Thursday, March 1, 2018

I had sex last night

It was good, and I did well. There was a lot of oral and some fingering by me, and then some oral from my wife. I was standing at her side of the bed and she drew me into her mouth as she remained in the horizontal position, propped up sideways. She grabbed my ass and sucked hard and deep, and it wasn't long before I was climbing on top of her and fucking her face like a pussy. Like really fucking it. I was holding her head firmly with one hand, locking her in place - still sideways - while my left hand played with her tits and tweaked her stiff nipples. I was just pumping my rock hard cock in and out of her warm wet mouth and it felt great.

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She was sucking my dick like I had a gun to her head, it was that wild. When she choked on my fat meat I pulled out and let her breathe, moving my hands from her breasts to her cunt.

And then I wanked my cock while she licked my balls (I was now perched above her) while with my other hand I was all over her pussy - fingering her soft folds, squeezing her vulva, and then pressing down hard on her swollen clit. And since I'd just showered before we did this my wife started rimming my ass - which really sent me over the edge.

Luckily I managed to hold myself in check just long enough to stick my cock back in her mouth and I literally exploded down her throat. I pumped a few times as she grabbed my ass, sucked hard, and swallowed every drop.

Even though there was no PIV I must have hit the spot (hers!) because she was extremely affectionate afterwards. Maybe she wanted more but I was done. It was midnight and I knew she had yet another meeting in the morning, so we cuddled and fell asleep.

Update: It must have been good because as I type this she has just come home to deliver me coffee and pastries. I joked that she must have enjoyed herself last night because the pastries (a jelly donut and a choc filled croissant) were definitely not 'healthy option'. She replied by saying 'Yes, you were very good last night' and then she kissed me and left the house again for her next meeting. She'd just come back to deliver me coffee and unhealthy baked goods!

Maybe she felt guilty about this. Maybe she'd been reading her Kindleporn before I came up to bed... Whatever, it doesn't matter. She seems happy and I have donuts!

It makes a nice change...


  1. Yeah, a great reward for a job well done and both of you satisfied this time, yay x


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