Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Years Eve could be stressful! 🀭

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Good morning! Too early for this I suspect! But I could certainly use a drink (as you’ll see shortly).

What have you got planned for New Years Eve? I shall be chaperoning my 15y.o. daughter and seven of her friends at our holiday home 🏠  Six of them are girls and one is a boy - her boyfriend.

My daughter has worked out the sleeping arrangements, which includes her sleeping in the bedroom with two single beds with her boyfriend. I think that is not suitable for a guy she’s only be dating for a month or so now (they’ve only actually gone out about four times) but my wife thinks we should not say anything because “otherwise they’ll just sneak off somewhere else to be together - if we create a problem he just wont come here [our house].”

Strange, because I’ve only seen him once, And it was brief conversation. As in “It’s 11pm, you should probably go home now” after she’d snuck him up the stairs and into her bedroom for three hours last Sunday. That’s all that I said, in a calm manner, after I discovered him in her room. It was our first meeting and my daughter made no attempt to formally introduce us.

After the boy was gone my daughter came downstairs and told me off for embarrassing her and making her BF feel like shit. Apparently he’s scared of me and thinks I hate him now. WTF? I won’t bore you with the details, but it finished with my wife siding with my daughter and telling me (In front of my daughter) that I shouldn’t have spoken to him like that.

Whaaat? As I said, I spoke to him the same way I would have if she’d had a female friend in her room. It’s 11pm and it’s probably a good time to go home now.

So what do you think dear reader (especially the ladies) was I wrong? Should I lie down and accept that my daughter is an independent young woman now, and if she wants to entertain guys in her room I should STFU and just be pleased her school gave her some Sex Ed a year ago? (My wife certainly didn’t)

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