Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wicked Wednesday ~ What does my wife mean by this?

In yesterday's post TMI Tuesday: September 12, 2017 ~ It's a good week... I was asked a question, to which I answered:

Q2. Will you have sex today? This week?
~ Who knows? It is in the lap of the gods a.k.a. my wife. Tomorrow she flies off for a 3 day conference, returning Saturday. Then on Sunday we fly to Europe for 3 weeks. She hinted at something last Saturday but nothing happened. Maybe we'll have sex tonight so she doesn't have to worry about me sleeping with prostitutes because I haven't had any for so long (that's her self professed fear) or maybe she'll figure I can wait until Saturday night. Past history indicates she'll wait until Saturday and then on Saturday decide it can wait until we're in a hotel room in Italy.

Well, this morning I had to get up early to fly her to the airport. When I got home she was boarding her flight (to foreign soil*) and sent me the following text. She asked me (not shown) if the traffic going home was as bad as it was driving out to the airport, and thanked me for the ride. I answered:

WTF? What does this mean? Is she for the first time in her life going to send me a naughty photo? What would have brought this on? I'm so confused!

I can't believe she would... but if she does... come back tomorrow and I'll update this post!!

UPDATE (Thursday Morning) ~ Well, color me surprized but she did send pics! Unfortunately fate intervened to prevent any naughty sexting. I waited until 11.30pm before giving up - she sent them at 11.35pm but I never saw them so never replied. I finally saw them at 1am but she had given up and was going to bed. She was tired from her early morning flight and a long first day at the conference.


*This post has also been submitted to Wicked Wednesday 

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  1. maybe she is going to send you scenery pics??

    1. {Spoiler} ...if you're looking for a nice bush shot you'll be disappointed!

  2. Now I am wondering of she sent you more pics?

    Rebel xox


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