Tuesday, December 12, 2017

TMI Tuesday: December 12, 2017 ~ Roll With It!

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1. With whom would you like to take a bath?

~ I suspect a bubble bath with May More would be rather wonderful. She seems to know how to take care of her man just right. And he her, which means my tub time will be solo! Maybe in a parallel universe...

2. You are, on a motorcycle, riding hard down a country road, wind in your hair. Who is the hottie on the bike with you? Are you riding or driving?

~ I'm driving of course! Duh! And I'd by driving with Atiya, taking her to meet her man since she's stuck in a long distance relationship and doesn't see him often enough. Of course, in a parallel universe I'd be giving her a long hard ride...

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3. Come sail away, come sail away, come and sail away with me! Who is joining you for a sexy sea adventure?

~ I don't know if she gets seasick like me, but Sweetendirty has a pretty awesome bucket list so I know the journey would never be boring. Maybe we'd just leave the yacht tied up...

4. Baking naked – who is kneading your dough?

~ I've always had a thing for Rachael Ray, she could bake my bread any day she likes. I have a photo of her in rubber that she did a few years back for a magazine (Details?) but I can't find it now. When I do I'll publish it!

5. “I got your back.” Hands down who do you fully support, stick by no matter what, Who are you willing to help at all costs?

~ My daughter, of course. And my wife, unless she cheats on me. Both relationships are fraught however. One is a troubled teen and the other is a woman child.

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Bonus: Belly button – inny or outty? Are you going to show us?

~ Inny. No, even though it looks good.

Double Bonus: Well, not so much a 'bonus' as a 'qualifier'. I saw this Tweet the other day and it gave me pause - enough to make a screenshot. 'Dangerous Lily' has what I'd label a 'sex blog' (and I label my own a sex blog too) but she says that doesn't give people license to make 'risque' and/or inappropriate comments.

I understand her feelings, but I wonder if we as sex bloggers can/should expect that we are going to receive some of this attention? It's hard to answer that question properly since I'm not privy to the actual behaviour Lily is having to deal with from the blogosphere (or Twitterverse?) and my answer would be colored by my gender privilege.

As a white male I just chuckle when dipshit men message me on Instagram to tell me what hot pics I post and how they'd love to fuck me. They clearly haven't read my IG profile where I state that I am a man, not a woman, and that I'm not interested in hooking up. I just shake my head and laugh at them.

Because I don't feel threatened.

I can imagine it's a lot different for women, having to endure an endless commentary from numbskulls telling you you're 'hawt' and to 'send nudes'. And if you've ever mentioned any 'kink' they can get very explicit about a number of unpleasant ways they'd like to fuck you.

So with Lily's tweet in mind I have to apologise in advance to any of the women I've linked to in today's blog post who may be offended. I don't know any of them personally, I haven't met any of them, and my comments are said in good humor (that is my intent) so I hope you'll accept them as such. 

But yes, there is a feminist argument that says I shouldn't have pulled them into my blog without getting their consent first. Women are not there to be our playthings...

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Excellent TMI post - thanks for including me.
    As to your second part - a woman is not just for Christmas you know ;-) Seriously you know how i feel about this - i put out sexually explicit content on my blog and no that does not give anyone the right to say what they want or send me dick pics but I think if i cant handle those sorts of things i should not be in the SEXblog game.
    Yes an i know you a privileged "white male" - an i am a minority woman - get me the bucket! ;-)

  2. As usual, amusing TMI post, and thank you for the mention!

  3. Yes! Rachael Ray! She's my crush as well. I so want to see that picture.


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