Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hotel Vacation Sex

Forgive me for not posting sooner but I'm on vacation and it's hard to blog when you're in Sicily with 3 other couples. Especially when you're trying to do it on an iPad and whole sentences disappear as you type. And you're jet lagged and don't really know what day it is...

As you learned  yesterday I didn't get any last week, before my wife went away on conference, and I didn't get any on the weekend when she came back either (despite her texts). We left Sunday afternoon, landed in London, flew on to Rome, and now we are in Sicily. I typed up TMI Tuesday on the hotel computer in London in the wee small hours, scheduled it, and then climbed back into bed about 7am local time.

My wife was up and dressed and also on her way to the business centre to get all her important business stuff out of the way. She returned at about 8am and I was in bed watching CNN. She saw my hand under the blanket and assumed I was doing something. I wasn't but she was making such a fuss, teasing me and asking me if she'd interrupted me jerking off (and seemingly excited by the thought) I ran with it. She asked me if I needed a little help and offered me a handjob.

I told her I wanted more than that, and that she'd promised me more than that last week. I asked her what happened to Saturday night, and she responded by telling me how tired she was after that conference.


My wife snaked her hand under the covers and found my cock. She fondled with it for a while before giving me a full on, proper hand job. I was as hard as concrete given I hadn't had any for so long.

Eventually I got up, removed my boxers, and told her to get undressed.

She did, quickly, and lay down on the bed with her legs open. I went down on her and ate her out. She came quickly. I told her to blow me and she got up and mounted me. I told her I'd wanted her to blow me, not mount me, so she crawled off and bent down and swallowed me whole - and commenced sucking my fat cock.

Okay, that was new. She was literally sucking her own juices off my dick and swallowing with gusto. That my cock is straining at my fly as I type this now should tell you how hot I think that is. I wondered what she had been doing at that all woman conference she'd been to the week before. I imagined what she'd been doing and involved my wife eating a lot of wet juicy pussy. I almost came right then but I had another idea.

I pushed her off me and mounted her from behind. I thrust a few times, a slow and steady fucking, but I was careful not to cum. When I thought I'd made my dick good and wet I pulled out and moved to the front of the bed. In front of her, still on all fours. "Suck my cock" I said, and she did. Without discussion. My wife seemed to have no problem with pussy juice this morning...?

The angle was wrong so I kind of pushed her down onto the hotel bed, flat, and started fucking her face. I had one hand under her throat, to support her head, and the other on the side, as I pushed in and out. This was new for both of us and it felt good* as I could feel my cock sliding in and out of her throat. I started thrusting faster but not roughly, and I could feel it boiling in my balls. I did not want to cum this way.

I withdrew, slapped her ass, and climbed up again behind her. She was flat on the bed facedown with her legs together so I poked my cock inside her wet cunt and started thrusting. Hard and fast. I slapped her ass a few more times and she seemed to like it. I pullled her on all fours and began pounding her in earnest. She was grunting now and telling me to smack her butt. "Yeah, yeah, fuck me" she begged.

I planted my hand on her ass one more time and got the perfect "thwack!". That was it, I was done, I came hard. Bucket loads.

We were both very happy people and snoozed for 20 minutes before heading down for breakfast.

[*she later told me it made her neck hurt, when I asked her what it felt like]

Part 2

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  1. It's amazing what kind of sex happens in a hotel. :)

    1. Yes, being in a new, fresh setting certainly helps.

  2. Being on vacation and in a hotel seems to bring and added spark to things.

    1. Yes, and what happened last night was a real doozey! I hope to get that we itten up asap.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you read Part 2 too!

  4. I hadnt seen this one before as it was pre-Twitter for me! Love it!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you read Part 2 too!


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