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Kink of the Week (KOTW) ~ 'Blindfolds'

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The Kink of the Week (KOTW) prompt this week is 'Blindfolds'

Here is a collection of excerpts from my blog posts* that involve blindfolds. Links are provided so follow them if you're intrigued. I've never actually written up the story of the time I blindfolded my wife, believe it or not! Not yet, at least. In fact I think I did it twice. I definitely did it to my last girlfriend (before my wife) - that story also involved tying her to an old antique chair...**

1. During sex, would you rather be blindfolded or blindfold your lover? 
I'd rather blindfold my lover, and I have. If she wanted to blindfold me that would be fine (she's never asked or suggested it) but it's not something I would ask for. I'm a guy ie very visual! I like to see what's going on - which is why I often turn up the lights (albeit dimmed). 
~ TMI Tuesday: Would you rather... ~ December 10, 2013

I have done things to him that I wish he would do to me: bite him, pinch his nipples, tighten my grip around his neck, pull his hair, blindfold him (he would not let me tie him up) and used toys on him, touch his ass and apply pressure on his asshole (he would probably kill me if I inserted anything in his ass). He would pretty much just tell me he doesn’t like those things and he would like me not to do them - with the exception of the hair pulling.

~ When Couples Don't Talk - Part 2 ~ Wednesday, January 8, 2014

6. If I weren’t so afraid, I would _____. 
____ blindfold my wife, tie her to the bed, drive her crazy with soft wet kisses before forcing her to orgasm via a vibrator she can't escape, and the I'd fuck her. Probably in the ass too, but I'm not sure how I can if she's tied to all four corners of the bed. Maybe if she's cum so hard for so long she'll be delirious and I can release her ankles and lift her legs...? 
~ TMI Tuesday: Fill In the Blanks ~ September 13, 2016

...Anyway after watching '50 Shades of Gray' we had a brief discussion about how lame it was and a very tentative discussion about 'doing that sort of stuff'. She couldn't even say it out loud, and yet I know the majority of her erotic reading titles are in the BDSM or Forced Submission genres. 

So we danced around the subject and she pretty much confirmed that I wouldn't be tying her up and spanking her anytime soon. She did mention that I had put a blindfold on her once, and she'd liked that - and I remembered that episode well. I'd put an airline sleeper mask on her and when she asked why I said so she couldn't see anything - and gave her permission (jokingly, but not really joking) to imagine she was in bed with whomever she wanted to imagine.

She became very aroused and we had really good sex, so I suspect she did indeed imagine she was with someone else - but I did not ask her about it afterwards. And she certainly wasn't 'fessing up to it now, a year or two later!

~ About that sex last weekend... ~ Thursday, July 20, 2017

2. Ever blindfolded your partner for sex? - or have you been blindfolded during sex? 
~ I used one of those airline blindfolds once, with good results. Not a regular thing though. When I pulled it out she asked "what's that for?" and I told her it was because I just wanted her to lie back and relax. And so she did, plumped up on her pillows. I ate her out slowly and she came hard. 
TMI Tuesday ~ Sexy Time! – August 29, 2017

Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

I have a few fantasies I haven’t tried but want to - I’ve been with my wife 25+ years and time is running out! Unfortunately my wife seems to think sex should happen spontaneously and therefore if I was ever to say ‘how about we try anal this weekend?’ the answer would be “Hell No”. 

One fantasy I have is to tie her to the bed and go to town on her with her vibrators (forced orgasms) and then when she is a quivering mess lube her up and fuck her arse - while she has a vibe trapped on her clit beneath her. 

Unfortunately you can’t just spring all of that on someone IRL so I guess it will never happen...

* The last link is not one of my blog posts, but one by Posy Churchgate. She interviewed me and that was one of my answers!

** all antiques are old, right? that's what makes them antique!!


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  1. I have never blindfolded a partner but in some ways I rather like the idea of giving it a go in a sensual context


    1. I find that fascinating. It’s such an ‘entry level’ kink - ‘baby steps’ if you will - for people looking to step beyond ‘vanilla’.


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