Thursday, January 4, 2018

I got laid on New Years Day!

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I woke up early on New Years Day, for no reason. My post Rough Oral was scheduled to post that day so I reread it, just to make sure there were no mistakes. Then I decided to tweak it just a little, and next thing I knew I had got myself sexually excited. Probably because I was remembering what happened, and wishing I could do it some more.

Then I heard my wife get up.

We are currently in my wife’s vacation house, holed up with my daughter and five of her friends. My wife loves to be hostess-with-the-mostess so I knew she was about to get up and ask the girls who wanted pancakes and who wanted waffles. I knew also that the girls just wanted to be left alone - it was 8am and they were in holiday mode ie they weren’t getting up until 11am at the earliest. 

I had ideas of my own about what was for breakfast and none of them included waffles or pancakes! 

I met my wife in the hallway as she was coming out of the bedroom, and pushed her back inside.

“W-w-what are you doing?” she asked, surprised.

“I’m going to eat your pussy” I said, as I pushed her back on the bed.

“No, you can’t” she said, trying to get up again “the kids will be up soon and they’ll want breakfast”

“It’s early, let them sleep in” I countered, pushing her back down on the bed and pulling her legs apart.

“No, I haven’t had a shower” she pleaded, “wait til later, after I’ve showered.”

I wasn’t worried about whether she’d showered, and told her as much as I dropped to my knees. “Good, all the better...” I said, as I dropped my head down and inhaled her scent. “You smell great!” I reassured her. My tongue was on her pussy now, lapping at her soft folds.

She gave up all resistance at that point and lay back and... enjoyed it.

I ran my tongue all over her labia before settling in on her clit. I circled it a few times before pressing down hard with my flattened tongue. My wife grabbed my head and pulled me in deeper. I responded by bobbing up and down - smashing my flattened tongue into her clit hard. She loved it.

She was writhing and moaning and clutching my head to her wet cunt like she feared it might snap off and roll away. I pulled my head back and grabbed a lungful of air (I’m asthmatic - not very sexy, I know) before returning my tongue to her pussy. This time I twirled it up and down her wet slit, teasing her before once again homing in on her clit.

Again she grabbed my head, pulling me in tight, and grinding her sex against my face. Her moans became louder and then suddenly she released me - her back arched and her arms were flung back against the mattress, outstretched. I presume she came, it sure looked and sounded like it.

I licked my fingers and gently ran two of them into her cunt. I worked them in and out, while tapping on her clit with my thumb. Well, not so much tapping as circling it hard around her clit. I don’t normally do that, and definitely without so much pressure, but with a different bed height in the vacation house I was able to manage the move quite successfully.

I know I was doing it right because she once again started moaning and writhing. I was curling my two fingers up in the ‘come hither’ motion, my fingertips pressed against the soft fleshy part of the upper wall (ceiling?) of her vagina. Possibly where her G-spot may or may not be (I’m a guy, I only recently discovered the clitoris).

I started tapping at her clit with my other hand now - more of a light smack really. It wasn’t hard, but hard enough to emulate the sensation of me banging her silly. It must have given her ideas because she looked up at me and said lustily “Stick it in - I want your cock in me”

I was happy to oblige.

I stood up and stepped forward to the side of the bed, angling my stiff prick down at her open pussy. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy was wet, ripe, and flushed. I slid in slowly, pushing forward until I was in to the hilt. My cock was hard and she felt very tight as her cunt devoured me completely.

My wife grabbed my hips and pulled me in deeper (if that were possible) and I started pumping her with long steady strokes. She bent her head and leaned down to watch as my dick sliced in and out of her wet slit. Her teeth were gritted and she was clearly getting off on the image.

I kept hammering away at her, grinding the root of my cock against her clit from time to time, and then alternating with holding my body back so it was just my prick sawing in and out of her. She continued to stare down at it, her face flushed and panting, when we heard the sound of kids coming down the stairs. 

We had put all the kids upstairs in our master bedroom, since there were six of them, and put ourselves in the guest bedroom downstairs. As soon as the kids hit the bottom of the stairs they were going to be right outside our door - meaning they were more than likely to hear me pounding into my wife’s slippery cunt. 

On a squeaky bed.

I know I should have stopped, but I couldn’t.

I was soooo close to cumming. It was there, I knew it. I just needed a few more moments...

I pushed my cock up inside my wife as hard and deep as I could go and let forth a very intense ejaculation. Made even more intense by the fact I had to stifle all noise and movement. I silently pressed myself balls-deep into my wife’s sopping pussy and unloaded a torrent of cum. The orgasm was amazing. 

My wife grabbed my butt and held me there, releasing me only when she felt I was finished. Whether she came or not I don’t know, but she seemed happy. There was nothing to clean up with so I grabbed my tee shirt and used that. 

My wife got up and crossed the hallway into the bathroom four feet away, doing that ‘everything-is-normal-nothing-to-see-here’ walk as she tried to hold my jizz in. 

“What would you like for breakfast girls?” she called out nonchalantly “pancakes or waffles?”

I stayed in bed and went back to sleep. 

Until the waffles were ready...


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    1. And you too, you gorgeous woman.
      (I’m starting the year with a positive attitude! 😁 )

  2. Sounds a great start to the new year. I think your wife (like me) gets off on vacation sex!

    1. Yeah, you’re exactly right about that. She says its when she can relax - although with six girls in the house there wasn’t much relaxation. Which is why I had to jump her early! 😁


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