great at keeping the fantasy alive.

Since I'm unable to embed videos from PornHub directly (click here to see it) here's a few publicity stills of Bree Olson instead...

... okay, maybe not.

While looking on Google for images of Bree Olson I found this You Tube video from Bree herself, explaining how she got into porn and why she's not doing it anymore. If you watch them first then you won't watch the PornHub one

Part One

Part Two


**The problem with 'the pornstar squeal' is that it's so frikken loud! You're secretly watching porn somewhere and suddenly the whole house can hear screaming -- it aint helpful!! You're trying to watch it quietly without disturbing anyone (I have a 15 y.o. daughter sleeping upstairs ferchrissakes!) but then suddenly the pornstar jumps from zero to 100 decibels. Booyah, you're busted!
And you can't watch it with the sound off, cos that aint right, and you can't watch it with headphones on because... the day you do will be the day someone in the house decides to come visit you in that little man cave where you watch porn but you don't hear them so they walk in and see you with your cock out, jerking off, and that's a sight they will never unsee! Ever!!

***(honestly, it's like finger nails down a blackboard) - do they still have blackboards/chalkboards in schools anymore? I think they're all whiteboards now. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sinful Sunday #1

This is my first entry into the Sinful Sunday meme, due in large part to their rule that you must have taken the photo yourself. Which I did. You can read the how and why here.

Sinful Sunday

Saturday, August 12, 2017

MissProvocateur for #SkintightSaturday

via Instagram

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blonde ~ Part 3 (final)

You should read Part 1 and Part 2 of this story to understand the lead up to this final part, so off you go... come back when you're finished. Or not. Make your own decisions!

"Yeah, fuck your blond bitch" said my wife. "I'm such a naughty girl. Naughty... naughty... girl..."

Her words fell away as the moaning returned, punctuated by 'oh god, oh god'. She'd said that a lot tonight.

Before long she was panting 'oh god, oh god' repeatedly and I knew she was cumming. I slapped her ass a few times for good measure and told her again what a dirty blond slut she was. I think that finished her off. She moaned deeply, groaned "Gahhhh!" and then collapsed forward and curled up in front of me - clutching her pussy. She crossed her legs tightly and I could tell she was ringing out the last drop of pleasure she could find.

Which left me standing on the side of the bed with blue balls and an erection like concrete. I started stroking my dick, knowing it wouldn't be long before my wife recovered and emerged from her ecstatic haze to finish me off. It was my turn now, let's see what slutty tricks Blondie had in store for me...

If you'd read Part 1 and Part 2 you'd know my brunette wife was wearing a blond wig that looked like this

By the time my wife recovered I was lying on the bed next to her, jacking my cock.

She got up in a daze and without a word crawled down to my dick. I thought she was going to blow me but instead she slumped down and started stroking my cock. I guess it was too late for oral since I'd been pummeling her pussy with it for twenty minutes plus. For no reason my wife decided to push her legs under mine and we lay there like a '+' sign as she jerked me off.

"That feels nice" I said, "now play with yourself while you do it. I want to see you cum again"

My wife started fingering her vulva, and tightened her grip on my cock as she did so. She was slow with herself at first but started frigging with gusto as her cunt began to wake up. Another orgasm was calling her and it wasn't long before she was swiveling around and repositioning herself between my legs. She backed up, grabbed my cock and then backed down further onto it. Her tight pussy swallowed me whole and soon she was sliding back on forth on my cock.

This is not the usual 'reverse cowgirl' position, but my wife loves it. She's essentially in the doggy position but lower and backed up onto my cock, with me on my back. This means my legs are splayed up behind her, giving her free and easy access to my balls. And my asshole. She started fingering both of them with one hand, while rubbing her clit with the other. Her moaning returned.

She then switched positions slightly again, lifting herself higher so my cock popped out. She got down on one elbow and held my cock against her slippery slit as she rocked back and forth. It was a repeat of how the sex tonight had started except now I had an even better view of her butt. And her asshole.

"Mmmmm, you've got a great ass Blondie" I told her.

"I'd bet you'd like to fuck it" she said, without missing a beat. "I bet you'd like to fuck my dirty little asshole wouldn't you? Yeah, you'd love that wouldn't you? Fucking your dirty blond slut up her ass?" It was like she'd read my mind.

Her head dropped down to the mattress, elevating her butt slightly higher and freeing her other hand to reach back and delicately tease her asshole. "Mmmmmm..." she purred.

