Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mutual Masturbation for Wicked Wednesday

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Last Wednesday night I actually got laid, which was fantastic given the long drought that preceded it. You can read about it in last Friday's post (second half). As I mentioned in that post the reason we had sex was because I was a little more assertive. I figured the reason we hadn't had sex for so long was that I was too accepting of her postponements - she was always saying 'No' but promising tomorrow night would be a better time. Tomorrow never came of course.

So last Wednesday I gave her a little nudge, and once she got started she enjoyed herself immensely.

So last Sunday I had to give her a little nudge again. It went down like this...

It wasn't quite like this. Yes, there were sex toys. Yes, there was mutual masturbation. But... well... read on!
Having had my fun last Wednesday I was looking forward to what the weekend would bring. Our 'scheduled sex' agreement agreed would strive to have sex on Wednesday's and again on the weekend (Friday or Saturday, depending the mood/opportunity). Like most political agreements it's a 'goal' rather than something 'set in stone' but since we'd had sex on Wednesday it followed that we would have sex on the weekend too.

That's male logic for you!

Of course we didn't have sex on the weekend. Friday night was the perfect opportunity but... we didn't. Saturday night was the perfect opportunity but... we couldn't.

My wife said she couldn't because she didn't feel well. She clutched her tummy and said it must have been something she ate, and did I have it too? We ate the same food, and I'm the one who always gets food poisoning if there's any to be had... but... no, I didn't have it. It seemed a little like 'the dog ate my homework' to me but my wife must have read my mind: she let out a big fart to prove she was unwell.

My wife never does that in my presence so I had to accept something was wrong. Possibly.

I thought I'd lighten the mood by making a joke. "I guess sex is out of the question then?" I said, to which she joked back "I can still use my hands!" She then made a hand gesture that she thought mimicked a hand job but since she was doing it with both hands it looked more like she was milking a cow. Which perhaps was her point? Anyway, I did not expect any sex that night ("I'm not an animal!") so my wife did not disappoint in that regard.

I woke early on Sunday morning, a side effect of blue balls, and a few hours later my wife emerged. She was in her yoga pants and heading out for a 9.30am class. That's a crazy time for a class IMO but whatever, and she was back 90 minutes later. I was in our home office and she came in too. In her tight-fitting yoga pants. The lust on my face must have been obvious because she gave me a coffee she'd bought, picked up her iPad, and left.

Back in the 80s when Jazzercize and Aerobics were a thing my wife (my GF back then) would come home from the gym in her tight spandex outfits and I would jump on her. She would say "No, I'm sweaty, I need a shower!" and I would tell her it didn't matter, I couldn't wait, and besides - she smelt/felt great this way. It was the pheromones.

I really did enjoy taking her like that - her body was deliciously cold and clammy - and she enjoyed it too. It became a thing. Often times she wouldn't even get her gym gear off. I wouldn't allow it. I'd just  push up her spandex bratop and ravage her tits with my mouth (her nipples were always rock hard) and push my hand between her legs and rub her clit through the tight material. She used to masturbate on her front like that back then, and loved it. When she was 'ready' I would release her, sit up, and then pull her tight spandex gym shorts down to just below her buttcheeks.

Then I would squeeze my cock into her tight wet hole and fuck her like crazy. Her legs were pressed together so I would have to pound into her from above. She loved it. She was always wet AF and would squirm and wriggle, all the while 'bound' by her spandex shorts. Yes, it was a bondage of sorts.  Sometimes, when she had her period, I would just rub my naked self up and down her spandexed ass crack while she lay down with her hand pressed underneath her. She would masturbate from below, over her shorts/unitard, and I would do the same but from above. When I was ready I would release a torrent of cum all over her spandex arse.

Unfortunately gym fashions changed and the day came when the spandex had to go. And with it our little version of kinky sex disappeared as well...

Oops! I see I have digressed and we're out of time. Come back tomorrow for  SeePart 2. No spoilers but let's just say those Yoga Pants make an appearance, as does the vibrator, the lube, and some anal play.  ..


  1. Funny about farting - there have been some partners i could do it if they were there and others where it was just impossible.

  2. I hope for you more sex will follow...

    Rebel xox

    1. It did, of sorts. See Part 2 for the Mutual Masturbation session that followed. :)

  3. It sounds crass but I love hearing about this sort of stuff, simply because it wasn't ever discussed in my previous relationships. If I ever have a relationship or even get a FB I will have so much more insight into how men think... So thanks and good luck!

    1. and I love sharing it, apparently - my blog is full of it! :)


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