Friday, August 11, 2017

Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blonde ~ Part 3 (final)

You should read Part 1 and Part 2 of this story to understand the lead up to this final part, so off you go... come back when you're finished. Or not. Make your own decisions!

"Yeah, fuck your blond bitch" said my wife. "I'm such a naughty girl. Naughty... naughty... girl..."

Her words fell away as the moaning returned, punctuated by 'oh god, oh god'. She'd said that a lot tonight.

Before long she was panting 'oh god, oh god' repeatedly and I knew she was cumming. I slapped her ass a few times for good measure and told her again what a dirty blond slut she was. I think that finished her off. She moaned deeply, groaned "Gahhhh!" and then collapsed forward and curled up in front of me - clutching her pussy. She crossed her legs tightly and I could tell she was ringing out the last drop of pleasure she could find.

Which left me standing on the side of the bed with blue balls and an erection like concrete. I started stroking my dick, knowing it wouldn't be long before my wife recovered and emerged from her ecstatic haze to finish me off. It was my turn now, let's see what slutty tricks Blondie had in store for me...

If you'd read Part 1 and Part 2 you'd know my brunette wife was wearing a blond wig that looked like this

By the time my wife recovered I was lying on the bed next to her, jacking my cock.

She got up in a daze and without a word crawled down to my dick. I thought she was going to blow me but instead she slumped down and started stroking my cock. I guess it was too late for oral since I'd been pummeling her pussy with it for twenty minutes plus. For no reason my wife decided to push her legs under mine and we lay there like a '+' sign as she jerked me off.

"That feels nice" I said, "now play with yourself while you do it. I want to see you cum again"

My wife started fingering her vulva, and tightened her grip on my cock as she did so. She was slow with herself at first but started frigging with gusto as her cunt began to wake up. Another orgasm was calling her and it wasn't long before she was swiveling around and repositioning herself between my legs. She backed up, grabbed my cock and then backed down further onto it. Her tight pussy swallowed me whole and soon she was sliding back on forth on my cock.

This is not the usual 'reverse cowgirl' position, but my wife loves it. She's essentially in the doggy position but lower and backed up onto my cock, with me on my back. This means my legs are splayed up behind her, giving her free and easy access to my balls. And my asshole. She started fingering both of them with one hand, while rubbing her clit with the other. Her moaning returned.

She then switched positions slightly again, lifting herself higher so my cock popped out. She got down on one elbow and held my cock against her slippery slit as she rocked back and forth. It was a repeat of how the sex tonight had started except now I had an even better view of her butt. And her asshole.

"Mmmmm, you've got a great ass Blondie" I told her.

"I'd bet you'd like to fuck it" she said, without missing a beat. "I bet you'd like to fuck my dirty little asshole wouldn't you? Yeah, you'd love that wouldn't you? Fucking your dirty blond slut up her ass?" It was like she'd read my mind.

Her head dropped down to the mattress, elevating her butt slightly higher and freeing her other hand to reach back and delicately tease her asshole. "Mmmmmm..." she purred.

I should have cum then and there but I didn't - because with her other hand she'd inserted her finger into my butthole. I don't mind her tongue there but a long hard fingernail has quite the opposite effect.

But she was oblivious. Fingering my asshole and balls, all the while writhing around and pulling her cheeks open to expose her little brown starfish, I was both ready to cum but unable to. Pleasure and pain do not work for me it seems.

I smacked her butt cheeks and pushed her forward at the same time, pulling myself out from underneath her. I got up on my knees as she assumed the 'head down, ass up' position in front of me. She had both her hands reaching back - one between her legs and fingering her pussy, the other over her butt and fingering her ass.

"Ooh yeah, fuck my slutty ass, wank that big cock all over me" she urged, as the tempo on her own pussy increased.  "You wanna fuck this blond's butthole so bad don't you?" she teased, as she pushed her finger into her asshole - right up to the first knuckle. And then started tapping it in and out.

That was it, I was done.

"You dirty blonde slut" was all I could manage "open up, I'm coming - NOW!"

My wife pulled her cheeks wide, giving me two options. It didn't matter -  I exploded as I thrust myself forward, trying to find a hole. Any hole. She grabbed my balls as I pumped my jism all over her asscrack, the head of my cock poking into her rosebud. I saw no need to thrust deeper since I was cumming, and she wasn't lubed. I kept rutting at her crease until I was spent and there was no more cum left. As I pulled back I saw I'd made quite a sticky mess - there was a lot of cum - and maybe I could have fucked her ass after all. Sperm is lube, right?

My wife seemed to think so, as she ran her finger through it, up and down her asscrack.  Then she scooped it up and rubbed it over butt cheeks. With one hand, because her other was still between her legs fingering her clit and pussy. She was still moaning, trying to chase another orgasm.

As I slumped back against the headboard and watched my wife I had to marvel at her behavior. Tonight had been different, very different. Buried deep inside my wife was a slut - a blond slut.

All I had to do now was find a way to bring that blond slut out more often...


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  1. That hot night should keep you in "wanking" material - in your head - for some time ;-)
    Being an intelligent dude I would appreciate your thoughts on my latest serious attempt at blogging! most seem to steer away if i write anything that doesn't have the word "fuck" in it - except my regulars. ;-)

    1. It's funny you should say that. The 'aftermath' of this night has been interesting. It's left me thinking maybe I need to write a Part 4 of sorts. No sex stuff, just what happened in the days that followed.

  2. I hope you find a way to encourage her inner blonde slut to come out more often!!

    1. Lord knows how - since that night she has distanced herself from it. She's now making it out that it was all me that pushed it. It (seriously) feels like she's a little jealous of 'the blond' - WTF?

  3. I too hope you find a way to draw the Blonde out more and more.


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