I should have cum then and there but I didn't - because with her other hand she'd inserted her finger into my butthole. I don't mind her tongue there but a long hard fingernail has quite the opposite effect.

But she was oblivious. Fingering my asshole and balls, all the while writhing around and pulling her cheeks open to expose her little brown starfish, I was both ready to cum but unable to. Pleasure and pain do not work for me it seems.

I smacked her butt cheeks and pushed her forward at the same time, pulling myself out from underneath her. I got up on my knees as she assumed the 'head down, ass up' position in front of me. She had both her hands reaching back - one between her legs and fingering her pussy, the other over her butt and fingering her ass.

"Ooh yeah, fuck my slutty ass, wank that big cock all over me" she urged, as the tempo on her own pussy increased.  "You wanna fuck this blond's butthole so bad don't you?" she teased, as she pushed her finger into her asshole - right up to the first knuckle. And then started tapping it in and out.

That was it, I was done.

"You dirty blonde slut" was all I could manage "open up, I'm coming - NOW!"

My wife pulled her cheeks wide, giving me two options. It didn't matter -  I exploded as I thrust myself forward, trying to find a hole. Any hole. She grabbed my balls as I pumped my jism all over her asscrack, the head of my cock poking into her rosebud. I saw no need to thrust deeper since I was cumming, and she wasn't lubed. I kept rutting at her crease until I was spent and there was no more cum left. As I pulled back I saw I'd made quite a sticky mess - there was a lot of cum - and maybe I could have fucked her ass after all. Sperm is lube, right?

My wife seemed to think so, as she ran her finger through it, up and down her asscrack.  Then she scooped it up and rubbed it over butt cheeks. With one hand, because her other was still between her legs fingering her clit and pussy. She was still moaning, trying to chase another orgasm.

As I slumped back against the headboard and watched my wife I had to marvel at her behavior. Tonight had been different, very different. Buried deep inside my wife was a slut - a blond slut.

All I had to do now was find a way to bring that blond slut out more often...


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Thursday, August 10, 2017

TMI Tuesday: August 8, 2017 ~ Yes, it's Thursday!

1. Can a penis be too big?

~ As I get older I realize that many women really do prefer a big penis. Not too big mind you, but bigger than average. They seem to like that feeling of being stretched. Of course if you fuck big dicks (but not too big) all the time then it becomes 'the new normal' - which means you need an even bigger dick to get that same feeling of 'stretched'.
An excellent blogger named Pervertically Virtuous once penned a post called Novelty and 'non-specific arousability' which brilliantly explained how some/many women require novelty in order to be aroused. They get tired of the same old positions/dick so that's why they cheat (or are promiscuous) - they're in search of fresh meat. Cock meat. Unfortunately I was unable to recover her post but here is my response to it. And here are some responses to my post.
Me, my dick is 'average' - which I believe makes it the perfect cock for anal. Unfortunately I'm the only one who thinks so right now. (And it's been that way for some time)

2. Can a vagina be too tight?

~ Notwithstanding what I said in Q1, vaginas are extremely resilient and can handle a large or oversize cock. They tend to 'snap back' into their normal shape so if you're banging some well hung men from time to time you need not fear that you'll be ruined for your husband. Of course if you bang lots of well hung men on a regular basis then you might find your vagina stretching out permanently and your husband wondering why you're so loose.
But the question is about tightness, not looseness. A vagina can definitely be too tight, and some women in particular are struck by a condition known as Vaginismus. You can read more about it here and here. In the more general sense most women believe a man prefers a tighter pussy and so some will exercise strenuously to maintain that 'youthful' feel. I can't speak for all men, but I do believe most prefer a tighter pussy to a looser one - it's all about the friction. If women are worried about loosening up 'down there' then one other solution is to just fuck bigger men. They'll think you're 'tight' and that's better than strenuous kegel exersizes, surely? Which brings us back to Q1 above!

Many young women today are happy to have fake boobs, as long as they look good
when clothed. Not everyone is gonna touch them, but they'll all get to see 'em!
3. Does playing with fake tits give you the same satisfaction and response as fondling real breasts?

