Wednesday, October 11, 2017

One Night In... Amsterdam (Part 2)

As I mentioned on Monday we had one night in Amsterdam last Friday and all my plans went south [link]. The only thing I did manage to achieve was to buy a new Sex toy that afternoon. I’d planned to buy one for her (a dildo?) but she was not receptive and she turned the tables and convinced me to buy the Verge by We-vibe. It was a vibrating cock ring and she thought it would be something I could use when she was away. I bought it because looking at it I saw it could double as a vibe for her. 

We went out for drinks and dinner (and then more drinks) with a local guy from her BNG organisation, which went longer than I wanted - meaning we didn’t get back to our hotel room until after 1am. Which meant we’d have to be quick because my wife had a flight to catch at mid-day (my wife was going home a week early, leaving me to own my own devices for a week).

But my wife felt no such urgency. 

She spent half an hour checking her emails and Facebook page. When she started playing news clips on her iPad (something I’ve never seen or heard her do at home) I realised that she was in no hurry to go to bed. “How long are you going to be?” I asked. Looking at the clock she exclaimed “Oh, is that the time?” And rushed off to the bathroom. I thought she was having a shower but when she emerged 20 minutes later it was clear she hadn’t. She’d been sitting on the toilet on her iPad. 

I mention this only because I want you to know how obvious she was making it that she was not in the mood for sexy time. To cement the point she climbed into bed and started yawning heavily. She said it was late and kissed me goodnight. I asked her “aren’t we going to try out the toy?” and she replied “I thought we were going to try that when we got home, besides we need to charge it”. 

I immediately thought that I wouldn’t be seeing my wife again for a week and waiting that long would not do. Besides, they come fully charged don’t they? To prove the point I pulled it out of the box and switched it on. It started buzzing!

My wife looked at it in my hand with some apprehension. Which gave way to intrigue. “Why don’t you try it first?” I suggested, and I placed it ‘face down’ on her vulva. She took it from my hand and pressed the triangle device against her own ‘triangle’. It didn’t take long until her scepticism gave way to pleasure. The Verge followed the contour of her pussy and she pressed it hard against her vulva. And clenched her legs shut as she focussed all the vibrations against her clit and vulva.  

She gripped it by the ‘O’ part and was pushing so hard the curved point was pushing inside her labia. Soon her eyes were closed, her teeth were clenched, and the vein in her neck was pulsing. She came hard and I could tell it was an intense orgasm. 

But she wasn’t finished. 

She started again, this time with her knees spread wide.  I positioned myself between her legs and started jacking my dick. Her eyes alternated between staring at my cock and rolling back into her head. As she gritted her teeth again she told me urgently to “stick it in, stick your cock in”. I did as instructed and started stroking in and out. This set her off and she started moaning and groaning. 

I pressed down hard on her pubic bone and felt for myself the vibrating toy between us. It felt good. I told her as much and she replied “Yes, yes, just like that, keep fucking me, don’t stop...”

So I didn’t stop and she arched her back and came again. Just as hard as she had previously. When she was done I pulled out and sat back on my heels. She opened her eyes and placed the toy against my balls. “How does that feel?” she asked, through hooded eyes. “It feels great” I replied, honestly. 

She got up and pushed me onto my back. She threaded my cock thru the hole, with the triangle part hanging down against my balls, and then started jacking my cock. As you can see from the picture I found to illustrate this post, that was not the correct way to ‘use’ it - but for the life of me I don’t see how my cock and balls would fit in that hole. (The We-vibe website says you’re supposed to thread everything through before the cock is erect - whaaat?)

Anyway it felt really good, and I asked my wife to blow me while it was on.  So she did.  And that felt even better. It felt really good. As she bobbed up and down on my dick, slurping on my vibrating cock, I could tell I was going to cum soon. I asked her if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or ride  me first. She choose the latter. 

She choose the latter as soon as the words were out of my mouth - releasing me from her mouth immediately and jumping up to straddle my cock. She mounted me in the reverse cowgirl position and groaned as she sank down on my pulsing penis. She started bouncing up and down on my cock which pressed the Verge against my balls with every downward thrust. 

This, combined with the feeling of her tight but wet cunt wrapped around my dick, felt really good. 

My wife’s pussy was tight because she’d already cum a few times and was now on her way to another. She was pressing the ring part against herself, and it wasn’t long before she was hunched forward and thrusting back against my cock. Her pussy was now wetter and looser and she was banging me hard. She had an energy I hadn’t seen before and she was going at me - backwards! - like a jackhammer. 

Do I need to mention how good it felt? It felt really good! 

Every time she bounced back on me she was pressing the toy harder against my balls, which by now were tingling all over, constantly, and ready to explode. I warned her I was about to cum and she kinda grunted “oh yeah, do it, cum now, cum in me...” and really began pounding me hard. Honestly, I don’t know where she got the energy for such a prolonged assault on my dick. 

Oh yeah, that’s right. My dick was turbocharged now, thanks to the Verge. As my wife kept grunting and urging me on I finally succumbed and shot my load deep inside her. As I flooded her with my seed she grabbed the device and pressed it against herself, twisting it around to press it against her clit. She came again too, gasping as another climax surged through her. 

My wife collapsed on the bed and crawled up next to me. 

“So how was it?” I asked, mindful that she had been so apathetic initially. “It was great” she said, “that’s a keeper”. 

I chuckled inside, because I knew she would love it if I could just ‘get her started*’. She proved just how much she loved it by trying to pack it in her suitcase the following morning. Previously she’s said she’s embarrassed to carry vibrators across international borders (fear of Customs officers opening her suitcase) but now she had no qualms! 

 * many therapists recommend that women with a low libido should try having sex even if they don’t really feel like it, since many women become ‘fired up’ once they start getting intimate/having sex. This advice only applies to that ‘meh’ feeling of course. If you find sex painful or unpleasant, or really don’t want to have it, then don’t. Having sex just for the sake of your partner only breeds resentment.


  1. wow hot stuff - i want one - such a good review for that product - you can add sex toys review to your blog - they will send you free toys .-)

    1. They say that the first high is always the best high, and after that you’re always chasing the dragon. I look forward to a second turn with this toy when I get home and back to my wife.
      The first vibe my wife bought was the We-Vibe, and the first time we used that it was fantastic, but subsequent ‘turns’ weren’t so great. Mind you, this one (the Verge) looks more promising.


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