Thursday, December 28, 2017

What's my wife reading now...

...instead of having sex with me?

As I mentioned in Tuesdays post TMI Tuesday: December 26, 2017 ~ Merry Christmas. ... there was no sex in the Nero house this Christmas. Which is actually not that unusual. And unless you see this bit struck out there was no sex last night either. (This post was written on Tuesday afternoon and is scheduled to post on Thursday morning)

No, I'm kidding - there was no sex last night either.

Apparently there was a sale on Amazon so my wife bought up a whole bunch of dirty books for her Kindle. She stayed up very late on Tuesday night, and I don't know how many titles she got through (she bought 12) but no sex ensued. Here's an excerpt from just one book, which you can buy here.

(Yes, she fantasizes about a strong powerful man taking control of her... make of that what you will)

excerpt 1
excerpt 2

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