Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sinful Sunday Blue

Not a particularly erotic pose, but my wife is so rarely this submissive
it was a pleasure to have her so willing to be so sexually compliant
This is my final entry into the Sinful Sunday meme, which I created ahead of finding out I'm in breach of the rules.  Since my wife does not know about my blog she can't consent to her image being published, therefore Sinful Sunday can't include me in their meme. You can read about what happened here. The prompt for this month is 'Blue' and you can see the photos other people have posted here.

NB: Today's post was originally scheduled for last Sunday but I moved it because I don't want no drama.
Also, today's post is not an authorized part of the Sinful Sunday meme - but I'll give them a final plug anyway:

Sinful Sunday


  1. That was a decidedly cockney comment
    "I don't want no drama"
    - my step father would have said to me - its
    "I do not want ANY drama, May"

    Anyways how did you get her to pose for that shot?

    1. Ha - I was quoting Fergie actually!

      And you might recognise some of my wife's blonde wig between her legs, if you dare look that closely.


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