Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Big boobs for #wickedwednesday

via Instagram

The one and only @biancabeauchampmodel © for #wickedwednesday 

I met a woman with boobs this big at a cocktail party last night. She is the second ‘trophy’ wife of a rich older businessman and she just had a second boob job to inflate them to this size. The women I were with [including my wife] gossiped about how ridiculous she looked [she did] and speculated she must be worried he might leave her for a younger model, as he done for her with his first wife six years earlier. 

I speculated that he was probably quite happy with them and she probably had a latex rubber catsuit at home to keep him amused in the bedroom. And then I explained ‘bimbofication’ to them, which they’d never heard of. 

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