~ It depends how good they are. Fake breasts in the 70s are 80s were awful apparently, but technology has come a long way. Now they look and feel a lot more real.
Many women, young and old, are choosing to 'augment' their breasts because they want the look and shape that is so popular in today's media. For them the appreciation of the many outweighs the appreciation of the few.
In other words: they're willing to trade off how their boobs feel to one husband as opposed to how they look to the multitude of people who will see them as they go about their daily lives.
I have felt fake breasts that have felt pretty good, and I have hugged older women who have made me think 'wow! what was that?' i.e. they have some very hard tits pressed against me. I don't dwell on it - who am I to judge what they've done? 
Besides, I'd still fuck 'em, regardless. If the boobies are no fun I'll just find my fun further down. Women who derive their self esteem from their breasts and have had a boob job are often great in bed, because they now consider themselves 'hot' - as far as they're concerned they've got great tits, not fake tits.

4. Fill in the blank: I prefer ____ over having sex.

~ On some occasions I prefer masturbation over having sex. As regular readers will know, having sex with my wife can be a real mind fuck. I don't know if she really wants sex or not (even as we're doing it), if she likes what I'm doing, or if she'd prefer someone else. Which brings us back to Q1 above again! Masturbation is a lot less stressful - if you want to get off you just do it and it's done. I can relax and enjoy it while I'm doing it, with none of the second guessing I face when trying to make love to my wife.

5. If a stranger offered you 30 USD to lick your boots or shoes, while you are wearing them, would you accept? If no, how much money would it take for you to accept the offer?

~ No. The stranger would most likely be male and it would be creepy - does that make me homophobic? If the stranger was a female I'd still say 'no' because it would still be creepy. I'd still worry they were a psycho and wanted to do something else to me. 
So how much money would it take to get me to relent? There is no amount of money that would change my mind because then it becomes a power struggle. What appears to be an act of submission (licking my boots) is actually an attempt to dominate me. You want me to submit to your will i.e. to let you lick my boots, even tho' I don't want to. The more money you offer me just proves you're trying to control me.

Bonus: On Tuesday I posted TMI Tuesday: August 7, 2012 ~ What’s The Question?... because today's questions weren't ready before I left for the day.

Double Bonus: Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blond and Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blonde ~ Part 2


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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blonde ~ Part 2

She had long blond hair just like this...
and she wanted me to take her home and fuck her from behind, doggy style
You really do need to read Part 1 of this story to understand the lead up to this part, so off you go... come back when you're finished. Thank you.

So we'd left the party and gone back to her place, where she led me up to her bedroom. I excused myself briefly and went to the bathroom (all those cocktails!) but when I returned...

There in front of me stood my wife!! My face fell, and my jaw dropped.

"Oh... do you want me to put the blond wig back on?" she asked, sensing my disappointment.

Well of course I wanted her to put the @%#ing wig on!! Not because I fancied fucking a blond woman, but because it had clearly electrified my wife (sexually) while we were at the party and I planned to take full advantage of that. And by 'planned' I mean yes, I had run a whole scenario through my head of what I was going to do to her to fulfill this fantasy that I thought was running through her head.  

But clearly the fantasy had evaporated and yet again Lucy had removed the football before Charlie Brown could take a kick at it. Once again my wife had been a sexy bitch in front of all her BNG pals but once we got home it was back to normal. No sex for Nero.

Despondent, I gave the passive aggressive response "No, don't worry, you've changed now, that's alright" and wandered off to get changed myself. As you'll know from previous blogs I've decided not to demean myself by begging for sex. It's not good for my self esteem, and besides, I've told my wife many times previously how disappointed I am when she takes off her fancy lingerie after a night out - before I've had a chance to 'enjoy' it. Her response has always been that she doesn't want me wrecking it. As if I would!

When I came back she was still in the bathroom, but now she was wearing nothing but a black thong and a blond wig. It looked like it was 'Game On' again! I didn't waste my chance...

I stood behind her and cupped her breasts in my hands. They felt warm and full, but her nipples were hard as rocks. I pulled back her blond hair and nibbled on her neck. "Mmmmmm" I whispered, "you're so hot - I have to have you." My wife spun herself around and leaned up to kiss me. "You want to have sex with a blond girl, do you?" she asked.

Her tone indicated that she wanted me to have sex with a blond girl. She wasn't testing me.

"Yeah," I said, in a low tone "but you have to do something for me first..."

"Ooh, what?" replied my wife, hopefully.

"I wanna get some pics of you naked - turn around and face the wall..."

