Thursday, September 28, 2017

RIP Hugh Hefner

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RIP Hugh Hefner

I guess if I’m to be truly honest I was never a huge Playboy fan. As an adult I fully appreciated the marketing and the brand, but as an adolescent I was more into Penthouse magazine. That was because the Playboy bunnies were too much ‘girl next door’ and I wanted something more sexually explicit. For a long time the difference between bth mags was that Playboy girls were naked but kept their legs together, whereas the Penthouse models spread their legs.

When you’re a pubescent teen that makes a big difference! Besides, I was too young to appreciate the articles in Playboy (and I much preferred the letters in Penthouse)! I do appreciate what Hugh Hefner did tho’ and so my teenage self mourns him today...


I once had the chance to attend a private event at the Playboy Mansion in 2015, but didn’t go. It was really just a corporate drinking event, with Playboy bunnies in attendance, and cost $1,000. There was no benefit or charity involved, it just cost that much to have a party at the Playboy Mansion!

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  1. My brother used to have playboy magazines under his bed when he was a teenager. I never understood why mum put coloured sheets on his bed! I was recently leafing through and old Playboy magazine that my brother in law has from 1974. It really surprised me in how classy it was. Some articles really well written and great photography. Magazines today seemed to be aimed at the average 12 year old in the way they are written - we are not expected to want any great literary content now.

    1. Yeah, Hef had some great and now famous writers working for him. Unfortunately when I was 12 all that stuff went over my head!

    2. Thats just what my man said - about the writers


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