Tuesday, October 31, 2017

TMI Tuesday: October 31, 2017 ~ Let’s do this!

Daryl and Jenna smiled when they saw Nero's profile on Craig's List. They both knew he would be the perfect guy to fulfill
their threesome fantasy - Jenna couldn't wait to be pounded by Nero until she screamed and Daryl couldn't wait to watch him do it.

1. What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?
~ probably whatever has been discussed on the Talk Radio station I'm listening to at the time. There are two I listen to in particular, that I flip between. This is how I consider myself informed on what the general populace is thinking

2. What advice do you have for your previous lover?
~ Live your life for yourself and don't try to be something that you're not - especially if you're doing it to please your partner. It's unsustainable.

3. What inspires you?
~ I guess I am 'uninspired' since I don't do the 'inspirational thing'. I don't have motivational or aspirational art on the walls. I don't have any inspirational mantras that I repeat to myself in the morning as I start each new day, and I certainly don't post quotes on Facebook or Instagram. 
But when I hear a story about someone (famous or not) who has done something good I think to myself "that's great, good on them, I hope I can do something similar one day"

4. If you were to get rid of one person in your life, who would it be and why?
~ I can't think of anyone at all that I dislike that much and want 'out of my life'. I did recently defriend someone on Facebook, which is a first for me. It was during my European vacation and as I posted photos of my travels they started commenting on each image about how much carbon I'd used to get there and asked if was I doing anything to mitigate my planet killing footprint. They weren't trolling, they were serious, but after the fourth comment I just thought "f#Γ§k it, I don't actually know you in real life, I don't need this shit" so I 'got rid of them.'

5. How do you cope when your level of sexual desire doesn’t match your partners?
~ Ha! I've blogged on this a few times. It took me a while but I finally realized there isn't anything I can really do to make my wife want more sex with me. All I can do is try and read her moods better and 'strike' when she is 'ready'. It also means I now have to masturbate more, which also poses problems because I have to try and forecast when she might be amenable to sex and then jerk off well before then. If I time it wrong I jerk off and then she wants sex that night or the next day, meaning I'm not at the top of my game (remember, we're both over fifty). And if I'm not at the top of my game my wife is less amenable to sex next time - it's a vicious circle!

Bonus: Are you single, why? Are you married, why?
~ I am married. Because we had been together seven years so I decided to propose. She said yes. And we got married seven years after that. And then seven years after that we had a daughter. And seven years after that our daughter was seven. Seven years from now our daughter will be long gone from the house, and I have no idea if I will still be married by then. My wife could well be the type who deals with 'empty nest syndrome' by ditching her husband and starting a whole new life for herself. She has the money for it.

Double Bonus: did you miss Saturday Sex or FetishFriday or ... my Halloween costume? Also, if you click the tag 'Halloween' at the bottom of today's post you will see a whole bunch of Halloween posts from previous years.

Triple Bonus: I was going to use the image on the left (below) as an 'inspirational' illustration for today's TMI post but I couldn't get it on Instagram (the dimensions were wrong) without adding the image on the right. Which then added an unintended double entendre to the caption on the left. So... Oops!

via Instagram
If you found this inspirational please send me #nudes πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Bloody wanker going on about your carbon footprint - its just another stupid ruse anyway - not to mention all the politicians who go on about it are always traveling - you go ahead...

    1. I will!
      Telling others what to do with their money borders on communism. 😁


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