My wife did as she was told and assumed the position. Frankly I was surprised, since she'd never let me photograph her naked, but I guess she felt safe with the wig on. This was the fantasy I'd concocted during the night and I was damned pleased it was working out. I told her to keep her hands up against the wall but to turn back and face me - with her head down so her face was obscured by the wig. She did as she was told, and I gave her further instructions for other poses - all the while telling her what a hot blond vixen she was.

It wasn't long before I had her remove her panties and turn to face me. I took some shots of her tits and her nipples and she was clearly into it so I pushed the envelope a little. I told her to turnaround again, bend over, and show me her pussy.

"Are you gonna masturbate to these?" she asked, excited. "Are these for your wank bank while I'm away?"

"You bet" I replied, "next time you go to Europe without me I'm going to get these out and jizz all over them." She told me I was naughty, and reached back to spread herself wider for my cameraphone. "Mmmmm, such a pretty pussy" I continued, "maybe I'll put these up online on one of those rate-my-wife sites?" My wife put her fingers between her legs and started touching herself for the camera. She was visibly wet.

I pulled her into the bedroom and onto the bed. She immediately reached for the nightstand and grabbed the lube. As she lubed herself up I took a few more sneaky pics of her pussy, expecting her to tell me to stop. She didn't so I pulled her into the doggy position and took a few more from behind, shooting up from below. Her fingers were busy on her pussy now - she'd graduated from lubing herself up to blatantly frigging herself. I realized if I didn't get in there soon she'd finish herself off and the fantasy would be over.

I tossed the phone and climbed up behind her on the bed. I grabbed her hips and she grabbed my dick between her legs, pulling it between her slippery lips. Instead of pulling me inside her she used my cock as a dildo, holding it over her labia, making a sheath with her wet fingers. She started sliding back and forth on my stiff prick, running the swollen head up and down her clit. It felt good for me and it clearly felt good for her as she began moaning continuously.

I reached forward and grabbed her boobs as they swayed beneath her. Her nipples were very hard and I stroked my fingertips all over her full breasts. I started thrusting harder and faster against her vulva, her fingers still holding me outside her deliciously sloppy slit. She was very wet and moaning and groaning and I could feel I was almost ready to cum myself. She was too and without warning she pushed herself forward, pulled my cock back, aimed it at her hole, and then backed herself on to me.

I met her movements by thrusting forward slowly, feeling every inch of her tight canal. Once I was fully in her fingernails raked my balls deliberately before finding her clit. As she started strumming herself I continued thrusting, increasing the intensity but maintaining a steady rhythm. I was fascinated by the sound she was making - she was moaning and groaning continuously - it was quite unlike her but she was clearly in the zone. 

I decided to amp things up with a little dirty talk, to play up the fact she was a blond tonight.

"How do you like that, Blondie?" I taunted. "You love getting fucked don't you? You absolutely love it. You're a hot little blond slut who just loves all the attention from the boys, and you know exactly what to do to get it. I bet you used to give hand jobs to all the guys on the football team after school, didn't you? Yeah, I bet they loved that..."

With every question my wife moaned some more, picturing herself as that naughty blond school girl - just like the ones in the Literotica stories she loved so much. 

"How long before they made you blow them all, I wonder? Did they form a circle around you and make you hobble around on your knees, sucking each and every one of them off?" I asked, as I continued to pound her from behind. "They would have all been rock hard, watching you on your knees blowing their teammate, your blond hair swishing around as you bobbed up and down on all those fresh young cocks..."

"How much cum did you swallow in that locker room? I bet you had to take it all, because no matter how slutty you were there was no way you were leaving that room with any of their cum on you. But I bet they wanted to. I bet they wanted to mess up that beautiful blond hair so bad. I bet they used to rub their stiff pricks all over your long blond hair, poking you with their teen dicks as they waited their turn to stuff their throbbing cocks into your wet mouth..."

"Yesss!" hissed my wife, groaning as she bounced back harder on my dick "I'm such a dirty blond slut"

"I'm guessing you were quite the Party Girl as you got older too. I bet all the guys wanted a hot blond bitch like you at their side. I bet you got invited everywhere, to all the best parties, to all the exclusive events, and yet they all couldn't wait to take you home after. I bet some of them even started on you as soon as you got in the limo, running their hands up your legs and under your dress. I bet your pussy was already sopping wet by the time they discovered you weren't wearing any panties. Their probing fingers swirling all over your shaved cunt as they found their entrance..."

My wife was moaning and groaning like a zombie now, her hand slapping against her pussy.

