Tuesday, September 12, 2017

TMI Tuesday: September 12, 2017 ~ It's a good week to...

Okay, this is a little more depressing than I intended. My life aint that bad - I'm off to Europe this weekend!

1. What is your reality?
~ I am a bird in a gilded cage.

2. Will you have sex today? This week?
~ Who knows? It is in the lap of the gods a.k.a. my wife. Tomorrow she flies off for a 3 day conference, returning Saturday. Then on Sunday we fly to Europe for 3 weeks. She hinted at something last Saturday but nothing happened. Maybe we'll have sex tonight so she doesn't have to worry about me sleeping with prostitutes because I haven't had any for so long (that's her self professed fear) or maybe she'll figure I can wait until Saturday night. Past history indicates she'll wait until Saturday and then on Saturday decide it can wait until we're in a hotel room in Italy.

3. What did you hate doing this past weekend?
~ Arguing with my wife over why she tipped an Uber driver. "Because it was a $9 fare!" she said, "he can't live on $9 fares!" Well, if he gets 10 of those short fares in an hour he's doing okay IMO. What is the point of Uber if we go back to paying taxicab prices?

4. What did you love doing this past weekend?
Getting flirty in the changing room... was a fun diversion. It felt like the old days.

5. Which new technology have you found most helpful in your life? Which do you find to be the most annoying?
~ Not really new but what would do without the internet? You can look/search/read/buy anything online now. Most annoying is that all of these sites pretty much force you to 'register' with them now (usually via Facebook) which also entitles them to all your data (read the fine print). And then there are those annoying 'notifications' and e-mails they keep firing at you.

Bonus: Go do last week’s TMI questions that were posted on Friday. Great questions!
~ Yes H, but I only found this list today. I did look last Wednesday and last Thursday (hence my lazy Instagram posts that day just in case TMI was posted) but by last Friday I had given up. But the questions are good so I shall post them on Thursday. TMI Thursday if you will.

Bonus Bonus:~ Since I didn't get any action at the weekend see this old post: Replay: Friday Night Mutual Masturbation


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Good photo at top - you in a gilded cage, ah we all have our cross to bear ;-)

    1. Indeed. It could be worse. Lots of people have lost their homes this week due to hurricane Irma, and I'm off to Italy for a vacation. .


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