Monday, November 27, 2017

A Walk In The Woods

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It truly was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.

I was walking through the woods, part of my usual Sunday morning exercise routine, when something to the side caught my eye. Something unusual, something that shouldn't have been there. Something that didn't... fit.

I stopped walking and stepped back a few paces to cast my eye through a gap in the trees. I could see it properly now, in a very small clearing about forty feet to my right. It was a woman, hugging a tree. I've never seen an actual tree hugger before but there she was, standing right up against the tree with her arms outstretched. Holding the tree.

It was the oddest thing I'd seen in a long time.

As I looked more closely I observed that she wasn't so much hugging the tree as 'assuming the position'. Which just raised more questions. What the fuck was she doing - and who for? Was there someone else with her? My eyes darted left and right as I scanned the forest to see who else was around. There didn't seem to be anyone anywhere - just her, lying prone against a tree.

My curiosity was piqued and I found myself moving closer towards her. Stepping carefully to avoid making a noise I came to an abrupt halt about thirty feet away. She was naked!

Well, not fully nude - just naked from the waist down. She was wearing a fitted black t-shirt and black boots but what I had assumed were skin-tight leggings were in fact her actual legs. They were long and tan reached all the way up to what I assessed to be a very nice ass. The left and right sides of my brain argued amongst themselves: yes that's a great butt but why is she dressed like that? Un-dressed like that? Who or what is she waiting for?

Nervous now, I once again scanned my surroundings. There was no-one anywhere. Just a statuesque babe hugging a tree. My chest was beating hard as my body went into fight or flight mode. Women just don't appear half naked in a wood, waving their arse at you - that simply doesn't happen. There had to be a catch - it must be a trick! I scanned the woods again, looking for cameras this time - was I being punk'd? Again, I could see nothing out of the ordinary.

Nothing out of the ordinary other than a beautiful woman standing semi naked in a clearing, of course.

I was about twenty feet away from her now, moving silently closer with each footstep. Her face (the side I could see) was natural yet slightly quirky looking - but she had the body of a goddess. Long wavy blond hair; soft brown eyes; a rose bud mouth; long luscious legs; slim hips; and fulsome breasts that were squeezed beautifully inside that tight black tee.

My dick was hard.

My dick was hard and my brain was in chaos - you can't just creep up on a naked woman in the woods! I should let her know I'm there. I should cough, or... something? What if that freaks her out? What if she screams and someone else comes and calls the police and then I'm the creepy pervert in the woods spying on nudists?

What, suddenly I'm the bad guy?

Yeah, I am a bad guy.

I'm a bad guy because my dick is hard. My dick is hard because I'm staring at a ripe and juicy piece of ass and I don't fucking care. She's no nudist, if she was she'd have all her clothes off - not just her pants. So who the fuck was she and why was she standing there like that? Her arms were resting on the tree now and


I was about fifteen feet away when I stood on a fallen branch that broke loudly beneath my feet. Dammit! That delicious butt had me so mesmerized I'd forgotten to watch where I was walking. She'd heard the sound, I knew it, and her head slowly started to turn in my direction.

"Don't turn around!" I barked, surprising even myself. "Keep your eyes face forward!"

Her head stopped turning but her eyes swiveled down to the forest floor as she tried and failed to find me in her peripheral vision. She paused momentarily while her mind made it's decision, before swiveling her head back again to face the tree. As she did so she stood taller - more upright - and straightened her neck. She may be complying with my commands but she was not cowed.

This was my chance to run, my opportunity to bolt. With the amount of adrenalin pumping through my body right now I'd be so far gone she'd have no hope of identifying me.

But I didn't run.

I didn't run, I moved closer. She was like a magnet, drawing me in, and now I was standing right behind her - inches away from that firm round ass that had beckoned me close. My cock was so hard right now, and I didn't know why. I didn't know why I was still here. My brain was saying GTFO.


"What are you doing out here?" I asked, "what's a pretty woman like yourself doing standing half naked in the woods? Who are you waiting for?"

She didn't answer. She just stared ahead and said nothing.

I stepped up even closer behind her, and leaned in. There was no space between us and she must have felt my stiff prick pressed against her ass as it strained to break free of my jeans. She could certainly feel my breath on the back of her neck. I didn't know what had come over me, I was possessed. She was a witch and I was under her spell. This was Kiss of the Spiderwoman and I was caught in her web.

"What do you want?" I hissed into her ear menacingly. "What are you waiting for?"

My questions made no sense. Who was I to question her like this, demanding she explain herself? She was just a woman in the woods being at one with nature, I was the interloper. I should be the one apologizing for interrupting her private moment and

She gasped.

It wasn't a loud gasp - it was almost imperceptible - but she gasped. It wasn't a loud gasp, but I heard it. It was the sound of someone who had been holding their breath too long and then finally exhaled, but tried to do it quietly. She hadn't exhaled - her breath had escaped and she'd tried to stop it. Her mouth didn't move but I heard it.  It was a silent exhale. It was ... anticipation.

Anticipation for what?

My brain was in meltdown. So many thoughts at once and yet nothing made sense. My chest was pounding, my cock was throbbing, I had a naked woman in front of me and... I didn't know what to do. This was nothing like those letters in porno magazines I'd wanked to in my youth. Letters that always began with 'I know you won't believe this, but it's true...'

