Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blonde ~ Part 2

She had long blond hair just like this...
and she wanted me to take her home and fuck her from behind, doggy style
You really do need to read Part 1 of this story to understand the lead up to this part, so off you go... come back when you're finished. Thank you.

So we'd left the party and gone back to her place, where she led me up to her bedroom. I excused myself briefly and went to the bathroom (all those cocktails!) but when I returned...

There in front of me stood my wife!! My face fell, and my jaw dropped.

"Oh... do you want me to put the blond wig back on?" she asked, sensing my disappointment.

Well of course I wanted her to put the @%#ing wig on!! Not because I fancied fucking a blond woman, but because it had clearly electrified my wife (sexually) while we were at the party and I planned to take full advantage of that. And by 'planned' I mean yes, I had run a whole scenario through my head of what I was going to do to her to fulfill this fantasy that I thought was running through her head.  

But clearly the fantasy had evaporated and yet again Lucy had removed the football before Charlie Brown could take a kick at it. Once again my wife had been a sexy bitch in front of all her BNG pals but once we got home it was back to normal. No sex for Nero.

Despondent, I gave the passive aggressive response "No, don't worry, you've changed now, that's alright" and wandered off to get changed myself. As you'll know from previous blogs I've decided not to demean myself by begging for sex. It's not good for my self esteem, and besides, I've told my wife many times previously how disappointed I am when she takes off her fancy lingerie after a night out - before I've had a chance to 'enjoy' it. Her response has always been that she doesn't want me wrecking it. As if I would!

When I came back she was still in the bathroom, but now she was wearing nothing but a black thong and a blond wig. It looked like it was 'Game On' again! I didn't waste my chance...

I stood behind her and cupped her breasts in my hands. They felt warm and full, but her nipples were hard as rocks. I pulled back her blond hair and nibbled on her neck. "Mmmmmm" I whispered, "you're so hot - I have to have you." My wife spun herself around and leaned up to kiss me. "You want to have sex with a blond girl, do you?" she asked.

Her tone indicated that she wanted me to have sex with a blond girl. She wasn't testing me.

"Yeah," I said, in a low tone "but you have to do something for me first..."

"Ooh, what?" replied my wife, hopefully.

"I wanna get some pics of you naked - turn around and face the wall..."

My wife did as she was told and assumed the position. Frankly I was surprised, since she'd never let me photograph her naked, but I guess she felt safe with the wig on. This was the fantasy I'd concocted during the night and I was damned pleased it was working out. I told her to keep her hands up against the wall but to turn back and face me - with her head down so her face was obscured by the wig. She did as she was told, and I gave her further instructions for other poses - all the while telling her what a hot blond vixen she was.

It wasn't long before I had her remove her panties and turn to face me. I took some shots of her tits and her nipples and she was clearly into it so I pushed the envelope a little. I told her to turnaround again, bend over, and show me her pussy.

"Are you gonna masturbate to these?" she asked, excited. "Are these for your wank bank while I'm away?"

"You bet" I replied, "next time you go to Europe without me I'm going to get these out and jizz all over them." She told me I was naughty, and reached back to spread herself wider for my cameraphone. "Mmmmm, such a pretty pussy" I continued, "maybe I'll put these up online on one of those rate-my-wife sites?" My wife put her fingers between her legs and started touching herself for the camera. She was visibly wet.

I pulled her into the bedroom and onto the bed. She immediately reached for the nightstand and grabbed the lube. As she lubed herself up I took a few more sneaky pics of her pussy, expecting her to tell me to stop. She didn't so I pulled her into the doggy position and took a few more from behind, shooting up from below. Her fingers were busy on her pussy now - she'd graduated from lubing herself up to blatantly frigging herself. I realized if I didn't get in there soon she'd finish herself off and the fantasy would be over.

I tossed the phone and climbed up behind her on the bed. I grabbed her hips and she grabbed my dick between her legs, pulling it between her slippery lips. Instead of pulling me inside her she used my cock as a dildo, holding it over her labia, making a sheath with her wet fingers. She started sliding back and forth on my stiff prick, running the swollen head up and down her clit. It felt good for me and it clearly felt good for her as she began moaning continuously.

I reached forward and grabbed her boobs as they swayed beneath her. Her nipples were very hard and I stroked my fingertips all over her full breasts. I started thrusting harder and faster against her vulva, her fingers still holding me outside her deliciously sloppy slit. She was very wet and moaning and groaning and I could feel I was almost ready to cum myself. She was too and without warning she pushed herself forward, pulled my cock back, aimed it at her hole, and then backed herself on to me.

I met her movements by thrusting forward slowly, feeling every inch of her tight canal. Once I was fully in her fingernails raked my balls deliberately before finding her clit. As she started strumming herself I continued thrusting, increasing the intensity but maintaining a steady rhythm. I was fascinated by the sound she was making - she was moaning and groaning continuously - it was quite unlike her but she was clearly in the zone. 

I decided to amp things up with a little dirty talk, to play up the fact she was a blond tonight.

"How do you like that, Blondie?" I taunted. "You love getting fucked don't you? You absolutely love it. You're a hot little blond slut who just loves all the attention from the boys, and you know exactly what to do to get it. I bet you used to give hand jobs to all the guys on the football team after school, didn't you? Yeah, I bet they loved that..."

