Thursday, December 14, 2017

Trust me, no-one can see...

Note: this is a complete work of fiction, it never happened. 
I wrote it for the Wicked Wednesday meme but missed the deadline...

On the one hand my wife is no sexual prude but on the other hand she can still be quite shy. Well, maybe not so much shy as... she has limits. Those limits were tested recently when we took a package 'all inclusive' vacation to Thailand. It was a cheap deal because the resort was new and construction delays meant they were opening in 'monsoon season'.

None of which mattered to us because we hadn't googled any of that and didn't know. All we wanted was hot sun and a cold pool. Which we got, in spades.

Our resort was 'only' 90 minutes from Bangkok but effectively miles away from anywhere since the heat was so intense you just wanted to lounge by the pool all day and do nothing. Nothing, except sip umbrella cocktails that were so cheap it was almost a crime not to drink them.  One has to remain hydrated in hot climates, remember!

Suffice to say as the sun started to go down after our first day we were both quite drunk and ready for bed. We were both feeling very relaxed, not just from the alcohol but from the $10 beach massages we had at twilight, before returning to our room. Not only did you get a full one hour whole body massage, you also got a cheap thrill when they ran their fingers all the way up your inner thigh and tickled your testicles as they rubbed your groin vigorously.

Well, I did. My wife insisted they didn't go that high with her, and asked if I'd tipped them extra.

"Perish the thought," I said "that would make them cheap prostitutes! Please don't sully the fine reputation of the renowned Thai Massage"

"Ha!" scoffed my wife, "I'm sure if you asked for the Bangkok Special they'd find someone who could accommodate you..."

"Don't get jealous" I said to my wife, as I wrapped my arms around her "you know the only touch I crave is yours"

My wife said nothing. We'd gravitated to the balcony by this stage and were staring out at the night sky. We were on the 24th floor and the view was spectacular. There was nothing around us, all you could see was the starry sky and the lights twinkling on the horizon - either fishing boats or another seaside town. The resort was effectively candle lit at night and looked very romantic.

I leaned down and kissed my wife softly on the neck. She shivered with delight and snuggled back into me. Suitably emboldened I bit her neck and brought my hands up to squeeze her breasts. Her tits felt full and heavy in my hands, still hot from the days sun. She moaned as I caressed her, reaching a hand back behind her to tousle my hair.

"Horny are you?" she asked rhetorically, as she pressed her butt back against my crotch. I was already firm but now I was hard. I said nothing as she proceeded to rub her bikinied butt cheeks against my cock. It was like she was giving me a vertical lap dance, her ass shimmied and shook against my crotch, turning my dick into concrete.

I reached down and placed my hand against her vulva, pulling her in even closer, and forcing my erection deep between the cleft of her butt cheeks. Her bikini bottoms were so flimsy she may as well have been naked - they were no match for my raging hard on.

My hand was hard on her cunt now, pulling her in tightly so I could work her clit through the camel toe my fingers had created as she ground her ass into my dick. I manhandled her roughly - one hand massaging her pussy as the other fondled her tit, brusquely toying with her stiffening nipple. She was hard now, just like me, and just as horny.

"Let's go in and you can fuck me on that bed with eight pillows" she whispered lustily into my ear as she twisted her whole body around to face me. Writhed and twisted, to be precise. 

"Why go inside, when we can do it right here on the balcony?" I replied, grabbing her butt cheeks with both hands and pulling her in tightly. With just a bit of added pelvic thrust to hammer my point home.

"Someone might see us!" my wife said, mortified "wouldn't you like to christen that big hotel bed with the Egyptian cotton sheets?"

"Firstly, this is Thailand and they have their own Royal standard linen here" I responded, as my hands slowly pulled her bikini bottoms down over her beautiful butt. "And secondly, I want to bend you over the balcony balustrade and make you see a few stars of my own as you enjoy that glorious moonlight view..."

"While I fuck you from behind" I continued, in case I wasn't clear.

"Someone might see us!" repeated my wife, as she turned around to look out from the balcony. The view of the moonlit waves as they crashed into the shore on the beach below was indeed spectacular, but nothing compared to the sight of my wife's bikini bottoms pulled down to just below her butt cheeks. Her exposed ass looked so sexy in the moonlight I just had to smack it - so I did.

