Wednesday, January 10, 2018

KOTW ~ Anal

This is a piece of erotic fiction, submitted to the KOTW (Kink of the Week) meme, following their prompt 'Anal'...

My wife and I took a week's vacation after Xmas. I'd anticipated an action packed week but there really wasn't much to do since it rained the whole time. Most of our time was spent in our hotel room drinking local wine from the local liquor store… with me watching cable movies while she read dirty stories on Literotica. And that was it.

You read that right. We were up late every night but nothing sexual was happening. My wife was having her period and had made it clear nothing was going to happen. No hand jobs, no blowjobs, and definitely no sex! I was pissed off, not just because of my blue balls but because I knew she was reading her Kindleporn. I didn't think that was fair, not at all.

By midnight I thought "Fuck this!" and climbed into bed - I was tired. It had been a long day of doing nothing while my wife binged out for six hours on dirty stories on her iPad.

The problem was that as I climbed into bed I saw a half drunk bottle of red wine on the bedside table. As I drifted off I started imagining my wife so horny from her dirty stories that she was using the wine bottle as a dildo while she fingered her clit. It was quite a depraved mental image and of course all it achieved was to make me wide awake and fully erect. I then became fixated on making this fantasy happen, but deep down I knew it wouldn't, so I in desperation I thew off the covers and asked my wife "how long are you going to read for?"

"Are you horny?" she asked rhetorically, since my hard-on was self evident.

"Yes" I replied, but she was already putting down her iPad and fishing my cock out of my boxers. She started jacking me off but I stopped her and shucked off my underwear since I was keen for a decent hand job. She took off her slip and then straddled my legs, facing my feet. She positioned her naked self just behind my cock, giving me a great view of her luscious butt.

She resumed jacking me off, and lightly fingering my balls for good measure. I couldn't see anything, but it felt damn good. She had a good rhythm going and I presumed it was exciting for her too, imagining that it was her cock between her legs and wanking it like a guy would. And on she went, pausing only to switch hands when her wrists got tired (one hand on my cock, the other on my balls).

And on she went, pausing only to switch hands when her wrists got tired. And on and on she went...

"Are you going to cum?" I asked finally "because I'm not going to, not this way"

"Oh, okay" she said lightly, hopping up gingerly, before squatting back down and feeding my still hard cock into her sopping pussy. 

"What about your period?" I asked, surprised.

"That finished this morning" she said.

WTF? It was midnight! I was angry at what I considered a wasted day - a day we could have spent fucking - but then I remembered this was just how my wife rolled. She clamped her legs around my hips in the reverse cow girl position and continued fingering her clit as she rocked herself back and forth slowly. I grabbed her hips and supported her in what I presumed was her imminent orgasm.

And on she went, alternating between gentle rocking and bouncing on my dick, fingering herself all the while, and clearly enjoying herself. She showed no sign of stopping so I started thrusting upwards in the hope of getting one or both of us off. She was very excited and started leaning forward quite steeply, her asshole staring back at me, as I gripped her hips firmly. I knew what I wanted but I resisted the temptation since I knew assplay was always very hit or miss with her.

But then I becaome fixated on that ass bouncing in front of me - it soon became crystal clear to my male brain that my wife was presenting her puckered rosebud to me on purpose. Her movements were quite blatant and the penny dropped - I now realised what she wanted from me (but was too shy to say). So I placed my thumb delicately on her starfish, but did not push it forward. She responded by pushing back, creating a suction seal on her back door which had already started to pucker invitingly.

I pulled my thumb off, wet it, and then plunged it deep into her butt. Her back arched, and she ground herself hard against me - my cock filling her wet cunt and my thumb filling her slippery arse. She was moaning now and I felt her ass pulsing around my digit as she picked up the pace. I began ramming that thumb in and out of her butthole, creating the sensation of a double penetration fuck. Suddenly she sat bolt upright, clutching her clit and pussy, and groaned loudly. She was cumming, deep and hard. Finally.

She pulled herself off me and slumped back on the bed, still groaning. She was spent. It was then I spied her iPad between my feet. WTF?! She had been reading her dirty stories the whole time?! No wonder that frikken hand job had gone on forever. I was just her little fucktoy while she read… what was she reading? All I could briefly see on her iPad were a few words about a gang bang and a slut wife who had to 'take it, whore!'

"Uh uh" I chided, grabbing two pillows and stacking them on the bed. "My turn now".

Still groggy she assumed the position without argument, climbing on top of the pillows in the doggy position, as I got off the bed and positioned myself behind her. I spread her cheeks and placed my stiff dick at her rose bud. "What are you doing?" she asked, confused.

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass" I replied, as I grabbed the lube and lathered it over my cock, and then her asshole. My tone indicated she had no choice in the matter. Very slowly I pushed the head of my cock in a little, before pushing forward and slowly inserting myself in all the way. She said nothing, until I grabbed her hip and pulled out just as slowly as I'd gone in.

"You want to fuck me in the ass do you?" she said, accepting her fate. "You dirty boy!"

I pushed myself back in as she continued talking dirty: "oh yeah, fuck my ass, make me take it, use my holes, mmmm." I began to thrust harder. I continued banging away and she continued talking dirty, telling me what a nasty boy I was for fucking her tiny little asshole. I held her hips and relished the feeling of her tight ass wrapped around my fat cock. 

"Omigod" gasped my wife "your cock... in my ass" 

She said it like it was whole new feeling for her, even though my cock had been in her ass once before. Maybe it was a whole new feeling? The way she said "in my ass" made it sound like she liked how dirty it all was. I started pumping in and out of her butt really fast. I was definitely ready to cum now and I told her as much before rising up higher and plunging my cock in and out, spearing her with my stiff prick. 

Suddenly I was ejaculating, pumping out a river of hot sticky cum into her tight asshole. God it felt good! My whole body shook as my climax spasmed through me from tip to toe.

Now it was me that was spent, and I rolled over and collapsed on my side of the bed. It was late, I was tired, so I wanted to sleep. My wife curled herself up and nestled down in front of me. Pushing her ass back against my softened cock we spooned as I drifted off to sleep. My last thought was "we've got some catching up to do in the morning..."


This is a piece of erotic fiction, submitted to the KOTW (Kink of the Week) meme, following their prompt 'Anal'. You can read more stories like this one by others by clicking this link.

This post has also been submitted to Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Excellent you took up my challenge - it was hot and realistic ;-)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed but I've failed you Mistress, it was 1350 words long. Not the 1,000 you requested but it's shorter than the original...

  2. Sounds like a very hot time indeed


    1. It's based on a real event, but with fictional elements added.

  3. A very hot encounter indeed


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