With every question my wife moaned some more, picturing herself as that naughty blond school girl - just like the ones in the Literotica stories she loved so much. 

"How long before they made you blow them all, I wonder? Did they form a circle around you and make you hobble around on your knees, sucking each and every one of them off?" I asked, as I continued to pound her from behind. "They would have all been rock hard, watching you on your knees blowing their teammate, your blond hair swishing around as you bobbed up and down on all those fresh young cocks..."

"How much cum did you swallow in that locker room? I bet you had to take it all, because no matter how slutty you were there was no way you were leaving that room with any of their cum on you. But I bet they wanted to. I bet they wanted to mess up that beautiful blond hair so bad. I bet they used to rub their stiff pricks all over your long blond hair, poking you with their teen dicks as they waited their turn to stuff their throbbing cocks into your wet mouth..."

"Yesss!" hissed my wife, groaning as she bounced back harder on my dick "I'm such a dirty blond slut"

"I'm guessing you were quite the Party Girl as you got older too. I bet all the guys wanted a hot blond bitch like you at their side. I bet you got invited everywhere, to all the best parties, to all the exclusive events, and yet they all couldn't wait to take you home after. I bet some of them even started on you as soon as you got in the limo, running their hands up your legs and under your dress. I bet your pussy was already sopping wet by the time they discovered you weren't wearing any panties. Their probing fingers swirling all over your shaved cunt as they found their entrance..."

My wife was moaning and groaning like a zombie now, her hand slapping against her pussy.

"But now it's my turn to have you" I said, darkly. "Now I get to have the hot little blond that everyone else at the party tonight wanted to have - but couldn't. Now I get to take you home and do what I please. To make you pose for dirty pictures so I can wank over them when you're gone, post them online for strangers to see... let them all see the pretty blond fuck toy I scored. I bet they'll rate your tits, ass, and pussy very highly..." 

My wife was moaning like she was climaxing but it didn't stop so I guess she was on a plateau - a very high plateau - the one you're on before cumming! I chose this moment to withdraw so I could reposition myself. I pulled up and dragged her back to the edge of the bed and stood on the plinth the bed sits on. I was just about to re-enter her from a higher angle and give her a deeper fuck when a new thought hit me. 

She was fingering herself in my absence and there was a slight gape where moments ago my fat cock had filled her pussy. I licked my thumb and then plunged it into the hole. Once I found the soft fleshy bit on the upperside I started fucking her with my hand, bowling ball style. My thumb remained pressed against the fleshy bit as I stroked in and out and my fingers gripped her labia and diddled her clit. I stood there drilling her cunt with my hand, trying to make her squirt. Like a video I'd seen online I got quite rough and hard with my hand but she didn't complain. Her moaning continued unabated.

She got very very wet and I felt her twitching around my thumb, but she wasn't clamping so I figured she wasn't going to cum this way. Her pussy had flooded a little but she wasn't squirting so I stopped, straddled her butt, and aimed my rock hard cock at her hole. I slid in slowly again but it only took a few strokes before I was thrusting hard. She pushed back just as hard, and my balls slapped her pussy as she continued moaning.

"Let me see that long blond beautiful hair of yours" I said, as I pulled it straight and trailed it down her back. I stroked it with one hand as my other gripped her hip tightly while I continued to fuck her. "Oh god, you're so hot. I can't believe I finally get to have my own little blond fuck toy. Mmmmm..."

"Yeah, fuck your blond bitch" said my wife, suddenly. "I'm such a naughty girl. Naughty... naughty... girl..."

Her words fell away as the moaning returned, punctuated by 'oh god, oh god'. She'd said that a lot tonight.

Before long she was panting 'oh god, oh god' repeatedly and I knew she was cumming. I slapped her ass a few times for good measure and told her again what a dirty blond slut she was. I think that finished her off. She moaned deeply, groaned "Gahhhh!" and then collapsed forward and curled up in front of me - clutching her pussy. She crossed her legs tightly and I could tell she was ringing out the last drop of pleasure she could find.

Which left me standing on the side of the bed with blue balls and an erection like concrete. I started stroking my dick, knowing it wouldn't be long before my wife recovered and emerged from her ecstatic haze to finish me off. It was my turn now, let's see what slutty tricks Blondie had in store for me...

Here is Part 3 (final)


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  1. wow - that was hot - really great u had such a sexy night - hope it ends that way - you gonna let us find out? Final part? Yes Yes Yes

    1. Well that makes two votes - which is twice what I expected!
      Do you think we can get three votes for Part 3, or is that pushing it?

  2. Thanks for the votes ladies! As per your requests, see also:

    Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blonde ~ Part 3 (final)

    1. And here's the actual link to Part 3 (because that would be helpful wouldn't it?)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! And here's the link to Part 3

  4. I thought the story was great - waiting for pt 3 too...

    1. Thanks! And here's the link to Part 3

  5. Oh my goodness that was delicious and hot and sexy. And I am SO glad she put that damn wig back on!

  6. This is some really hot role play, so damn sexy.

    1. Yeah, it worked out quite well. Hopefully we can do it again sometime. Soon! :D


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