"But now it's my turn to have you" I said, darkly. "Now I get to have the hot little blond that everyone else at the party tonight wanted to have - but couldn't. Now I get to take you home and do what I please. To make you pose for dirty pictures so I can wank over them when you're gone, post them online for strangers to see... let them all see the pretty blond fuck toy I scored. I bet they'll rate your tits, ass, and pussy very highly..." 

My wife was moaning like she was climaxing but it didn't stop so I guess she was on a plateau - a very high plateau - the one you're on before cumming! I chose this moment to withdraw so I could reposition myself. I pulled up and dragged her back to the edge of the bed and stood on the plinth the bed sits on. I was just about to re-enter her from a higher angle and give her a deeper fuck when a new thought hit me. 

She was fingering herself in my absence and there was a slight gape where moments ago my fat cock had filled her pussy. I licked my thumb and then plunged it into the hole. Once I found the soft fleshy bit on the upperside I started fucking her with my hand, bowling ball style. My thumb remained pressed against the fleshy bit as I stroked in and out and my fingers gripped her labia and diddled her clit. I stood there drilling her cunt with my hand, trying to make her squirt. Like a video I'd seen online I got quite rough and hard with my hand but she didn't complain. Her moaning continued unabated.

She got very very wet and I felt her twitching around my thumb, but she wasn't clamping so I figured she wasn't going to cum this way. Her pussy had flooded a little but she wasn't squirting so I stopped, straddled her butt, and aimed my rock hard cock at her hole. I slid in slowly again but it only took a few strokes before I was thrusting hard. She pushed back just as hard, and my balls slapped her pussy as she continued moaning.

"Let me see that long blond beautiful hair of yours" I said, as I pulled it straight and trailed it down her back. I stroked it with one hand as my other gripped her hip tightly while I continued to fuck her. "Oh god, you're so hot. I can't believe I finally get to have my own little blond fuck toy. Mmmmm..."

"Yeah, fuck your blond bitch" said my wife, suddenly. "I'm such a naughty girl. Naughty... naughty... girl..."

Her words fell away as the moaning returned, punctuated by 'oh god, oh god'. She'd said that a lot tonight.

Before long she was panting 'oh god, oh god' repeatedly and I knew she was cumming. I slapped her ass a few times for good measure and told her again what a dirty blond slut she was. I think that finished her off. She moaned deeply, groaned "Gahhhh!" and then collapsed forward and curled up in front of me - clutching her pussy. She crossed her legs tightly and I could tell she was ringing out the last drop of pleasure she could find.

Which left me standing on the side of the bed with blue balls and an erection like concrete. I started stroking my dick, knowing it wouldn't be long before my wife recovered and emerged from her ecstatic haze to finish me off. It was my turn now, let's see what slutty tricks Blondie had in store for me...

Here is Part 3 (final)


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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

TMI Tuesday: August 7, 2012 ~ What’s The Question?

TMI Tuesday hasn't turned up this week**, so here's another one I pulled from their archives. These questions may have been posed back in 2012but my answers are from today: August 8, 2017! (I wasn't blogging here in 2012)

We have provided the answer, now you provide the question. For example:

Answer (given): 28 marbles. 

 Question (which you the blogger create): How many did she fit in her vagina?

1. Answer: My butt. (Now you write the question for each answer given)
~ Q: What do I enjoy being licked, but not penetrated?

2. Answer: stiletto black leather pumps
~ Q: What does my wife take off as soon as she gets home i.e. immediately, no messing around. 

3. Answer: hard and stiff
~ Q: What does my wife expect me to be when she is ready to for sex?

4. Answer: “By George I think he’s got it!”
~ Q: What did the old old man next door say when I asked him if he was suggesting I fuck his much younger Trophy Wife?

5. Answer: socks
~ Q: What do you always take off before getting sexually intimate in bed - no matter how cold the winter is?

6. Answer: hole in the wall (see here for correct answer)
~ Q: Name the gang Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid led when they went on their crime spree.

Bonus: Answer: I hid them there so you wouldn’t find them.
~ Q: Why is there chocolate hidden behind these books on the bookshelf?

Double Bonus: Part 2 (the final part) of Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blond is coming tomorrow, I promise!

**UPDATE ~ The correct TMI Tuesday has turned up so I'll publish that on Thursday**

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, August 7, 2017

When my wife wears see-through mesh panties I go bananas.

