Monday, August 7, 2017

When my wife wears see-through mesh panties I go bananas.

My apologies if this is not the post you were expecting today. Hot dirty sex with a dirty hot blond ~ Part 2 will appear on Wednesday (after TMI Tuesday) (unless TMI Tuesday is MIA again, like it was last week - in which case it will be published tomorrow). This is because I decided to 'tweak' it a little just now and... my computer crashed. Bummer! 

So I switched to my other laptop knowing that Blogger has an auto-save function. Unfortunately the other laptop had an earlier version still on an open tab so it promptly saved those six paragraphs, wiping out the full version I'd drafted. Bummer!

So I need another day to re-write the sequel to Part 1. Sorry about that, but scroll down for another story about my wife...

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When we were younger she would prance around the bedroom in a pair (usually black) of mesh panties as she took an inordinate amount of time getting dressed. Finally I would reach a point where I could take it no longer and I'd push her face down onto the bed. I'd straddle the back of her legs, press my balls up against the gusset of her panties and start wanking my cock.

She would squirm and struggle beneath me, telling me we couldn't do this because we had to go out, that I'd ruin her panties with my sticky mess, but she loved it really. I'd alternate between jacking my cock and leaning forward and dry-humping her butt. She'd stick her hand down the front of her panties and finger herself while I did that, and it wasn't long before she was thrashing around beneath me. Climaxing.

When I was ready to cum I'd pull down the mesh panties and stick my cock into the crack of her ass and ejaculate. Depending on how big the mess was or what she was planning to wear on top she would either change her panties or leave them on when we went out. It was great fun and a great way to let out some sexual tension before a big night out.

Of course those were the days when we could do this in the late afternoon, go out and party all night, and then come home and have sex again. Over time it gradually stopped. She either got changed a lot quicker, or shoo'ed me away when I got frisky - telling me her knickers were too expensive for that sort of carry on.

Which was a shame because she had a black mesh spotted pair just like the pink ones on the left (pictured above) that for whatever reason used drive me insane...

Photo credit: These #pink panties are from @lazydaylingerie 😬πŸ”₯❤️
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