Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Trust me, no-one can see... Part 2

Note: this is a complete work of fiction, it never happened. 
You can find Part 1 here if you wish to read it first...

Tonight I wanted to howl at the moon while I fucked my wife on the darkened balcony of our hotel, and I didn't care who was watching. But my wife did. "You can't be serious?" she whispered, as I undid the drawstring on my board shorts and let them drop to the floor, my erection standing proudly in the cool night air. "Anyone could see us if they're looking this way," she continued "let's go inside"

"That didn't seem to bother you a few minutes ago, when you were getting yours" I said, "now drop down and suck my cock. Make it good 'n wet before I slide it into that tight bald pussy of yours...."

"But someone might see us!" she argued, redundantly. She was already stooping to her knees.

"Trust me, no-one can see..." I reassured her loudly, just as I spotted a shadowy figure emerge silently from the darkness of the neighboring apartment's balcony.

My wife was on her knees now, as I snuck a look sideways. The shadowy shape had shifted slightly, alerting me in my peripheral vision that they were there. Was it deliberate? If they'd remained still I might have not known they were there. But they hadn't remained still, they'd moved. Yet remained fixed where they were. Whoever it was hadn't moved hurriedly back into their apartment, as you'd expect from someone who had inadvertently caught us in flagrante delicto on our balcony.

But they hadn't stepped out of the shadows to reveal themselves either. They'd remained rooted in the same place, moving just enough to let us know they were there - watching. To let me know they were watching. My wife hadn't seen them and I hadn't told her - so what did that make me? A co-conspirator with whoever it was staring at us from their hotel balcony 15 feet away?

And who was it? I didn't even know if they were a man or a woman - their dark outline in the shadows gave nothing away. I say they but there was only one of them. I say they because I didn't know their gender.

But it had to be a man, right? Only a dude would stand there in the darkness, like a pervert, saying nothing. I bet he had his dick in his hand and was jacking it super slow - so we wouldn't hear the tell tale fap fap fap as he pumped his fat cock until he jizzed all over the terra-cotta tile. I pictured him in my mind, leering at us across the way, his purple head dripping with pre-cum...

"We can go inside if you've changed your mind" said my wife, snapping me back to reality.

"Huh? W-w-what?" I stammered, gazing down at her. She was sitting dutifully on her knees, with one hand on my cock, and staring up at me.

"You were rock hard, but now you're not" she said, confused. "I think maybe you don't really want to do it out here after all. That's okay, it's been a long day, we can go to bed and try again in the morning. In the bed"

"No babe, it's all good" I said, as I reached over and grabbed a seat cushion from one of the deck chairs. "I was just worried about you on your knees on these hard tiles. Put this under you..." and with that I dropped the cushion to the floor.

"Now get your mouth around my cock and make me hard again. You know I love your wet mouth around my hard dick, because you're the best fucking cock sucker in the world!" That latter was said a little louder, for the benefit of the watcher next door. Which is why I groaned loudly when my wife slipped my cock into her mouth and swallowed me all the way down, deep throating me until her face was buried in my neatly groomed pubic hair.

My dick swelled back to size almost immediately, forcing my wife to only take what was comfortable. She licked and slurped her tongue around the top half of my cock while she cupped and craddled my balls with her hands. She fingered my sac while she sucked my head, maintaining a strong suction yet keeping a firm but delicate touch on my testicles. They tingled as they danced in her hands.

She released my swollen cockhead with a pop and commenced jacking me off hard. Really hard! Her strokes were fast and furious, her hands a blur, and my cock head bounced on her lips as she pummeled me. Her lips and mouth were wet and open, ready to receive my jism when the eruption came. And I was ready to cum, it was such a wild scene.

But I also wasn't ready to cum so fast. I didn't want make it a marathon, but there was someone else watching and I felt we weren't giving them their moneys worth. Part of me acknowledged the voyeur could be a woman, and my vanity precluded me from cumming so soon. If someone's watching you then you always want to see them performing at your best, right?

So I grabbed my wife's head, bunching her hair in my hands for effect and started face fucking her - hard. I did it roughly because I didn't want to cum. I thrust in and out of her mouth so hard my cock was scraping both her teeth and her throat, which is not really my thing. I do enjoy my dick in her mouth, but I prefer it soft and wet, enveloping my member like a warm wet pussy.

Which was the opposite of what we, I, was doing now.

My balls were slapping on her chin and she was gagging on my fat cock as it filled her throat. She spluttered and was close to choking. I pulled out quickly and looked down at her. I was expecting a 'WTF?!' look but instead all I saw was a fire in her eyes I'd not seen before. A look that said "I'm yours, use me as you wish".  Damn, I'd unleashed her slutty side!

"Get up!" I instructed, as I helped her off her knees. "Turn around and hold on to the balustrade, I wanna fuck that tight little hole of yours..." The ambiguity was deliberate - I didn't want her or the neighbor to know which hole I planned to stick my throbbing cock into. My wife shot me a look that said "Do your best Mister, I can take whatever you think you can do to me." I shot her a look back too, one that replied "Challenge accepted". She got up, turned around, and assumed the position.

The red headed watcher watches...
What she didn't know was that it wasn't just her I was trying to please. It was also the hot red headed neighbor who by now had her fingers buried in her snatch and was fingering herself furiously as I set about fucking my wife.

