Thursday, January 11, 2018

My Instagram Top 9 pics for 2017

Apparently these are the nine most popular pics I posted on Instagram in 2017. I'm not sure how they pick them, but I'll trust their algorithm since I can't be bothered doing it (and wouldn't know how)!

The second image is one I created using various pics of LexyLu, but the rest are mostly reposts of someone else's image, usually with a filter or frame added to 'make it better' (IMO). The Lisa Lipps image had proven surprisingly popular. It kept getting likes throughout the year - presumably from people checking the hashtag. Funny, because that's not my usual taste in women. I just post pics that catch my attention at the time, and/or 'move me' ie they're fantasy pics of women light years out of my league.

As I say on my Instagram page:
99% of images are sourced from the Internet so © them not me. If you know of someone I haven't credited let me know in the comments so I can fix it.
I've never had anyone ask me to remove a pic (and I do manage to tag 98% of the original artists when I post) and a few of them have even 'liked' my post and/or made a positive comment. I suspect this is because I can add the hashtags they can't (due to modesty - one mustn't 'humblebrag' on IG apparently) ie #smokinghot #datass #boobs etc. The one exception came from #fetishmodel Starfuckedmodel who asked me (in the comments) "why did you use such a shitty filter?" regarding one of her pics that I posted.

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