My apologies if this is not the post you were expecting today. Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blond ~ Part 2 will appear on Wednesday (after TMI Tuesday) (unless TMI Tuesday is MIA again, like it was last week - in which case it will be published tomorrow). This is because I decided to 'tweak' it a little just now and... my computer crashed. Bummer! 

So I switched to my other laptop knowing that Blogger has an auto-save function. Unfortunately the other laptop had an earlier version still on an open tab so it promptly saved those six paragraphs, wiping out the full version I'd drafted. Bummer!

So I need another day to re-write the sequel to Part 1. Sorry about that, but scroll down for another story about my wife...

via Instagram

When we were younger she would prance around the bedroom in a pair (usually black) of mesh panties as she took an inordinate amount of time getting dressed. Finally I would reach a point where I could take it no longer and I'd push her face down onto the bed. I'd straddle the back of her legs, press my balls up against the gusset of her panties and start wanking my cock.

She would squirm and struggle beneath me, telling me we couldn't do this because we had to go out, that I'd ruin her panties with my sticky mess, but she loved it really. I'd alternate between jacking my cock and leaning forward and dry-humping her butt. She'd stick her hand down the front of her panties and finger herself while I did that, and it wasn't long before she was thrashing around beneath me. Climaxing.

When I was ready to cum I'd pull down the mesh panties and stick my cock into the crack of her ass and ejaculate. Depending on how big the mess was or what she was planning to wear on top she would either change her panties or leave them on when we went out. It was great fun and a great way to let out some sexual tension before a big night out.

Of course those were the days when we could do this in the late afternoon, go out and party all night, and then come home and have sex again. Over time it gradually stopped. She either got changed a lot quicker, or shoo'ed me away when I got frisky - telling me her knickers were too expensive for that sort of carry on.

Which was a shame because she had a black mesh spotted pair just like the pink ones on the left (pictured above) that for whatever reason used drive me insane...

Photo credit: These #pink panties are from @lazydaylingerie 😬🔥❤️
#lingerie #fetish #lingeriemodel #lingeriesexy #sexylingerie #booty #butt #ass #sinfulsunday

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blond

Aside from the slightly larger breasts,
she looked exactly like Savannah - especially the hair
Well, my life took a whole new turn on Saturday night when a hot blond at a party took a liking to me and made her intentions clear: she wanted to go home with me, she wanted me to bend her over the bed, and she wanted me to fuck her doggy style. Hard.

When a woman is that forthright what the fuck do you do?

The obvious answer is to take her home and fuck her, but when you're married that's not so easy. Most syndicated advice columnists would tell you to allow yourself to feel flattered by the attention but firmly let the admirer know you were married and that nothing could happen. The problem was, this blond bombshell already knew I was married - and didn't care. She wanted me. Bad.

The other problem was that I hadn't had sex for three weeks and was as horny as hell. I wanted her bad too, and I was already imagining her on all fours on my bed, her long blond hair splayed down her back as she looked back at me, begging me to stuff my big fat throbbing cock into her wet cunt and pound her hard.

Just thinking about it made my engorged cock throb and twitch, which was embarrassing given we were both on the dancefloor at a friends birthday party.

It was her fault I had a massive and obvious hard-on on the dance floor, since she had literally just seconds earlier whispered breathlessly in my ear all the dirty things she wanted to do to me. Like I said, when a woman is that forthright what the fuck do you do?

My resolve melted and the best my sex addled brain could manage was to agree to going back to her place instead, where I promised I would indeed bend her over and fuck her mercilessly, doggy style.

So we left the party and went back to her place, where she led me up to her bedroom. I excused myself briefly and went to the bathroom (all those cocktails!) but when I returned...

There in front of me stood my wife!!

To say this was not what I was expecting was an understatement. I've never cheated on my wife before, despite the opportunities (yes, women have offered themselves), because I was always too paranoid - I always figured these offers were part of an elaborate honey trap set up by wife. That if I went home with these women I'd discover my wife waiting for me, pointing her finger at me and screaming "Hah! I knew it!!"

And here she was, standing in front of me, my worst fears realized. My face fell, and my jaw dropped.

"Oh... do you want me to put the blond wig back on?" she asked, sensing my disappointment.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 people. I promise you the full details, since I'm still a bit groggy now. 
This was, hands down, the most freaky sex with my wife in our entire marriage. 
I've never seen her like this before and all I can say is {spoiler} why haven't we tried roleplaying before? 
My wife was {spoiler} a slutty whore...

Sinful Sunday #2