Saturday, November 4, 2017

OPP: "His idea…"

This is an excerpt from a short story by Nina B. She writes great erotic stories on Tumblr so check out her NSFW site here and follow her. You won't be disappointed.

She claws her breasts as he fucks her. Fingernails painted candy pink furrow her huge tits.

My eyes move from them to his Cock. So familiar but now odd to see it sinking deep up inside her. The sight of his balls pressed against her bottom mesmerises me.

I’m not sure if I’m aroused or upset. It’s weird watching them fuck but she beckons me over with a backwards nod as she gasps at his thrusts.

An ordinary warm May evening, we’d barbecued earlier but rain sent us inside. I decide then I don’t want to watch, so I straddle her face with its glowing sheen of sweat.

Press my pussy on her glossed lips that earlier teased my husband’s prick awake. She’s good. Her tongue touches me as I hover, still unsure over her.

It’s gentle. The tiniest whisper against me. But I know I want more. Need to enjoy her the way he is as he frantically grunts behind me.

And I lower. Pressing my pussy against her lips. Lipgloss smears across my slit. She instinctively knows me.

Our eyes lock and somehow he’s not in the room then. Despite the masculine smell. His discarded clothes. The sound of the slap of his balls. It’s just us.

So I don’t notice when he stops fucking her. When she kisses me. The taste of myself on her lips, in her mouth.

Our tits squash together as our pussies touch. Kissing deep, clit against clit. And it’s perfect, meant to be.

His cock, he tells me later, was “fit to fucking burst!” I don’t care if I’m honest. But he carries on...

This is just an excerpt ... the full story is continued here


  1. Fuck that's a hot top that girl is wearing

    1. Yes, I could imagine you in it.
      ... and now I have! :P


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