No, 'the watcher' was still hidden in the shadows but I figured if I was going to perform I'd do better if I imagined the audience I was performing for. And in my mind she was a red headed babe leaning back nonchalantly against the wall and watching what we were doing.  A cute young red head with big 34E tits; which she played with with one hand while slowly stroking her clit with the other.

And watching - always watching.

My wife was leaning on the balcony so I grabbed her hips and pulled her back a little further. This forced her to grip the handrail with both hands, and let her boobs hang free. I wanted them swaying and bouncing while I fucked her, so whoever was watching would get a good view of her fulsome breasts as I pummeled her from behind.

We were now positioned sideways to the watcher, affording them a great view of all the action.

I moved up closely behind my wife and slapped my dick up from underneath, making a smacking sound as I whacked her pussy lips and clit a few times. She had shaved for the vacation and her soft smooth cunt felt great against my meaty cock.

I then grabbed my dick, steadied myself, and slowly pressed forward. She was very wet, almost dripping, and I lubricated my cock on her bare pussy lips as I sliced backwards and forwards across them a few times. My wife moaned as my bulbous head sawed across her swollen clit each time. I then straightened up, leaned back, and aimed myself at her wet hole. I pushed in slowly and again she moaned, groaning at every inch as she she received it.

"Oh yeah" I said loudly, "your pussy is so wet and yet so tight. It feels so good wrapped around my cock"

"Oh god, yes!" grunted my wife just as loudly, caught up in her pleasure. "Ram it in and fuck me, fuck me with that big fat fucking cock of yours!"

I can't resist dirty talk so I did exactly that. I gripped her hips firmly and started hammering in and out of her hard and fast. My wife was loving it and her knuckles were white as she held onto that handrail for all she was worth, pushing back hard on my cock with each thrust as I pounded into her good. Caught up in her own pleasure she squealed aloud as my balls slapped her pussy and bounced off her clit.

Lost in her own world she'd forgotten about the neighbors entirely by now and was wailing like a banshee:

"Omyfuckinggodthatfeelssogood" she babbled, "fuck me harder, bang the shit out of me with that big beautiful cock of yours. Mmmmmmm, I want it so bad - I want you to fuck my white ass like it's the last pussy you'll ever get..."

I took that as my cue and smacked her on the butt. We'd only been there a day but already the white outline of where her bikini bottoms had been was evident, contrasting sexily against her tan legs. It made a delicious '~thwack!~' so I delivered another blow to her other ass cheek.

"Oh god, yes!" she cried, "punish me, I'm a naughty girl, such a naughty dirty girl, I deserve it. My cunt wants it so bad. Use me. Make me your whore, spank me like the cock hungry big dick loving slut I am"


Where had this come from? What innerslut had I released in my wife? It was all I could handle, I was done. Her nasty talk had finished me off, I was ready to explode. Which didn't matter any more, since the red headed babe across the way had to know I was the best fucking lover on the planet by now...

"I'm gonna cum" I warned her, as I felt it boiling up from my balls.

"No, not yet" she implored "I want it on my face, I wanna feel all that hot spunk splattering across my  face and burning on my tits as you spray me with your cum! Brand me with your jizz!"

"Jesus...!" was all I could manage before I started to ejaculate. What I'd wanted to say was 'Jesus, that dirty talk isn't really helping if you want me to hold on', but it was too late. It all happened so fast - and it happened in slow motion...

My wife stepped forward, pulling herself free - twisting and dropping to her knees all at the same time. She landed askew on the cushion but thick ropes of cum were already spurting out and flying through the air. I caught her on the side of her face, getting a little in her hair. She grabbed my pulsing cock and turned her head to catch what was coming next. Her mouth was wide open and her tongue was out - ready to receive the rest of my load.

And it was quite a load. This was possibly the hottest sex of our married lives and I was squirting like a school boy. It just kept shooting out and firing across at her. She took two more spurts in and around the mouth before bending my purple cock down and pointing it at her heaving chest. She toggled it like a joystick, taking two more blasts - one on each tit.

"Yeah, that's it!" giggled my wife nastily, as the jism dripped down her chin. "Paint my beautiful white titties with your cum..." And with that she started rubbing my sticky cream all over her boobs, round and around. There was quite a lot and yet with her other hand she continued jacking my dick in a vain attempt to pump out more. It was a wasted effort, I was completely spent.

"Oh god, I'm such a whore for black cock... mnngmmmph" garbled my wife, as she smeared one sticky cum covered hand all the way down to her clit while simultaneously leaning forward to swallow my still dripping dick. As she frigged her magic button whilst trying to suck me dry I realized two things I hadn't thought of before. Firstly my wife had not fallen haphazardly sideways onto the cushion; she had landed deliberately - and in the perfect position to face our neighbor on the balcony next door.

Secondly -and more importantly- I realized that our neighbor watching from the shadows was not some red headed hottie with magnificent breasts - not in my wife's mind, at least!

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  1. Ah yes - we all have a different person watching us at that moment of climax - funny I have a whole folder of that red head on my laptop ;-)

    1. Yes, I got it from one of your posts! She’s quite a hottie,

    2. BTW - I tried to find a link to your post that had this picture but couldn't find it because I couldn't remember which one it was. Do you have it?

  2. Ah dont worry it was just a tweet - and it got me shadowbanned!

  3. Sounds like everyone had fun ;)

    Rebel xox

    1. If you’re too drunk for sizzling sex just go with sozzled sex! πŸ˜‚


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