Tuesday, August 29, 2017

TMI Tuesday – August 29, 2017 ~ Sexy Time!

1. Have you ever had sex in the changing room of a store?
~ No but I often have a good perve at my wife when she's in there. She always gets totally naked (well, down to her panties or thong) and is always asking me to come in and tell her if something looks good on her. Other times I just duck my head through the curtain to perve. She doesn't mind me staring because I have a good eye and will always tell her the truth whereas shop assistants will lie or flatter to get the commission.

2. Ever blindfolded your partner for sex or have you been blindfolded during sex?
~ I used one of those airline blindfolds once, with good results. Not a regular thing though. When I pulled it out she asked "what's that for?" and I told her it was because I just wanted her to lie back and relax. And so she did, plumped up on her pillows. I ate her out slowly and she came hard.

3. Who out there likes to be tied up for sex?
~ I've discussed this a few times on this blog. Check out the tags Submission, bondage, and bound at the bottom of this post. Spoiler: my wife is into it in her dirty stories but always fudges at my attempts to turn her fantasy into reality. Lately she counters with "Why can't I tie you up?" which I've said I'm willing to try but she never follows through.

Always choose your position carefully, otherwise you might slip over and hurt yourself - safety first!

4. Shower sex… yea or nay? Why?
~ It always looks hot AF in the movies and porn but the reality can be a lot more scary. It's not the safest thing to do but I guess the danger is what makes it so exciting. We've had sex in our fancy new marble double shower and it was great but we broke the door in the process (you find you need to grab hold of things when you're fucking in a shower). Call me old but I think we'll just stick to showers for foreplay rather than go the whole nine yards. 
Because I do love me some slippery soapy boobies and hard shower nipples to fondle...

5. Ever done a striptease for a lover?
~ Sadly I no longer have the body for it and given my wife's fat issues I think it would only destroy what's left of her libido. My wife use to do a striptease for me on Valentine's Day, for which she would buy special lingerie for. That was always hot AF and I loved it but... it too fell by the wayside.

Bonus: What are you thinking?
~ This week's questions have reminded me of a lot of things we used to do when we were younger. Which we don't do any more. Which is a damn shame. How did we get to this point?

Double Bonus: ~ We haven't had sex for ages so you'll have to make do with these posts:
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Triple Bonus: ~ I have a post tomorrow that discusses an important question related to the 'Double Bonus' links.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! About you always mentioning your body hang ups

    1. A recent realisation. My wife never directs any comments at me but occasionally she lets slip comments about other men my age and weight.
      But yes, you are correct: beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. And my wife has an eye for slimmer fitter men it seems! ;)


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