Monday, September 4, 2017

Saturday Night Sex Surprise

I suppose I should say upfront we didn't do anything surprising on Saturday night. There was nothing freaky, we tried nothing new. The surprise was that we actually had sex - it's been so long! And she initiated!! It went down like this...

If you came here via the Masturbation Monday meme you may wish to just scroll down half a page to the paragraph starting with an *.
That's when the sexy bit starts. Regular readers will stay for the usual preamble consisting mostly of Nero's angst.   

We haven't had sex since August 16, which was due to one of her Kindleporn binges. Some of you might think 16 days does not merit an "it's been so long!" but it does in my book. Maybe I should have masturbated more during that period but I hadn't so I was horny.

Horny but not acting on it, and trying my best not to be grumpy. Internally I had decided my wife didn't really want to have sex with me and only wanted to have sex with me when she had been reading her dirty stories; and she hadn't been reading her dirty stories so she didn't want to have sex with me. So I shouldn't demean myself by trying to initiate sex. So I didn't.

We went to a movie on Saturday night. We saw Wind River (it's good, see it if it's still on in your area) and then went home and ... did nothing. Seriously, we came home and she went straight to her computer - so I watched TV. Once I was in the middle of a movie she snuck off to bed (without telling me) and that was that. At midnight I looked over to the bedroom and saw the telltale glow of her iPad behind the curtain. She was reading again, but I knew not what.

I contemplated going up to see what was happening (i.e. if she was in the mood for sex) but as soon as I thought it the bedroom went dark. I joked to myself that she must have read my mind, but I know it was just coincidence - she's not psychic!

So at 2am I blearily stumbled up to bed. I'd fallen half asleep and missed the end of the other movie I'd started watching, which was no big deal. I crawled into bed and looked forward to falling back to sleep, since I'd been short on sleep all week. That's one of the side effects of no sex for me - I can't sleep.

* My wife had other ideas.

Honestly I was just falling asleep when my wife suddenly rolls over and snuggles up next to me. Then she puts her hand on my chest and cuddles me. I'm lying there thinking "what does this mean?" because she's done that before and no sex ensued. This time she moves her hand down to my dick and starts rubbing it through my boxers. But she's not rubbing it like she's going to give me a hand job, she's just fondling it.

My dick remains soft.

I'm simultaneously aware that my dick is not responding, aware that it should be responding since it's been so long, and aware that it's not responding because I have been suppressing my libido for the past two weeks because my wife was clearly not in the mood for sex. I'm then aware that if I don't get my head in the game the game will be over before it starts so... WTF DO YOU WANT NERO?

Nero wants to have sex.

Nero's cock starts to stiffen at his wife's touch and when it does Nero's wife starts tugging at it through the boxers, not fondling it.

My wife pulls down my boxers, throws back the covers, and starts giving me a proper hand job. I kick off my boxers (they were at my knees) and my wife moves between my legs. She's jacking my cock and rubbing her tits all over my balls and dick. Her nipples are rock hard and feel great against my skin. I reach forward and squeeze her breasts, giving the fat nipples a little tweak to make them fatter. My wife rubs my stiff prick all over her titties, scraping her nipples with my tip.

Then she straightens up, licks her fingers, and starts jacking me off like she wants me to cum. It's a strong steady rhythm and I'm thinking I might just cum this way (I don't usually, from a hand job) because my balls are that blue. But as I think it my wife switches gears and bobs down to swallow my dick. She has me in her mouth and she's sucking hard, swallowing up and down my cock. Deep throating me.

Again, I don't usually cum this way but this time I feel I just might because her technique is strong and steady.

And again a bunch of thoughts run simultaneously through my mind: her technique has improved - why? Why is she so horny? She must have been reading her dirty stories - what in particular set her off? Does she want me to cum in her mouth like in one of her stories, or... what?

And again I tell myself not to overthink it, and just enjoy it. But my brain can't just switch off like that. I know she's been reading dirty stories, so I start to talk dirty:

"Oh yeah, that feels so good baby" I groan, "you're such a naughty girl..."

"Yeah, I'm a dirty girl" responds my wife, releasing me from her mouth and resuming the hand job. She's stroking me hard and fast.

"Yeah, you're a dirty school girl, giving her boyfriend a hand job after school, when everyone else has gone. Wanking his cock, jerking him off, because you love it. You love making him hard and seeing that stiff prick in your hands. You love jacking guys off, seeing them cum, watching all that white gooey mess spurting out of their cocks, jumping in the air and landing like hot lava on your hand".

