Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mutual Masturbation for Wicked Wednesday ~ REDUX

My wife got on the bed, skooched over real close, pressed herself against me, and started jacking me off. Her hand and fingers on my cock felt good and I knew it wouldn't be long before I popped. The anticipation had been so great. In order to prolog the experience I suggested she get out the vibrator. "Which one?" she asked. "Anyone you like" I replied. It was only much later that I realized what she meant was did I want the Verge for me or the Lelo for her? I did mean the Lelo, which is what she pulled from the nightstand drawer.

My wife got back on the bed and started to pull her yoga pants down. "No! No!" I interrupted "just run that vibe over the top of your pants. Crank up the speed if you need to, but keep your pants on". My wife siddled up next to me as I continued jacking my rock hard dick while I waited for her to get comfortable. She didn't get comfortable.

Sorry if it's a little graphic, but I couldn't find one with a woman wearing yoga pants.
This is what the Lelo looks like. It's not my wife, but I could eat that pussy all day!
My promised hand job was over, as my wife got up and moved down the bed. She repositioned herself so that she was lying down between my legs, and then spread herself a little so she could get that vibe exactly on the spot where she wanted it. I'll admit she looked hot, so I carried on stroking my cock. My wife was lying on her back, propped up on one small pillow, and really getting into it. Her eyes were closed as she ran that vibe over her mound, and her clit, before settling on trying to push it into her cleft - which obviously she couldn't do because of the yoga pants.

I think she was really enjoying that part (the restriction) because she pulled up her top and started squeezing her breasts with her free hand as she plowed her cunt with the vibe. I was up on my knees at this point, pressed right up between her thighs, and she alternated between running the vibe on herself and then on me. Me being my cock and balls. The sensations felt great and I was ready to spray a fountain of cum all over her.

My wife returned the vibe to herself and left it there. I could tell that she too was on her way to a thunderous orgasm, and had possibly had a small one already. I took that as my cue to back off a little so I sat back down and pumped my dick and enjoyed the sight before me. My wife took that (me moving back a little) as her cue to remove her yoga pants so she could get unrestrained access to her sopping wet cunt.

She lifted her legs in the air and I gave her a hand pulling them down and over her butt (you know how tight these things can be). I got them off her hips and down to her upper thighs but then I stopped. She tried to pull them up further (and off, presumably) but I said "No, leave them there". She did. Her legs were in the air but kind of bound together, because although the lycra is quite stretchy it can also be quite strong when bunched around your thighs.

She was now able to get that vibe directly on her clit (which is what she wanted) and I was able to get a great view of her pussy and ass. My wife then started pushing the tip of the vibe into her pussy, but at an angle that had the clit-stimulator (don't laugh, I don't know what that bit is called) pressed hard against her clit. I knew she was enjoying herself because she was moaning and her rosebud was starting to wink.

Which naturally gave me an idea.


My wife never asks for this and it's a very very rare thing we do, and we've run the gamut of mistakes. We've done it when we we're drunk, we've done it without lube, we've do it without preparation. Each time we do it (albeit few and far between) we've got one less thing wrong, but I've realized it's all about 'baby steps'. The last time we did it (Kinky Sex in a Hotel Room) was great for me but slightly flawed for her. This time I was determined to get it right, so...

I told her I had an idea of something I wanted to try. When she said "What?" I said "I want to cum in your ass". She followed with "Really?" and I replied "Yeah, but I won't fuck you in the ass, I'll just jerk off until I'm ready to cum - but when I do I wanna cum inside your asshole". My wife didn't seem ultra-enthusiastic but gave me the okay. "Okay, sure" she said. I think she was just annoyed that I was talking too much while she was so close to what we could all see was going to be a very big orgasm for her.

I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and squirted some on her pussy and asshole. She flinched briefly because it was cold, but soon had that vibe back inside and working both her cunt and clit. I dabbed a little more on my finger and then slowly pushed it into her ass. It slid in without resistance. I held it there briefly before working my finger in and out. She felt soft and loose and squishy down there so I inserted a second finger. This was slightly tighter fit but it wasn't long before I was slowly sawing in and out of her.

I got up on my knees and moved in close. I was now looking down on her and she was a sight to behold. I also couldn't see my fingers going in and out of her ass because it was masked by the yoga pants wrapped around her thighs. I had twisted my hand around by now, and I was making the 'come hither' curling motion with my fingertips. This apparently is what one must do inside the pussy if you want to stimulate the G-spot but I was doing it in her ass so I don't know what it was doing for her.

Because she never really tells me if something is good or bad. Unless it's really bad.

But I could feel the vibe bump against my fingers as she worked it in and out of pussy and she was moaning loudly by this stage. I kept up a steady rhythm with my fingers and they moved in and out quite easily. So easily that I did wonder if I was in the right hole - honestly, she felt so wet and squishy down there I did seriously wonder if I was fingering her pussy instead of her ass.

Just as I was thinking 'this would be a good time to replace these fingers with my cock, because I think she's ready for anal now' I was rewarded with the sensation of having my fingers squeezed repeatedly as her pussy and asshole contracted and spasmed several times. Whether she came or not I don't know, because she never says, but she did gently try to push my hand away at that point.

I removed my fingers and resumed jacking my cock. My wife was still vibing herself, with her eyes closed and her teeth gritted, so I could see was chasing another orgasm. She looked very hot and quite wanton with her lycra bra pulled above her boobs and her legs slightly splayed as she continued with pushing that Lelo in and out of her wet cunt. I continued to fist my dick and I could feel the cum boiling over in my balls.

"Here I come, I'm cumming" I warned her "I'm gonna cum"

With that I pressed forward and aimed the purple head of my cock at her brown starfish. And came!

That's right, my timing was so off I didn't even have time to push myself inside her - I was ejaculating already. All I managed was a big cream pie splattered all over her asshole. It was a great orgasm for me, tinged only with the regret that I couldn't get my dick in her ass so she could feel what good anal sex is supposed to be like.

Oh well, maybe next time...


A question for my readers

This post has been edited down from one that was originally published in two parts (Mutual Masturbation for Wicked Wednesday and MM for WW ~ Part 2). May More has politely (and correctly) told me I take too long with preamble before getting to the point. This post today is just an edit of Part 2 - I cut out Part 1 completely (even tho' it had a bit of sex at the end). 

So... did you see my original post(s) and skip over them? Is today's edit any better (for length) or is it still too long? And is the photo image too extreme? This post has also been submitted to Masturbation Monday. Click the link to see sexier stories than this one! 

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  1. Great session. I always feel silly with clothes half on/ half off. Like you I'm curious about anal, with probably less of a successful pyramid of attempts behind me. Anyway, sounded lots of fun, but remember it WAS you who distracted your lovely wife from the handjob!


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