"Stop it!" shrieked my wife, "someone might hear!" The latter was said as a whisper, as she realised it was she who would be the one to alert any neighbors as to what was happening on the balcony of Room 2407.

I dropped down to the deck and pulled her bikini bottoms down completely. With her ass at eye level I grabbed both of her hips and pressed my face forward. I playfully attempted to 'motorboat' her but quickly learned that only works on cleavage. My wife helpfully leaned down, bending herself right over the balcony so that her ass was pushed higher and I could see her pussy.

Lest I not get the hint, she spread her feet a little wider apart, giving me full access to her now glistening cunt. Not only was she wet, but I could smell her arousal strongly. Thailand is a land of many fragrances, but none as glorious as my wife's ripe pussy. I leaned in tongue first, slicing my way past her engorged labia and zeroing in on the clit.

Her back arched and she gasped, before pushing down on my face, signalling she wanted more. She reached back with one hand and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in deeper. This had the effect of pushing my nose right into her ass, which I'm sure was no accident, but it was the price I willingly paid to get my tongue into her wet slit so I could sup the nectar of the gods.

And sup I did. My tongue swirled around her pussy, lapping at her folds, as I drank her in. As my tongue darted all over her I was joined in my ministrations by her fingers, which she used to massage her clit as I licked her wet sloppy cunt. She was highly aroused and moaning softly as she brought herself closer to orgasm. I pulled my head back and ran my tongue down her wet slit and back up her asscrack.

That got her attention! She moaned loudly and kinda sank down a little, pushing her ass back into my mouth. My pointed tongue swirled around her puckered starfish, before darting into it's core. It tasted tart, a little bitter perhaps, not sweet like her pussy. I wet my tongue with my mouth and then ran my flattened tongue up and down her crack once more, before homing in on her sphincter which I poked and prodded.

She must have enjoyed the spontaneous rimjob (she'd done me before, but I've never reciprocated - until now) because she started groaning. "Oh god, oh god" she repeated, as she frigged her clit furiously. The orgasm was near, because she started slapping her cunt with her open hand, completely unabashed as the loud clapping sound reverberated in the crisp night air.

"Oh.god... I'm.come...ingggg!" she hissed through gritted teeth. I grabbed her hips tightly and drove my tongue deep into her ass as she climaxed, feeling her pulse and spasm as she did so. 'Gaaahh!" she cried out, gripping her cunt tightly and wresting the last ounce of pleasure from within her depths.

Where moments before she had been using the balcony balustrade as a brace to push against - while I rimmed her as she fingered herself - now it was a prop to hold herself up as she slumped down exhausted. I could feel her legs trembling as I stood up, and a better man would have picked her up and carried her to bed, but tonight I was not that man.

Tonight I wanted to howl at the moon while I fucked my wife on the balcony, and I didn't care who was watching.

But my wife did.

"You can't be serious?" she whispered, as I undid the drawstring on my board shorts and let them drop to the floor. "Anyone can see us if they're looking this way, let's go inside"

"That didn't seem to bother you a few minutes ago, when you were getting yours" I said, "now drop down and suck my cock. Make it good 'n wet before I slide it into that tight bald pussy of yours...."

"But someone might see us!" she argued, redundantly. She was already stooping to her knees.

"Trust me, no-one can see..." I reassured her loudly, just as I spotted a shadowy figure emerge silently from the darkness of the neighboring apartment's balcony.

continued in Part 2, coming soon...

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  1. very good - looking forward to part two - might someone else be joining in? ;-)

    1. I dunno - I haven't written it yet! But the story is tagged 'voyeur' so we know that much. This one kinda wrote itself - I have no idea where the rimjob came from!

  2. Exciting read - please follow up with part 2 soon!

  3. Very hot, imaginative and full of future potential and I love the second pic...

  4. Loved it. Holiday sex is the best. Anonymity! Sunbathing makes great sloooooow foreplay! Hot stuff!

    1. Yeah, my wife used to get quite horny in sultry weather while on vacation. And we always went somewhere hot!


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