This was exactly like those letters. They were stories I'd masturbated to - in my youthful fantasies I always imagined what I'd do if I was ever stuck in an elevator with a woman who looked at me and said "it's so hot in here, we're gonna be stuck here for hours until they get us out..." Always imagining what I'd do if I discovered a woman half naked in a forest...

Except in those stories someone always knew what to do. The woman always seduced the man, or the man seduced her. Either way, primal lust took over and they always started fucking.


Was that what I was going to do? Was that what I wanted to do?

Oh yes, I wanted to fuck her alright. My dick was like concrete now, I wanted her so bad, but would I do it? How do you fuck someone who hasn't said one word to you. A woman who hasn't said one word to you since you discovered her in a clearing, half naked.

Oh, I knew how I'd fuck her alright. I knew that. I'd grab her arse and squeeze it roughly, my hand gripping that buttflesh as my other arm snaked around her body to grab one of her boobs from the front. I'd be squeezing them both, in tandem, as I brought my mouth down and ravaged her neck. My big hands would be all over that curvy body.

I'd be kissing and nuzzling her neck as both my hands toyed with her bountiful breasts. My fingers circling and teasing her hard nipples. Her body feeling so warm and soft as I pressed against her. Pulling her back into my strong embrace one of my hands would work it's way down her body, seeking and finding the treasure below. My fingers would probe her cleft, finding her wet and shaved. Using her own slick sweetness I'd run my finger up and down her slit, circling her clit, making it even harder.

She would be writhing now, pressing back against me, moaning as she felt my fingers work their magic on her slippery cunt. Her bare skin feeling so good in my hand as I clasp her pussy while I try to free my belt with my other hand. Dropping my pants to free my massive erection I

"You can't fuck me" she whispered, snapping me out of my lurid fantasy.

"What?" I stammered, confused. Was she a mind reader? Did she know my thoughts? Witches aren't real, I knew that, but now I was uncertain.

"You're not allowed to fuck me" she said in a low voice. It was an instruction, like the rules to whatever game she was playing in her head. Whatever game she was playing in my head.

"What can I do then?" I replied. I hadn't moved an inch, I was still pressed up behind her.

"Anything you like - you just can't fuck me" she purred "He wouldn't like that"

She underscored the latter by simultaneously arching her back and pushing her butt out, which bumped me back a few feet. My mind was racing as I gazed at this teasing treat before me. Who the fuck was He? Was he nearby? Was he on his way? Was he watching us now?

"Anything you like" she repeated, as she gave her ass a little wiggle.

I don't understand what happened next. I know what happened next but I don't know how it happened. I've never done this before, honest. Not ever. I don't know where it came from. Rage perhaps? I'd felt tricked. Cheated. All I'd done was go for a walk in the woods and now this temptress was shaking her ass at me but telling me I couldn't fuck her? I was suddenly enraged. The raw rage of a petulant manchild who can't understand why their toy has been taken away, knowing only that it's not fair!

I drew my arm back, all the way behind me, and then dropped it down quickly. My hand fell like a pendulum, swinging through, forward, and then hitting her butt with all the force I could muster.


The sound reverberated through the clearing. If He actually existed then he would have heard it for sure.

My open hand had caught her squarely on her right cheek and it made the most glorious sound imaginable. It stung me a little but most of the impact was on her. Time stood still as I saw my hand smack her ass and then watched as her whole rounded arse jiggled in slow motion. It was like a meteor hitting the earth, except instead of a dust cloud I saw a red flush spread across her rippling cheek.

It was an amazing, thrilling visual - matched only by the marvelous soundtrack that accompanied it. The loud resonant smack! that comes when skin meets skin in a short sharp slap. The sound of flesh punishing flesh. I'd never done this before but it was exhilarating. My anger vanished in an instant and suddenly I was calm again. In control. This woman had been playing mind games with me but now I'd shown her who was boss.

I looked up to see her reaction. I wanted to see her shocked face, I wanted her to cry out and tell me what.the.fuck!?

Instead I got the opposite.

Her back was arched, her head thrown back, and she was biting her lip.

"Yesssssss!" she hissed, "that's it. Spank me. Slap my arse! Punish me like the undeserving wretch I am."

I had no time to figure out what that meant. She'd turned to give me a look that made my cock twitch in my pants, and that was that. The flood gates were open now, I was electrified.

My movements were measured, but there was no pausing. I drew my arm back and struck her again.


Every time I smacked her she would arch her back, just a little. She didn't seem to be flinching, it just seemed to be a physical reaction to the strength of my blows. If He was watching I hope he was enjoying himself, because I was planning to give him quite a show.  I'd spank her so good she'd be begging me to fuck her by the time I was finished...


  1. Wow - that was a hot entertaining read Nero!

    1. Really? You're too kind. I'm writing another one to replace it.
      This one is long winded and dull. :-)

  2. I looooooove what May's picture inspired!!! And now I want to be discovered half naked in the woods too!

    1. Thanks Kayla. I’ll let your man give you the spankings you deserve! :)

  3. Just popping another test comment in as I'm not sure my other one worked! Please deleted this one �� if there's two...
    Loved this and am very grateful that you suggested this gorgeous prompt x x loved the porno letter flashbacks ��

    1. Thanks Tabitha! Yes, our first experiences with sex can be quite nostalgic. I used to enjoy the letters/stories as much as the pictures as an adolescent. Maybe that’s why I like erotic fiction now?


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