My wife's hand was a blur now, and she was moaning. If I wan't flat on my back in a dark room I'd know what she was doing with her other hand.

"your boyfriend doesn't know what a horny girlfriend he has though. He doesn't know that you love all those hard teen cocks so much that you're giving other boys at school hand jobs as well - because you can't get enough. You're insatiable. And you're so good at it the other guys won't dare tell because they're scared you'll stop jerking them off if he finds out".

My wife was bent over now, wanking my cock while sucking the head in and out of her mouth, bobbing up and down. She was humming, like a child who wanted to finish all the birthday cake.

"but now you want to know what these cocks taste like, to see if they feel like they say they do in those dirty stories you've been secretly reading in class, instead of doing your school work. You want to feel those hot cocks in your mouth, and discover if the cum really does taste as salty as those stories say they do. So strong and thick and creamy as it passes over your tongue and down your throat.

"you're already known to give the best hand jobs in school but now some of the other girls are doing that too. You want to be the best, so you think you'll show them who's boss. Anyone can give a hand job but only a true slut will give blow jobs. You're gonna suck all those cocks and be the hottest girl in school..."

"Mmmmmm" moaned my wife "I'm a dirty cock sucking school girl... I want your cum in my mouth."

I wanted to cum too, but my cock was so hard and long it seemed a waste to cum in her mouth. I'd contemplated extending my dirty talk into a teacher scenario (she loves those stories too) but instead I broke character:

"Are you sure? Because I'm ready to cum and if you want some of this fat cock in your pussy you better get it now!"

My wife didn't need to be told twice and immediately swung herself around and mounted me in the reverse cow girl position. She rode me really hard - squeezing her tits and fingering her clit as she did so. After a while she changed positions, putting her legs between mine, leaning forward and pushing my legs back and up behind her. She resumed jack-hammering me, pistoning back and forth on my cock, her pussy wet and slick. She continued fingering herself, occasionally raking my balls with her fingernails as she did so.

And then she came, groaning long and loud, before slumping forward and collapsing.

It was my turn now.

I got up and pulled her into the doggy position. She was tired and chose the 'head down, ass up' posture, reaching between her legs to grab my cock and push it into her tight pussy. I grabbed her hips and started pounding. She was slapping her vulva with her free hand as I pounded her from behind. I told her how great she felt and she started moaning and slapped her cunt even harder.

That set me off, and I exploded inside her.

It was like a dye bomb a bank teller might slip in the bag of money during a bank heist. Boom! I just exploded, she got the full load all at once. Two weeks worth of jism, all for her. I pumped a few more times to be sure, but I was done. We both collapsed onto the bed and curled up to sleep. Without another word. We were done.


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  1. I don't know what you think of all this, but if it was me, I'd make sure she never ran out of erotica to read. The wait sucks but damn, you get some hot sex when she gets done reading.

    1. Yes, I have been musing on that lately. Maybe I need to adjust my thinking? Instead of bemoaning all the porn she needs to read to feel horny, maybe I should be grateful she's willing to do that to spark her libido? Maybe it's just 'female viagra'?

  2. I'm with Kayla on this; word porn is a powerful aphrodisiac for women. The question is it more of a turn on for her to read it in secret or for you to know she's reading it...

    I had to type this an anonymous for some reason I can't leave comments as Cimmeriansentiment

    1. We have such a weird situation about her reading. She knows I know she reads it but she always denies she's reading it. And not in a teasing way. It's weird.

    2. Hmm... She might like it as her 'little secret' it might be her turn on to read on the sly. Perhaps a perspective change is needed. Is it a 'weird' situation or is she slower to come out of her kink closet? I say drop subtle, and I mean subtle hints about places she could find sexy stories. Enjoy her secret and understand she might be embarrassed or shy about it... for now. -Cimm

    3. see my reply to Southern Sir below

  3. I agree with Kayla, I think you should help her find some appropriate reading material if the is the end result. Whew this is hot.

    1. I'm pretty sure I put her on to way back when, which she 'rediscovered' in her 40s, so I guess I started the whole thing! I also scoured the net and downloaded a whole bunch of free erotic e-books in the genres I know she likes and gave them to her for her birthday (as well as a regular gift). She didn't upload the books to her Kindle. As Cimmeriansentiment (as Anonymous) suggests above, I suspect she wants the stories to be her private thing and my participation is not welcome.


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